The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 11

The Second Chance

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan and linsays failed meeting with claob happens and so kirsten tries to supervise it and things still get out of control with ryan and calob again and sandy is tring to keep it a secret that he is meeting with his old love to work on her case since he decide he is taken it to court and zack wants summer and seth to spend more time togeather this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower
  • Tsk tsk should have told her the truth Sandy.

    As always it's hard to keep secrets around in Newport and it ends with a really big one with Kirsten finding out that Sandy is keeping something from her. Something really big to boot. Though up until the ending, this episode was more like an 8.5 than a 9. Solid score but again, compared to the first season which was mostly episodes deserving of 9s, it should have been better. Once again some of the myriad of situations that the show has been concentrating on so far have somewhat dulled the quality of the episodes overall. Not that they're terrible or anything because the episode was still great, just not as good as it should be. Nonetheless though it ended strongly. Sandy getting caught up and Marissa and Alex looking like a couple now more than made everything more intriguing.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    After hearing about Lindsay and Ryan's failed attempt at dinner with Caleb the night before, Kirsten arranges a dinner that she can supervise. But her presence makes no difference when the hot-tempered Ryan and the egotistical Caleb immediately butt heads and disaster strikes when Caleb collapses from a sudden heart attack. Meanwhile, Sandy keeps Rebecca's presence in Newport a secret from Kirsten after deciding to take her case to court. Marissa and Alex's relationship intensifies, while Seth and Summer spend a lot of time together at Zach's insistence.

    - Alex
  • Frustrating yet amazing just about Season 1 quality!

    Frustrating yet amazing just about Season 1 quality! The first episode of the second half of the second season manages to impress me a ton, with all storylines being bigger, badder & better! The one thing that only got me a teeny bit titchy was Caleb, but I suppose that's just the nature of his character. The Seth / Summer storyline though being a little dragged on really touched me. I really felt for her Rebecca & her Dad, the only part I don't like about her amazing character is the fact Sandy is lying about her to Kirsten, oh & the Alex / Marissa storyline also impressed me in this episode!
  • seth worries he and summer are getting too close, making the comic. Kirsten organises a dinner with her, Caleb, Lindsay and Ryan. Caleb has ?heart attack? Sandy thinks about taking Rebecca's case, while Kirsten thinks she is dead.

    Marissa thinks about her feelings for Alex, and Summer accidently tells Marissa to go for it. Seth draws Summer for the Comic, and they nearly kiss. Kirsten organises a dinner, and Caleb gets into a fight with Ryan, and ends with a minor heart attack, after which he patches things up with Lindsay.

    Very funny, and CAlebs heart attack is quite moving. definately worth seeing.
  • Hysterical. Reminds me of the first season.

    A great episode that reminded me why I watch this show. Between Sandy sneaking into the house and that costume summer put on - wow! Plus, the ending was fabulous - a long way from the first season storylines of Kirsten and Sandy. Also Kim Delaney has gained weight in her face since NYPD Blue.
  • an average episode about Rebecca, Marissa and Alex, Caleb and Lindsay !

    Overall a nice episode which I enjoyed but I am not a big fan of the Rebecca storyline. Don't know why exactly but it just doesn't interest me much.

    However the whole Marissa/Alex thing was nice. There weren't that much scenes of them but the last one where they held hands and smiled at each other was nice, especially when they knew what both of them meant by that without saying a word. Nicely done.

    Seems like Summer has a hard time and so does Seth with spending time together as Zack drops by every time to brush in the fact that they will be spending a lot of time together exactly at the point S&S made an agreement to see each other less often.

    And the Lindsay and Caleb relationship. Interesting plot and that heart attack really shocked me. I felt sorry for Ryan when he thought he was the one to blame.

