The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 11

The Safe Harbor

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • One of the best Episode of Season 3. It was a damn season, and this is the middle episode. The Conclusion, and the start ot other problems.

    Summer & the gang wanted back Marissa at Harbor. Taylor's is one of the best character (story plot) in this episode, she turned out to be one of the best, helping Marissa to get back at Harbor. At first, i think she wouldn't and be the same b*tch but I am so glad that she has changed. A very awesome and unexpected character development.

    Johnny was kinda annoying in this episode. Of course he can't let go of Marissa, he said that it's for his & her good but he is making the wrong decisions.

    This episode is another great installment, Now that Marissa is back at Harbor i know somethings would go wrong.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan and the others decide to launch a campaine to get her back into harvard and so things begin and they go and talk to dr . kim and she gets them help and the board of trustees are going to hear there case and turns out sandy knows one of the guys that is the head he knows soemthing about his kid and so talors mother was the one that made the pertisition for marrisa to leave there and so talory decides to help anyway and gets a pertition of people that want her back and sandy speaks out and so does ryan and so does summers dad and the effort comes through and she ends up coming back to harvard this was good ep but at first she did not want to leave johney behide but joheny lied about him getting better to make her leave . this was a good ep
  • Seth,Summer and Ryan attempt to get Marrisa back into harbour, with a little help from Taylor and johnny!

    This episode got the oc back to its best. This was great. i hope the rest of the season stays like this. The only reason it didn't get a ten was because of Johnnys presence because i hate him! But he did the right thing lying to her, its for the best. Taylor is getting really good it was nice to see her happy with some friends. hopefully now Marrisa is back in harbour it should stay at a high peak.
    I hope so, can't wait for the rest of the season!
  • Fantastic!

    Although I've never been a fan of court battles stuff, the meeting to allow Marissa Cooper back into Harbor built up so much intensity that it eventually led to an overload of excitement towards the end. So much drama that the episode kept your attention throughout the entire thrill ride, and some new doors open now that Marissa is back in Harbor. The Johnny storyline was sort of dragging itself out for a while now, but it concluded--if it concluded at all--with this episode. Taylor Townsend played a great part in the episode, as well as Sandy. Though what really made this episode such a highly emotional episode is that rather than separate two to four storylines simultaneously like the show has always done, it brings everything together for one huge build up. Just a brilliant episode!
  • The OC. Episode 11

    I wouldn't bet on it but... Yay, Marissa's public school period is finally done. The 'Napoleonic' campaign to get her back to Harbor was entertaining.
    Summer's determination was funny but also kind of sweet. I liked Seth's typical expression while he was worrying how many prongs were involved in this operation. LOL
    Of course Marissa can't help waiting and nursing Johnny all the way. Well, I just can't stand Johnny's pale and whining face. His behaviour is totally nerve-wracking.
    By the way, Ryan has never been such a patient boy. :D

    The whole stubborn-and-evil-Judge thing had a predictable ending. As usual, it turns out Sandy is always 'the man who never fails'. If he keeps on like that, he could be saint very soon.
    Julie and Summer's father get along pretty well. God save Neil. :D
    Finally Taylor stood up to her mom-monster. I guess it was about time Mrs. Iceberg suffered a blow.
    Anyway, all's well that ends well. Senior photo day was lovely.
  • A HUGE uplift from the last episode & could even be in my top 5 episodes! Definately in my top 10!

    A HUGE uplift from the last episode & could even be in my top 5 episodes! Definately in my top 10! This episode intrigued me in SO many ways, LOTS of humor, LOTS of Core Four scenes & NOT too much Johnny! I think the humor was the best part, sooooo much suttle comedy! Seth / Summer / Taylor storyline was just fantastic & I loved the development of Julie & Neil's relationship. The episode was killer from start to end & the only bit that annoyed me was Johnny but he was barely in it so that was just a little problem!
  • Good episode

    This one was a little suprising for me. Let's start with the beginning, first I never thought I saw Taylor join the reunion to bring Marissa back to school, but with that she showed that she isn't that bad, and it give me more hope that she will finish with Ryan. Second, the Johnny reaction, I never thought that he, loving Marissa, would lie about his situation to make her return to Harbor. But that's the difference between him and guys like Oliver, he wants the best for him, but above that, he wants the best for Marissa. I don't like Johnny, but he gave a good side of him in this episode. Then, there's Marissa. Seriously, if I was Ryan, I just dumped her in this episode. She got the opportunity to come back to Harbor, getting along again with is boyfriend and best friends, and she traded all to stay with a guy that liked her. The guy could have been dying, but her place his alongside Ryan, not Johnny. It just gave me more rage towards her, she isn't the right person for Ryan. The Neil - Julie start of relationship is good too, I think that they have good chemistry between them. And Sandy gave a good sign of his manners, when he didn't used the information that could have bringed the judge down.
    In resume, a very good episode, but that's not a surprise, after all, it's the OC... :D
  • I never thouht Marissa would getback to Harbor, but it seems everythings back to normal.

