The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 19

The Secrets and Lies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on FOX

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  • Amazing

    Marissa and Volchok are so cute together. I like them better then her and Ryan.
    I do hope though that Volchok will care more about Marissa like he did when he was flirting. I hope they dont stay a wasted couple.
    And goodluck to Julie and Dr Roberts... interesting to see whats gonna happen between them!
  • Julie and Dr. Roberts announce their engagement and the Cooper ladies move in with Summer. Marissa drifts away from the group and Summer when she seeks solace in the bad company of Volchok. Ryan tries to move on with Sadie, but concerns for Marissa get in

    I liked this episode, I loved the part where Marissa and Summer where at the breakfast table and stealing all the food, that was very funny.
    Volchok needs to get lost, I don't like him he's making an even more annoying person of Marissa then she already was. I liked Seth and his mum at the AA-meeting, so sweet!
    The Ryan and Sadie line looks nice but I don't know how long they'll manage to stay together!
    Overall a nice average episode!
  • Finally a good episode!

    Lots of the episodes of the OC have been pretty weak this season. The drama just doesn't seem as compelling or engaging. This episode reminded me of the previous seasons, there was so many touching moments like ryan and marissa looking out for each other, mr roberts and julie, all the scences with sadie and ryan but especially when she decided to stay, the scene with seth and his mom. There was also really intense scenes like marissa doing coke and matt getting beat up. This is what the OC is all about!!!!!! We watch it for this kinda drama and it's finally coming back!
  • Julie and Dr. Roberts announce their engagement. Marissa seeks solace with bad company. Kirsten takes Seth to an AA meeting.

    It was a good episode, but i was expecting it to be better. I got all excited when I thought Sadie was leaving, but no Marissa had to go find her. I\'m getting sick of Marissa with all the drinking and drugs. There was barely and Sethummer in it. they barely talked ans they are my favorite charaters.
  • damn a great ep all one one

    this has been my 4th review in a row, these episodes just get better and better. finally seth and kirsten spend time together and they did it so well, i really got into that. marissa does drugs now so we'll have to deal with that, she was hot in the beginning of the ep. summer, omg one of the best episodes she had, she made a lot of jokes, was close with julie and made her feel better, thats awsome. ryan is finally happy and smiling and im glad sadie came back. sandy has got to do something about griffin and matt, wow, he got his ass kicked. next week, college acceptance letters, omg.
  • Sadie and Ryan. Summer and Seth. Julie and Dr. Roberts. Marissa and Volcheck.

    Marissa is spiraling down a path that she may not be able to return from. Things are not going well for her. Volcheck is clearly a bad influence and the engagement of her mom to Dr. Roberts only makes matters worse. As sisters Summer and Marissa are going to a place where they've never been before. For the first time they're at odds with each other. Summer is worried about Marissa, but there's nothing to do. Ryan's savior complex seems to be over now. Things with him and Sadie seem to be going well, even though it was Marissa that got Sadie to stay. Seth and Kirstin are growing closer as mother and son and things aren't going so well at the Newport Group with Sandy.
    Things are picking up as season 3 approaches the final run. Life is changing in The O.C. Where will we be by season's end.
  • Marissa and Summer sisters! And Marissa's got way more problems than usual...

    This was a really good episode. The Kirsten/Seth movies and AA was cute. Ryan's passed the 'rescuing Marissa' torch to Volchok, but he doesn't really care. I can't believe Marissa could get lower than her pain killers and the drinking and the stealing and whatever else. Well, she's done it. Thanks to Volchok Marissa's going to become a crack addict. And Marissa and Summer had a huge fight. I hope they can fix it, and Summer can convince Marissa to leave Volchok. He's baaaad news.
  • Best episode in a while.

    Something new and original for once. This separation between Marissa and Ryan, starting to like it! No more dragged out melodrama and emo scenes at the beach during night, dumb fighting, etc. The fight between Marissa and Summer was also pretty entertaining; them exchanging blows at the breakfast table was amusing to watch. And I'm not sure but it feels like The O.C. rehired the same storyboard that made season one such a hilarity these past couple episodes. It's witty and funny again! Although the multitude of different stories was always a problem in season three, it wasn't so much in this episode. The whole conflict with Matt was pretty sympathizing; seeing his home get wrecked due to a potential conspiracy was just so sad to see. And the time that Kirsten and Seth have been bonding together was really really touching. Is it a pipedream to ask that the quality remains like this for the remainder of the season?