    Overall a nice episode, very enjoyable!
  • Kirsten arranges a dinner for Caleb and Lindsay but Ryan gets served up before the entrée. Sandy hides the presence of Rebecca from Kirsten. Summer poses for her superhero portrait but she may get more than an action figure. Zach is clueless. And Marissa

    "The Second Chance" is an unambiguous hint at the content of this episode of The O.C. The major conflict occurs in the storyline relating to Lindsay and her father, a relationship, which seemed so completely shattered last week but like the phoenix, reemerges creating conflict and tragedy. Another "second chance" could be the return of Sandy's college sweetheart, Rebecca Bloom, and it's effect on the Cohen marriage. Then there is the Seth/Summer/Zach triangle and their joint project, the production a comic book about life in Orange County that may cause Seth and Summer to reunite at the expense of the clueless Zach. Finally there is the titillating storyline as Marissa's friendship with Alex grows in intensity. Is the question of will they or won't they? Or is it, when will they?

    Every so often a television series strikes that balance between emotion and entertainment that exceeds the setting, the writing, the talent of the actors, the sum of its parts. Last season that show was The O.C. It combined an attractive cast with a glamorous setting and writing that was witty yet dealt with interesting topics. In the second season the series has lost its edge. The cast (for the most part) and the setting remain the same. One problem is that last season settled most of the conflict that provided the drama and in order to regain that edge new characters and problems have been introduced.

    Whereas last season either Seth was with Summer or Ryan was with Marissa, Sandy and Kirsten remained the rock of the series and Julie Cooper provided an evil presence to stir the pot. Auxiliary characters Luke, Jimmy Cooper, Hailey, Caleb Nichol, Anna, Theresa and Oliver came and went when needed for plot devices but the central story remained.

    For the second season the series added three new characters to the core of the story, Lindsay, Alex and Zach. This could have been brilliant but instead it led to bloated storylines and a lack of action that drags on the attractive elements of the series.

    In this episode The O.C. chose to tease rather than act and the result was boring. The Alex/Marissa tryst was already set up but like a 50's teen romance it was all fluff and no action. The writers are trying to sell the idea that Marissa is just experimenting with yet another form of the risky behavior. E! On Line revealed a series of spoilers that indicate that the sexual tension between the two girls will continue until the February 24th airing where it will "change course in an unexpected way".

    Caleb's heart attack is a classic soap opera twist that allows a villain to transform into a sympathetic character. It was shocking if for no other reason that who knew Caleb (whose god is money) had a heart. Well, if he thinks he has tension in his life with Lindsay and Kirsten wait until Julie Cooper returns. He'll need a triple bypass.

    Speaking of Julie Cooper, her return next week will offer a welcome relief. Evil characters are a necessary part any drama and in this episode everybody was just too "nice", the conflict too artificial. This latest gimmick placed in the road to derail Ryan's romance pales by comparison to last season when Marissa's instability and her "bitch" of a mother triggered his conflict. This season the writers gave him an attractive, intelligent, stable girl friend with a secret father from hell. Guy can't get a break. At least he has a nice lifestyle, a loving family and oh yes, don't forget a pregnant girlfriend back in Chino

    The Sandy/Kirsten story line is equally contrived. Sandy has a logical reason for not informing Kirsten that Rebecca is not only alive but also staying in his Newport law office. The problem is that logic has nothing to do with Kirsten's emotions where Rebecca Bloom is concerned. It's as if 20 or so years of marriage mean nothing and Rebecca's presence will cause an intelligent, successful woman like Kirsten to fall into an insecure paranoid state like a girl who married above herself and feels she has to fight to keep her marriage. Kim Delaney said in an interview on Regis and Kelly that she will be on the show for 5 episodes so we can look forward to the Sandy/Kirsten/Rebecca conflict continuing through sweeps month. Hopefully then Kirsten can return to herself and we will be spared this ridiculous plot line.

    On the geek front the Seth/Summer/Zach triangle is setting up for an as yet undetermined conclusion. It may take the rest of the season but you know that Zach will eventually wind up the odd man out. At least this story is interesting. Seth is, after all, capable of being hilarious whatever gyrations he performs.

    All in all, this entire episode was disappointing. Hard core fans of the series still support it but for a weekly series to produce an episode in which some much is hinted at and almost nothing happens makes this viewer wish for last season where every week had at least one of the underlying stories reach a conclusion. Series producers and writers seem to be living off the success of last season but are unable to recreate the magic that turned this summer show into last year's teen soap sensation.