    A good episode and a good outcome, Taylor's mum is very harsh threatening to take Taylor's car and college fund away.

    Taylor now thinks she is part of the group which could be extremely annoying in the forseeable future but who knows, she might become a great character.

    I can see a romance blossoming between the two parents though.
  • Great episode. I thought Marissa would never return to Harbor.

    In this episode we got to see two sides of Johnny. One where he is selfcentered and just wants Marissa to stay with him and one where he realizes he has to make the right decision and that is to let her go.

    When Marissa finds out that Johhny won't be able to go to the surf tour, just by the look in her eyes I could see what she was thinking. Staying with him and not returnig to Harbor.

    And there goes her knight in shinig armour aka Ryan to save the day. He convinces Johnny to do what's best for her.

    Ryan, Seth and Summer wait until the sun sets and for a second one starts to lose hope in Marissa's return. But at the last minute she shows up.
  • Glad marrissa is back

    I am glad marrissa is back at harbor.
    And also that they finally got rid of johny.
    They just overdid it on that one.
    First with Oliver wich was an ok story line but now they just did the same thing again.

    But I still enjoy the O.C. and also enjoyed this episode.
    And also I just love Taylor, I hope she stays in the group.

    I also hope they get some new story's into the show because we need something new.
    And also they should make seth funnier like he was in the first season.

    Overall I enjoyed the this episode and i feel like the O.C. is finally getting back to the level of quality it was before.
  • There is a hearing on whether Marissa comes back to Harbor... The OC moves to 9pm with average results... FOX previews tricked us with Willa Holland! Taylor is great!

    The O.C. moves to 9pm with this episode... This episode was previewed as the return of Kaitlin Cooper but no return- the FOX preview was just a ploy to get viewers to tune in but it didn't work as sadly The O.C. only scored about 5 million viewers... I think it was mainly due to the season premiere of Beauty And The Geek which turned out to be a hit for The WB.

    This episode was average for me... it was nothing special as I was awaiting Willa Holland's appearance. Basically it was about Marissa returning to Harbor with help from Ryan, Summer, Marissa and Taylor (surprisingly!!). Neil and Julie flirted with each other- possible romance!

    I really loved Taylor in this episode- she was awesome and she stood up for herself in front of her mother! And I liked Summer's thing where Taylor asked for a ride and Summer told her she was sleeping over!! Loved it! I would love for Taylor to become a regular on this show!

    Overall I liked it! Definitely not the worst this season as the show is getting better... Im expecting good things when Kaitlin returns next week! Once again, go Taylor!

    Episode Grade- B.
  • This is how The O.C. should be.

    Boy do I hate waiting for shows. The first episode of The O.C. season 3 aired September 8th, 2005. We could very well have 18 episodes of The O.C. by now, but of course, they have to drag it out, and put 3 week breaks here and there. It really bothers me.
    Anyways, The O.C. is back. Chrismukkah is over, and it is the last semester of high school for our favourite 4 rich angsty teenagers.
    I don't really know what I was expecting of this episode. Actually, I expected Katelyn to be back, but apparently that is next episode (THIS is why I don't watch commercials - they ruin everything).
    Anyways, back on track. 'The Safe Harbor' really impressed me. It had a good balance of humour and sentimentality, without being extreme or overly dramatic.
    Another thing I liked about this episode (and that I love about this show) is that the characters actually remember their past. Seth still embarrasses himself in front of Summer's dad, Sandy and Kirsten talked about when he used to be a public defender, Taylor still likes Seth, Seth is still made fun of by the "cool kids".
    At the same time, the characters are also growing. At one point in the episode, Ryan finds out from Summer that Marissa is having a "Johnny issue". Ryan responds "Of course she is." Ryan immediately begins to take off to go beat the snot out of him, which is pure typical Ryan. Summer stops him with the line "It's the way (Marissa) is wired. You wouldn't love her if she wasn't." and Ryan restrains himself. Thumbs up on the character development. Keep it coming.
    Another highlight of the episode, which really caught me off guard, was the character development on Johnny's part. He's been a whiny baby since the day we met him, but today he actually showed some backbone in his lie to Marissa. He lied to her to save her, and now everyone gets a happy ending (except for Johnny). Now it's only a matter of time until Marissa finds out.
  • Marissa’s back at Harbour school, but the way how they did it is just silly! Otherwise the episode has some nice aspects.

    This episode is somehow typical fort he third season. There are nice ideas but the realization is far behind that. So what do we have in this episode: Summer’s dad is more and more a stable guest in the show, maybe as some kind of replacement for Caleb (in several ways: as male supporting role and Julie’s husband (?)). Taylor is getting part of the “gang”, but I don’t think that will last, because she will try to hook up with Seth again. But somehow I start to like her!
    Johnny finally lets Marissa go, even he has to lie to her.
    That are all very well written parts pf the story and I enjoyed it.
    But now let’s take a look at the major storyline in this season (the one I didn’t like so much!):
    Summer is missing her long time friend Marissa in their school, so she convinces Seth and Ryan to bring her back. They do everything and they succeed. So why is that bad? Let’s think back how Marissa had to leave the school and that there’s no realistic way to bring her back, but now almost everyone supports her, back a couple of episodes ago, everyone was so happy to see the angel fall! So why does everyone change their mind? There’s no real explanation for that! The realization was just stupid and destroyed an otherwise nice episode.
    I have another question open: The big announcement of Marissa’s sister, I read it and there was also a trailer – so where’s she?
  • Yay, Marissa is back to Harbour!