    I was eating subways while checking this out out and damn this episode tasted good!

    In this episode, marissa , i think, for the first time , was angry at summer. That was bizzar.

    Hey it was really unexpected that Saidi would come back. When I saw ryan drop the flowers, im like : god, saidi, what a bitch you are. But I was wrong. Good job marissa bringing the love back. But why did she go get the cockaine????

    Sigh. Nice developement between doctor and manipulative woman :P I see it's a trial so she's goin to have to think something out. I wonder what would that be! Summer is helping everything its great.

  • marisa is lost in this season and she don't now what she want .. Rayan or johny or volchok and soo on and i think it good that she is no more with rayan coz it over between them so i don't now they don't went together and hang out

    why the season is all about marisa . first with johny and now with volchok iam soo over with her problem ... all the time she is so lost and don\'t now what she want for 3 season .
    i think it good that rayan with sadi coz i think it over with marisa and sadi is so nice and i hope she stay tell the end of the season ..coz also when they was together there was no spark
  • Marrisa hangs out with volchock and his crew causing her problems with summer.

    This was a very good episode. marrisa really showed a mean side with the whole go to your daddy thing. it was only a few months ago when she did the same thing. summer really does seem wooried for marrisa which is good. It was funny with them argueing and ignoring each other. kirsten and seths storyline was good for them.
    sadie and ryan get together fully.
  • The OC. Episode 19

    In the Orange County everybody is looking for a change.
    1. Ryan's savior complex seems hibernated.
    2. Volchock tries to turn into a good boyfriend. Definitely hilarious.
    3. Sandy starts letting Kirsten out.
    4. Marissa's new wild life ends up with a cocaine party. Anyway, aside from this - little - detail, something else happened: actually she did act generously! I can't believe she told Sandie to stay for Ryan's sake. Well, after years and years of selfishness, that's a big step. :D

    Seth and Kirsten at the A.A. meeting were so sweet. It's nice to see how deep is their relationship.
    Meanwhile, another mother is refinding her maternal instinct: Mrs. Cooper Nichol, of course. Better late than never, I guess.

    Eventually Matt got beaten up. I bet he won't be around that much next episodes.
    I just love how Summer tries to help everyone out. By the way, Summer and Marissa's fight was bittersweet.
  • well marissa starts smoking pot in the end! and ryan and sadie are all cool together and julie cooper and roberts get engaged but robert is not really into it. and for like the first time on the show, summer and marissa have a fight!

    i think the episode was really good especially the starting scene with marissa in that sexy lingerie...oh man marissa and her sexy lingerie. and the fact that marissa went to get sadie back for ryan showed a lot on marissa\'s part but then she was all depressed after that so that was kinda confusing but overall great episode. n the whole thing matt was awesome...hopefully sandy will take him back in and cut the deal with maya\'s dead. good stuff.
  • Julie and Neil get married, Marissa drinks and does cocaine, Summer and Seth try to save her, and Sadie and Ryan get close.

    This episode was once again, another predictable but addictive installment of the O.C. It's so cute that Julie and Neil are getting married, and I actually believe that she does love him and she's not just marrying for money. The reason I think that is because when Neil told her it was a trial engagement, she looked truly hurt, but if she was only in it for the money, she would just move on to another rich guy if this one doesn't work out. Anyways, enough about them.
    Sadie and Ryan are so cute together, and I really hope that they last. I think it's good for Ryan to have somebody who's not messed up like Marissa has been lately. Even though it seemed like Sadie was leaving and not coming back, I knew that she would because you can tell that she cares about Ryan.
    Marissa's life has been spiralling out of control lately- Johnny dying, all the drinking, and now snorting cocaine!!! I don't agree with Summer that Volchuk is "dirty" but I do agree with her that he is not a good influence on Marissa. I found that in this episode that Julie actually seemed to care about what happens to her daughter, while she didn't even seem to notice anything wrong before.
    The scene with Marissa and Summer in the school parking lot was funny, but it was sad too. I don't want them drifting apart right when they're getting ready to become sisters!!! As usual, Seth and Summer were cute together!
    It was nice to see Seth and his mom bonding some, and her little speech to him was so cute!! Hopefully, this makes them become closer!!
    I have one question though- why did Matt get beaten up? No one seems to know!! I don't really like him though, and I'm glad he no longer works for Sandy. Overall, a good, but predictable episode.
  • WOW, an genuinely interesting episode with a storyline the OC's coming on...

