The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 19

The Secrets and Lies

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on FOX

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  • Julie and Neil get married, Marissa drinks and does cocaine, Summer and Seth try to save her, and Sadie and Ryan get close.

    This episode was once again, another predictable but addictive installment of the O.C. It's so cute that Julie and Neil are getting married, and I actually believe that she does love him and she's not just marrying for money. The reason I think that is because when Neil told her it was a trial engagement, she looked truly hurt, but if she was only in it for the money, she would just move on to another rich guy if this one doesn't work out. Anyways, enough about them.
    Sadie and Ryan are so cute together, and I really hope that they last. I think it's good for Ryan to have somebody who's not messed up like Marissa has been lately. Even though it seemed like Sadie was leaving and not coming back, I knew that she would because you can tell that she cares about Ryan.
    Marissa's life has been spiralling out of control lately- Johnny dying, all the drinking, and now snorting cocaine!!! I don't agree with Summer that Volchuk is "dirty" but I do agree with her that he is not a good influence on Marissa. I found that in this episode that Julie actually seemed to care about what happens to her daughter, while she didn't even seem to notice anything wrong before.
    The scene with Marissa and Summer in the school parking lot was funny, but it was sad too. I don't want them drifting apart right when they're getting ready to become sisters!!! As usual, Seth and Summer were cute together!
    It was nice to see Seth and his mom bonding some, and her little speech to him was so cute!! Hopefully, this makes them become closer!!
    I have one question though- why did Matt get beaten up? No one seems to know!! I don't really like him though, and I'm glad he no longer works for Sandy. Overall, a good, but predictable episode.
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