    So, why am i so happy that Marissa is back to Harbour? Because, fingers crossed, i hope that is the last that we would see of Johny. This Johny storyline is the worst storyline i\'ve seen in The O.C.... ever. And i\'ve yet to miss an episode. Johny is whiny, and not to mention the horrible acting. A surfer dude? Well, i\'m no expert in surfing, but i thought surfer dudes are more built up and have better posture? At least someone with a neck! Johny doesnt have one. Come on, please please let this be the last of the ridiculous Johny storyline.

    The episode ended with a really nice scene of the kids having their class photos taken and basically enjoying themselves. And i would have really enjoyed watching that if i weren\'t cringing throughout the whole episode. It\'s already been half a season and Marissa has yet to redeem herself throughout this season. She has gone through a lot with the OD, Oliver, parents divorce, stealing (not really in that order) in seasons one and two.... but even when she was so screwed up, i really liked her. Because she\'s trying hard to cope and that\'s the only way she knew. But now, ditching Ryan for Johny? Speaking of biting the hands that feed you. And only returning to Harbour because Johny is joining the tour? Well, one could argue that she\'s becoming more mature and is more responsible. And that she feels everything that happened is her fault. But the way she is handling things stems from being selfish. She wants to stay for Johny so that she would not feel so guilty. What about that \"explanation\" that was not an explanation at all to Ryan? Gosh! And everyone in Newport is doing something about Marissa returning to Harbour except Marissa herself. Resting on her laurels waiting for what? Oh yeah, Johny, i forgot.

    I want to see her with a brain and with some guts to do things. What happened to the Marissa Cooper that screamed and threw the chair into the pool in front of her mother in ep 201? That wasn\'t very responsible of her but at least there\'s emotions and reaction. And good storyline! Give Marissa more to do besides nursing silly guys (i.e. Trey and Johny).
    Man, i cannot emphasise more how stupid this storyline is.

    However, Summer, Seth and Ryan is as always fun to watch. Summer has been especially witty and funny. Rachel Bilson is getting better and better!

    Next week, we\'ve all been told that Caitlin is coming back. Let\'s hope that means better storyline for Marissa and no more cringing watching The O.C.!

  • Taylor Rocks!!

    This episode was great because of Taylor! I\'m so happy with her character developpement, she\'s so wonderful and autumn reeser is doing such an amazing job portraying taylor. I had so much fun watching her! In my opingion she\'s the best new character on the show ever. I really really hope more than anything that they don\'t write her off, I will be devastated if they do.
    The ultimate thing would be sending marissa away with Johnny ( how long is it going to take the writers to understand we don\'t care for him) and Taylor can take marissa\'s place in the foursome :)
    Summer was really great too! seriously the only reason I have been watching the show since season 2 is rachel bilson
  • 90210 redux. Marissa's sister still doesn't appear.

    A bit disappointing after the long wait for a new episode. However, it seemed to wrap up some important storylines: Marissa finally comes back to Harbour, Taylor finally stands up to her mom, Johnny finally lets Marissa go, Sandy finally...oh wait, Sandy just did what he always does! the "right thing". I swear the zen attitude of that man drives me insane. Who else on the planet would have let that horrible judge get away with everything?? No one but the oh so perfect Sandy Cohen. Also, the whole "Marissa Cooper Graduates" mantra was lifted straight off Beverly Hills 90210 from the "Donna Martin Graduates" episode. I'm sure it was just an homage, right? But another bit of 90210 redux was the appearance of what looked like Vamp nail polish (very dark red-almost black) on Marissa. Anybody remember that?? (think I Love the 90's). Don't worry though, the episode wasn't all bad...Seth did manage his usual quota of zingers!
  • A good episode, but I was pissed by the false advertisement.

    They totally made it look like Marissa's sister was coming back this episode which of course did not happen. And I'm also pissed that the time slot has changed. Since Joey is gone, I wanted watch all of the OC and then watch CSI. But now, I have to cut CSI out just to watch the OC. I consider CSI to be my second favorite show, and the OC to be my third favoirte show...but I will watch the OC instead of CSI because you don't need to keep up with the storyline in CSI.

    About the episode: Sandy is a hero. Very good thing he did. I never knew Marissa was that kind hearted, she was willing to stay at the public school just to support whatever-his-name (I haven't been up to date with the OC). I just love that Marissa gets along with her mother now, and Julie is so awesomely nice after her last husband died. All mean women in the OC becomes sweeter if they get more airtime, so I bet Taylor's mom will actually gain a heart if she's in the OC for a few more seasons.