The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 14

The Shake Up

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on FOX

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  • Would you mind rewinding a little?

    Ryan: Taylor... I...

    (Long beat as Taylor gazes expectantly into Ryan's eyes)

    Ryan: ... missed the last part of the movie.

    (Ryan munches on popcorn)

    Ryan: Would you mind rewinding a little?

    Now that was good for a genuine belly laugh!

    This episode of The OC was great for the same reason Desperate Housewives was great. Every episode of DH had a clear plot-theme that carried all the way through.

    This episode of The OC was all about the three words "I love you" and all its ramifications.
  • Another episode of The O.C., another great watch.

    Another Josh Schwartz masterpiece containing all of the great wonderful things that have made every episode of The O.C. a thorough addictive watch. The witty writing, hilarious dialogue, good storylines, great acting, etc. A topic as obscene as saying "I love you" gets stretched into a full hour episode of laughs and giggles. Though what sticks out the most about this particular episode is that there are a couple of holes that The O.C. usually doesn't have. Ryan actually admitting that he loves Taylor, mediocre execution. Although it seems like a small bump in the road of an otherwise great episode, in a way it does detract from the experience much more than it should. And the ending just really felt out of place.
  • Earthquake!!!!!! in newport!

    This episode was brilliant. taylor was very funny, and so was seths videos! The earthquake was alot more dramatic then i thought it woud be. Kaitlin finally shows some form of emotion, thank god!
    Great episode of the oc, can't wait to see the aftermath of the earthquake and how every one is after it.
  • Another great installment-funny,wise and dramatic!!!

    'The Shake-Up' is another amazing episode of The OC's season 4. The storylines were fresh, the characters were funny and the acting was pretty good.

    Ryan is having confessing to Taylor that he loves her. Taylor herself expects him to say it to her. After a night spent with drinking too much wine Ryan tells Taylor he loves her but in the morning the drunk Taylor doubts if this truly happened. Ryan is somehow turned back because Taylor applied to Berkeley without telling him. Their best moments are when Taylor are when Taylor makes the postman return her the letter to Berkeley-so funny and when Ryan gives his present to Taylor-a dictionary.

    Summer is excited about entering the environment help program and asks Seth to make a movie. Seth's movie 'Six hours in the Pool'(or something like that)is really funny. Their story isn't that great and somekind of a filler.

    Kaitlyn's trick for Frank was hilarious-a clown porn.
    Kirsten finds it tough to raise a baby in Newport again. One of the funniest moments for me is the dinner with Spiccy and his wife. Kirsten and Sandy's faces were hilarious.

    At the end of the episode an earthquake hits Newport in the end of Taylor's birthday.

    Favorite storyline:Taylor expecting Ryan to confess he loves her.
    Favorite moment:Taylor opens Ryan's present in front of everyone and it happens to be a....dictionary.
    Favorite character:Taylor-funny,wise and talking fast like always.The best moment with her was her conversation with the postman. Also Autumn Reeser acted amazing this episode.
  • Love. Birthday. Earthquake. It's a typical kind of story but exciting. Josh did it again.

    Taylor's birthday was added with a little bit of twist. She was hoping that Ryan would say that he love her, but this time it goes through her plan. In the end Ryan discovered that she also applied to Berkley, but he didn't know that Taylore applied months ago before they are dating.

    Seth & Summer's story is actually a relationshio & character development, not much of a big impac on the story..but it affects their life for the future (marraige & college)

    Julie is dating Frank, and Kaitlin is not liking it. I love how she explained it to her mother that she wants to have mother-daughter time insted of seeing her mom with a new man and soon to leave them, and its true its very heart warming when Kaitlin said that they "2" is FAMILY :)

    At theend of the day before things go perfect, the earthquake started and i can't wait for the next episode. Definitely the best cliff hanger on OC ever
  • exciting and revealing.