    Im shocked, an edgy Mariisa, a charasmatic Ryan, witty banter, and a bit of an edge, i even saw a bong, crazy!Finally the OC is getting its act together. Storyline-wise Marrisas playing the wild child act and Summers not pleased, leaving the newly engaged Mr. Roberts and Juilie Cooper stuck in the middle. Seth and Kirsten are bonding. And given that Ryan is with someone there is of course an obstacle, it's just so awkward with Sadie that she's skipping town, crazy bitch. Sandy had some snooze fest storyline that I didn't quite catch but I'm sure he was self righteous and thoghtful.
    Anyway overall I thought this ep marked a real return to form the OC as to whether or not the standard can be maintained who knows, we'll have to wait and see....lets hope so though coz this season has pretty much sucked so far...who'll marissa shoot this time around, maybe Sandy...I'd shoot him-idiot.
  • Wow, Marissa finds yet another substance to abuse.

    The episode I found moved very slowly. The rift between Marissa and Summer, though slightly amusing is also badly presented. It just seems boring relative to all the other O.C. drama that we're used to see from the series.

    Marissa hanging with Volchok seems iffy, like an out-of-character experience. Finally we see that big coke scene, where she snorts half a gram. This is pretty much nothing compared to Seth smoking pot.
  • Not a great episode, but good.

    The OC really needs to get back to its old ways. This episode was good, I loved the Kirsten-Seth plotline and Marissa and Summer fighting, but nothing exciting really happened. One really misses the parties and all of Ryan\\\'s punching. I hope they bring them back for the next episodes. But on top of all that, The OC RULES!!!!
  • Marissa ruins her life more, despite Ryan's attempt to "rescue" her. However, Ryan's life is going very well. Summer and Seth are the ones trying to patch up the mistakes of others. Matt gets hurt so Sandy is doubtful about his business partner. So pr

    I felt this episode showed how the O.C. is truly not well planned. The first season was fabulous. However, the second has lacked any main story movement and is just showing Marissa and Ryan growing apart and coming together and growing apart again.
    The reason this episode was good was that Ryan truly makes a decision. I am not saying I don't like Marissa and Ryan as a couple. I do, but there comes a point where you just scream: "ENOUGH" stop messing with one another.
    Seth and Summer of course are doing very well now they've gotten over their sex hurdle. I now love Summer even more as she tries to help in easing Julie's discomfort. (Of course this makes me dislike Marissa GREATLY, because she truly does neeed to grow up again)
    Seth and his mother... so darling. Just shows why most girls I know love Seth more than Ryan. (Despite the fact that his six pack is just his ribs). Additionally, it makes me think Kirsten is one hell of a woman. ^^

    So all in all this episode makes you dislike Marissa to the point where you might no longer pity her. However, you end up liking EVERYONE else so it all works out.
  • What can i say? I guess i'm just a huge fan of the first season and won't stop watching this show until i finish it. [End of review may have spoilers for future episodes]

    Marissa abusing another drug and hooking up with a bad "a__"? Geez hasn't she figured at least some things out since she started going out with ryan?

    Sandy's company issues are starting to get really boring as well.

    The only thing i really liked about this episode was seth and his mother bonding. Not something you really see in shows anymore. It was actually pretty cute.

    Agreeing with a previous user, the oc seems to have had change of writers since the first season. I don't think that's really the case (i won't bother checking on it) but i really do miss the way season one was.

    I'm getting so bored of watching all these lame plots since the middle of this season. When ryan made that threat to that guy's friends at the diner in this episode i was like "wooo go ryaaaan!" until i realized he wasn't even going to do anything except talk to him..

    Gosh i miss those punches and how he got overprotective. That was pretty hot.

    I miss the punches and all those parties that they used to go to. Infact how are they even popular at school ? and rich? They made those factors huge point outs in the first season.

    Overall, i just hope they get marissa and ryan back together. I know the ending of this season already(unfortunately)and i would like it if they would end being together. But [again] accidentally reading first line of season 4 about Ryan being in a bar may lead me to think something happened...