The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 14

The Shake Up

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on FOX
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It's Taylor's birthday and she hopes Ryan will tell her he loves her. She's unsure whether she should tell him she got into Berkeley as well. Summer feels that Seth should find something in his life that he really cares about whereas Kirsten is having second thoughts about raising another child in Newport. Then the unexpected happens even though it's been predicted.moreless

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  • Would you mind rewinding a little?

    Ryan: Taylor... I...

    (Long beat as Taylor gazes expectantly into Ryan's eyes)

    Ryan: ... missed the last part of the movie.

    (Ryan munches on popcorn)

    Ryan: Would you mind rewinding a little?

    Now that was good for a genuine belly laugh!

    This episode of The OC was great for the same reason Desperate Housewives was great. Every episode of DH had a clear plot-theme that carried all the way through.

    This episode of The OC was all about the three words "I love you" and all its ramifications.moreless
  • Another episode of The O.C., another great watch.

    Another Josh Schwartz masterpiece containing all of the great wonderful things that have made every episode of The O.C. a thorough addictive watch. The witty writing, hilarious dialogue, good storylines, great acting, etc. A topic as obscene as saying "I love you" gets stretched into a full hour episode of laughs and giggles. Though what sticks out the most about this particular episode is that there are a couple of holes that The O.C. usually doesn't have. Ryan actually admitting that he loves Taylor, mediocre execution. Although it seems like a small bump in the road of an otherwise great episode, in a way it does detract from the experience much more than it should. And the ending just really felt out of place.moreless
  • Earthquake!!!!!! in newport!

    This episode was brilliant. taylor was very funny, and so was seths videos! The earthquake was alot more dramatic then i thought it woud be. Kaitlin finally shows some form of emotion, thank god!

    Great episode of the oc, can't wait to see the aftermath of the earthquake and how every one is after it.
  • Another great installment-funny,wise and dramatic!!!

    'The Shake-Up' is another amazing episode of The OC's season 4. The storylines were fresh, the characters were funny and the acting was pretty good.

    Ryan is having confessing to Taylor that he loves her. Taylor herself expects him to say it to her. After a night spent with drinking too much wine Ryan tells Taylor he loves her but in the morning the drunk Taylor doubts if this truly happened. Ryan is somehow turned back because Taylor applied to Berkeley without telling him. Their best moments are when Taylor are when Taylor makes the postman return her the letter to Berkeley-so funny and when Ryan gives his present to Taylor-a dictionary.

    Summer is excited about entering the environment help program and asks Seth to make a movie. Seth's movie 'Six hours in the Pool'(or something like that)is really funny. Their story isn't that great and somekind of a filler.

    Kaitlyn's trick for Frank was hilarious-a clown porn.

    Kirsten finds it tough to raise a baby in Newport again. One of the funniest moments for me is the dinner with Spiccy and his wife. Kirsten and Sandy's faces were hilarious.

    At the end of the episode an earthquake hits Newport in the end of Taylor's birthday.

    Favorite storyline:Taylor expecting Ryan to confess he loves her.

    Favorite moment:Taylor opens Ryan's present in front of everyone and it happens to be a....dictionary.

    Favorite character:Taylor-funny,wise and talking fast like always.The best moment with her was her conversation with the postman. Also Autumn Reeser acted amazing this episode.moreless
  • Love. Birthday. Earthquake. It's a typical kind of story but exciting. Josh did it again.

    Taylor's birthday was added with a little bit of twist. She was hoping that Ryan would say that he love her, but this time it goes through her plan. In the end Ryan discovered that she also applied to Berkley, but he didn't know that Taylore applied months ago before they are dating.

    Seth & Summer's story is actually a relationshio & character development, not much of a big impac on the story..but it affects their life for the future (marraige & college)

    Julie is dating Frank, and Kaitlin is not liking it. I love how she explained it to her mother that she wants to have mother-daughter time insted of seeing her mom with a new man and soon to leave them, and its true its very heart warming when Kaitlin said that they "2" is FAMILY :)

    At theend of the day before things go perfect, the earthquake started and i can't wait for the next episode. Definitely the best cliff hanger on OC evermoreless
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    • Kaitlin: Wait, Ryan. As your sister, if you don't tell Taylor that you love her, you're an idiot.
      Ryan: Oh.
      Julie: She's right.