    I liked this episode. It was pretty good. I didn't like how Ryan was acting. He made Taylor upset at her own birthday party. I felt bad for her. Kiersten goes to a yoga class for pregnant women. Holly, one of Seth and Summer's friends from Harbor, invited her into a group named the Six Pack Pack. The girls said that they were going to get induced if they get really fat when they are eight months pregnant. Then Kiersten and Sandy meet a wife of the guys that Sandy works with. She has a nanny and she doesn't really take care of her baby. Kiersten is having second thoughts about raising a baby in Newport, since everyone is snobby. Taylor writes a letter to Berkeley, saying that she declines her acceptence. Taylor has been waiting for Ryan to tell her that he loves her. They have dinner together the night before Taylor's birthday. Taylor tries to get Ryan drunk, so he will tell her that he loves her. He ends up saying it, even though Taylor is drunk, but Ryan isn't. Taylor tells Ryan that she's going to Berkeley for college with him. Julie tells Taylor that she gave the letter to the mailman, and Taylor has to run to get it, since she actually is going to Berkeley with Ryan. Ryan throws Taylor her first birthday party ever. Everyone is there for her. Ryan was going to give Taylor a gathering of french love poems. He ends up just giving her a French dictionary. Taylor finds out that Ryan wouldn't have said I love you if he knew that she was going to go to Berkeley with him. Taylor runs out of her own birthday party. In the end, Ryan finally gives Taylor her orginial birthday present from him. Taylor was happy that he gave her the love poems. Kaitlin tries to get Julie to break up with Frank. She puts Clown porn in his bag, and Julie finds it. Kaitlin tries to mess up their relationship. She doesn't really want Frank and Julie to go out, because Frank is practically living in their house. Kaitlin even tries humiliating Frank, by putting his mug shot, and that he likes Clown porn. Julie gets mad at her. Seth tries to make a movie. Summer challenges him to make a movie because he criticized the movies at the art/enviroment place. Seth records everyone at Taylor's birthday party and he records Ryan wrapping up Taylor's present. At the end the huge Earthquake happens. Julie and Kaitlin are together outside of an ice cream shop. Seth and Summer are in a car together, and they get out of the car right before a lamp post falls on them. Taylor and Summer are at the Robert's house.
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 14

    Kirsten is questioning Newport Beach's shallow society and it was about time, in my opinion. Maybe the new baby should grow up elsewhere. By the way, Spitzie's wife was such a disappointment! I thought he was married to a woman more like Kirsten - WASP yet liberal!

    I don't like Kaitlin wants my beloved Julie to break up with Frank but, on the other hand, Kaitlin is simply so funny that I have to forgive her. Anyway Julie's reaction to the whole clown porn thing made me laugh a lot!

    Summer can't wait to get involved into the environmental movement and Seth is definitely less interested in it. Poor Cohen, I figure he is afraid of losing her for good but I guess this won't happen.

    Ryan did not bottle his feeling up and I've to admit that's a shocker. LOL

    The end of this episode was such a wonderful cliffhanger... I couldn't believe that was really happening!
  • Earthquake.

    Its Taylors birthday and all taylor wants for her birthday is for Ryan to tell her he loves her but can he say it? Seth decides to make a film but cant make one because he has no ideas. At the end of this episode an earthquake occurs ryan looks like he is hurt bad after he tells taylor he loves her. Kirsten looks like she may lose the baby if she is hurt to much also Summer and Seth are in the car when a poll falls on the car thankfully they got out in time before it hit them.FANTASTIC EPISODE
  • Wow, wow & did I forget to say wow?

    I can't believe this is the 3rd last episode ever : (

    It's Tayler's birthday but all she can think about is whether or not Ryan is going to tell her he loves her.
    Kirsten starts to wonder if Newport is the best place to raise a baby.
    Summer gets Seth to make a movie. She doesn't seem very impressed when the finished film comprises of the pool being filmed for 6 hours, from one angle.
    Katlin decides to break up Julie & Frank. Man she's so evil, but kinda funny evil, if that makes sense.
    The last scene was awesome. Everything was falling & smashing, seriously, WOW.

    I reallly can't wait til the next episode now : )
  • i love this show can't believe there is only 2 more. the best show on tv is coming to an end what am i going to watch now??

    this episode was ace i so dont want the oc to finish.i stay in the uk and this episode was only aired on the 10th of april and i am going to have nothing decent to watch now. it was bad enouh when marissa died now the whole show is dying too. i am just going to have to buy the complete box set when it comes out. this is the only show that i have watched from start to finish and have not missed an episode. it is serious compulsive watching, i am seriously going to miss it. x
  • Taylor's birthday is coming up and she is desperate for Ryan to tell her he loves her.Meanwhile Frank and Julie's relationship progresses but is everyone happy about it?

