The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 11

The Safe Harbor

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • Yay, Marissa is back to Harbour!

    So, why am i so happy that Marissa is back to Harbour? Because, fingers crossed, i hope that is the last that we would see of Johny. This Johny storyline is the worst storyline i\'ve seen in The O.C.... ever. And i\'ve yet to miss an episode. Johny is whiny, and not to mention the horrible acting. A surfer dude? Well, i\'m no expert in surfing, but i thought surfer dudes are more built up and have better posture? At least someone with a neck! Johny doesnt have one. Come on, please please let this be the last of the ridiculous Johny storyline.

    The episode ended with a really nice scene of the kids having their class photos taken and basically enjoying themselves. And i would have really enjoyed watching that if i weren\'t cringing throughout the whole episode. It\'s already been half a season and Marissa has yet to redeem herself throughout this season. She has gone through a lot with the OD, Oliver, parents divorce, stealing (not really in that order) in seasons one and two.... but even when she was so screwed up, i really liked her. Because she\'s trying hard to cope and that\'s the only way she knew. But now, ditching Ryan for Johny? Speaking of biting the hands that feed you. And only returning to Harbour because Johny is joining the tour? Well, one could argue that she\'s becoming more mature and is more responsible. And that she feels everything that happened is her fault. But the way she is handling things stems from being selfish. She wants to stay for Johny so that she would not feel so guilty. What about that \"explanation\" that was not an explanation at all to Ryan? Gosh! And everyone in Newport is doing something about Marissa returning to Harbour except Marissa herself. Resting on her laurels waiting for what? Oh yeah, Johny, i forgot.

    I want to see her with a brain and with some guts to do things. What happened to the Marissa Cooper that screamed and threw the chair into the pool in front of her mother in ep 201? That wasn\'t very responsible of her but at least there\'s emotions and reaction. And good storyline! Give Marissa more to do besides nursing silly guys (i.e. Trey and Johny).
    Man, i cannot emphasise more how stupid this storyline is.

    However, Summer, Seth and Ryan is as always fun to watch. Summer has been especially witty and funny. Rachel Bilson is getting better and better!

    Next week, we\'ve all been told that Caitlin is coming back. Let\'s hope that means better storyline for Marissa and no more cringing watching The O.C.!