    • Summer (to Sandy): Just go with it, it's Taylor.

    • Ryan: Taylor, are you pretending you're asleep so I'll tell you I love you while you're unconscious?
      Taylor (Opens one Eye): Maybe.

    • Taylor: He definitely said it. Absolutely... I think.
      Summer: Well, don't you think you'd remember.
      Taylor: No, it hurts. Summer, what am I going to do? I can't just ask him 'Hey, by the way did you tell me you love me last night, because I was too plastered to remember?'
      Summer: Right. Ok. Today's your birthday, right? And I happen to know that he got you a crazy, romantic present. So when you open it tonight, why don't you just be like 'Oh my gosh Ryan, I love you' and then like he said it last night, he'll say it again.
      Taylor: You're a genius.
      Summer: Yes, I am. It's all up here. (Points to her Head)

    • Summer: God, what is your problem Seth? I just want you to get excited about something.
      Seth: I am. About things that are good. But I can do one of these doughnuts with both hands tied behind my back.
      Summer: Really?! Prove it.
      Seth: What?
      Summer: Make a movie.
      Seth: Are you serious?
      Summer: Yeah! I want to see you do it better. I am going to watch the penguins again and don't you dare say anything.

    • Frank: Your mother doesn't think I'm boring.
      Kaitlin: Well that's because you're sleeping with her.
      Frank: Can you not say that kind of thing?
      Kaitlin: Well, what do you want me to say? I mean is it true in prison on your first day you gotta make someone your bitch?

    • Summer: (Trying to help out Taylor) I... I just assumed... You guys have been together for a while and you seem pretty happy and thought why wouldn't you have said I love you.
      I have an idea... Why don't you?
      Ryan: What?
      Summer: For her birthday! You should because... the book of poems is awesome but add that special little I love you, as a girl, I don't know... me personally, I get chills.
      Ryan: Does Taylor expect me to tell her that I love her on her birthday?
      Summer: What? No. I don't know. I gotta go.

    • Kaitlin: (to Frank) I mean, the Bullit went to prison and he was awesome... you're just boring.

    • Frank: I wanted to talk to you alone.
      Kaitlin: You're not going to do anything pervy, are you?

    • Taylor: I don't know what to say.
      Ryan: That's a first.

    • (While Ryan drags a drunk Taylor to her bedroom)
      Taylor: I don't understand how you're not drunk?
      Ryan: Oh, it's the Atwood genes, we're built to withstand massive quantities of alcohol.

    • Julie: Look Frank, I get that men have urges and I imagine prison is one of those places where those urges get twisted but I've never even heard of clown porn, I mean, that photo where they're all stuffed into a little car, it's...
      Frank: It's not mine.
      Julie: Oh really? It was just in your bag along with...this...
      (pulls out a red clown's wig out of Frank's bag)
      Julie: I mean, which one of us is supposed to wear this?
      Frank: Julie, none of this is mine.
      Julie: So someone just went into your bag, planted a wig and some really bad clown porn, who would.... Oh, Kaitlin!

    • (A sweaty Ryan limps into the kitchen)
      Sandy: Morning, hey, are you alright?
      Ryan: Yeah, it's just a cramp.
      Sandy: How far did you go?
      Ryan: Hmm, nine, ten miles.
      Sandy: Ooh, wouldn't it be easier if you just said: Sandy, there's something bothering me, can you give me some advice?
      Ryan: Yes it would, but where's the fun in that?

    • Ryan: Well Taylor, I'll tell you, planning your birthday party is not easy, I expect something in return.
      Taylor: Oh!
      Ryan: I expect to have my way with you.
      (Ryan bends down and kisses Taylor on the cheek)
      Taylor: Ah, (smiles) Ryan!

    • (Pointing at the frontpage of the Orange County Chronicle)
      Summer: Did you see this about earthquake weather? You know, it's exactly this kind of voodoo science that let's politicians deny global warming.
      Taylor: Oh my God, I know and how many times have they predicted the big one and it never happens. Almost makes you wish that it would.

    • Summer: OK, so you want to get Ryan to tell you that he wants you to go to Berkeley without knowing that you already got into Berkeley?
      Taylor: Exactly.
      Summer: And how are you going to do that?
      Taylor: Easy, I just need to get him to tell me that he loves me.
      Summer: Mhmm, Ryan talking about his feelings, now that would be an earth-shattering event.

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