    WOW i'm still in shock but i'll get onto that later.
    So Taylor is anxious for Ryan to say he loves her and with her impending birthday she expects it more than ever.As usual she showed her dorky side that always makes me lauf and the reference to her pretending to be unconcious so he would tell her was amusing.It's a well known fact Ryan is pretty closed about his feeling but he opened up and told taylor how he really felt even after a slight slip up by giving her a dictionary.(The true present was cute &Romantic as everyone kept saying)Their cute together and they sure do fit the theory opposites attract.

    Kirsten is totally right , most of the newport women are monsters.spoilt, righteous and arrogant god help me if i ever meet any.Somehow i don't think their child will be like that i doubt it's possible with Sandy as your father but hey.!

    Both Julie and frank and Seth and summer were having some difficulties in their relationships.The first down to Caitlin who implanted clown porn into frank's bag i like how she thinks,minimum effort maximum humiliation.Oh and a funny reaction from julie.Eventually after a heartfelt conversation with Caitlin Julie cooled it.Summer ont he otherhand was having trouble getting seth interested in something resulting in some film making with the usual seth sarcasm charm added in, i like.

    To cap it all of something i should of known was coming but totally made me go what the heck.The earthquake.
    I wasn't expecting it and the special effects were pretty awesome.! Kirsten looks hurt , Julie and caitlin looked trapped but they got ice cream i'm sure they'll be fine.Ryan risked his safety for Taylor how sweet but somehow i think that wardrobe may have done some damage.Whilst Seth and summer escaped death by Lampost.

    Just darn Awesome! shame only 2 left...
  • Taylor wants a birthday unlike any other she had --and she gets exactly what she wanted.

    This episode has the most amazing ending. I totally freaked out while I was watching it.
    Episode begins: Taylor is getting ready for her birthday, knowing how in past she used to be disapointed every year, and hoping this year she'll finally get a party she deserves. Leave it to Ryan to freak out in the last moment, and ruin Taylors big night. Well, what happened, happened. Though, the original (and real) present was romantic.
    Kirsten is finding herself in a Newport society again, and though she can deal with Julie, dealing with new generation of Newport bred shows to be far, far dificult. Some of them are even so shallow, that they are planing to keep their weight, even if it risks the baby's life. I must say, Spitz's wife was a disapointment, I honestly expected him to be married to someone more like Kirsten.
    Seth and Summer are dealing with Summer's environment saving excitement, and Seth's lack of the same. As an aftermath in one of their arguments, Seth gets a homework - to make a movie about something that makes him tick. In the end, he ends up filming Ryan/Taylor disaster, and also few other details he shouldn't have overheard. That was a little bit painful. I mean, that Summer really doesn't know when to let it go.
    Neither does Caitlin. She literally blackmails Julie into braking-up with Frank. Though, we must give credit where credit's due - Caitlin knows how to bring people down funny way. Julie is for the first time in years trying to focus to being mother first, and someone's wife/fiance/girlfriend/lover after. That's a good twist, though I saw it coming. It was pretty obvious that Julie would end up on her feet by herself.
    Last scene, when all the thing are falling was unbelievable. I think I started to shiver. So creepy. It really gave this episode great closure and cliffhanger.
  • It's Taylor's Birtday and Ryan and Summer are planning a birthday party. Summer encourages Seth to do something that he is passionate about.

    ooh, Ryan is so sweet. I loved his character. His always so shy and caring. I was laughing so hard when he gave Taylor the dictionary for her birthday. What kind of present is that to give your girlfriend? But great recovery with the original present. Soo sooo sweet. I loved it.
  • of the best "The O.C." eps in awhile. Probably nothing that special compared to previous seasons, but pretty darn good for recent episodes.

    9.2 of the best "The O.C." eps in awhile. Probably nothing that special compared to previous seasons, but pretty darn good for recent episodes. Wish there was more of Seth and Summer, though, aside from the crappy environmental storylines. They used to be such a cute couple, but they've become boring since Rachel and Adam broke up. Or maybe it's just my imagination. Even though I don't think Ryan and Taylor are a good couple, they were good tonight. But Taylor's still immature. And the clown porn was random, but a nice sub-plot. The Six Pack Pack was soo funny. Kirsten's facial reactions are good to watch. Inducing labour at eight months if they become too fat. Ha.
  • An improvement on the previous few episodes. Still got a bit to go though.

    I've faithfully watched this show for the past 4 years and main reason is Ryan and the Cohens from the get go. So was miffed to find that the third last episode ever, was Taylor centric.

    Sure the whole cast was involved and had their own parts to play, but after years of bonding with the original characters you think it would ultimately focus on them. But no. Frankly Taylor grates on my nerves. She was fine as a suporting character for comic relief but she's too overbearing to have such focus on her. Maybe I'm biased as I've never clicked with her but ultimately it is coming to the series end, to have this huge birthday celabration for her when the only other character to have a birthday ep was Ryan (and it was a crappy birthday party let alone episode at that) late last season.

    Ryan/Taylor - Hated Taylor (and Summer) for pushing Ryan to say that he loved her. That's one big no no in any world (OC or real). Desperation and clinginess is not attractive or cute at all. And the girl's idea of trying to get Ryan drunk? They presumably would both know his history, both moms (Dawn & Kirsten) are alcoholics yet they're pushing him to get drunk? I really felt Ryan's frustration here. I wouldn't have blamed him if he went running for the hills. As it is the whole "I love you" thing wasn't sweet nor romantic. It would have been 1000 times better if it came au natraul without the pushing that came beforehand. I know it wouldn't be Taylor without the pushing, but seriously?

    Seth/Summer - They seem to be going through the motions, they and their mini storyline bored me. And Summer has always been pushy, but she's crossed the line to annoying. It seemed as though Seth was just over it all, so was I.

    Kirsten/Sandy - Kirsten and Sandy were the one couple who shone. These two are fantatsic, pity there's been so few scenes featuring them of late. Their relationship is believable and the two have great chemistry. The mini Newpsie storyline was more annoying then amusing, but it was saved by soem great Kirsten & Sandy scenes.

    Julie/Franki/Kaitlin - Julie and Frank are taking a bit to get used to. I prefered Bullitt, he was a fantastic character. I was totally on Team Bullit and Kaitlin's side as Frank's history is certainly not desirable. As it was the way they resolved/repaired Ryan & Frank's relationship and hooked Frank up with Julie was just too fast and not satisfactory at all. I do realise they only had a few episodes left and were running out of time, but if you can't do it properly don't do it at all. The redemption arc was not an arc, more one episode and it was ridiculous. As for Kailtin's involvement with this? It's a shame she was such an immature annoying brat this episode as she's been pretty much a delight this season. But she was hideous this episode. The Clown Porn was initially amusing but that's about it. Though I did love her speech at the end. Was heartfelt and well said (and well acted by Willa too). Glad Julie took heed of this.

    The Cliffhanger - This would have had a much greater impact if they hadn't given us that little teaser prior to the episode starting up. I can't work out why they did it that wa? We were expecting it all episode, the shock level would have been fanastic if it had came out of the blue. Though aside from that it was well done. Loved how all the character's were spread out in varying situations and places. And the effects were fantastic. Was a great cliffhanger and a great set up for the end of the series.
  • What an incredible cliffhanger! I can't believe they are doing this to us so near the end!!

    So many layers in this episode. Ryan finally tells Taylor that he loves her, twice. And the collection of poems she has translated is the most romantic gift in the world, ever.

    Frank and Julie slow things down a little, I like that. I like the fact that Julie does finally seem to see her daughter Caitlin, Caitlin no longer has to scream for the attention by making outrageous statements or posting crude posters about Frank. To be honest though, I really miss Bullit. Sandy and Kirsten having a baby is great, but I think that maybe they should move. Kirsten should understand that home is were the heart is, but maybe they will come to that conclusion the in the episode.

    Seth and Summer didn't impress me too much this episode, although the thing about him becoming a film critic is quite funny. He could totally be a film theorist or something like that. All in all, as the end is near, we can really feel how they are trying to cram as many emtions in to these last few episodes as possible. I just hope there aren't any weddings or deaths in the last two episodes.
  • earth quake in newport, who sees that coming!

    By far, think this is the best episode for this season. It's like the O.C has finally get back its 'touch'. Kaitlin keeps on surprising us by how much she really wants a family. She just acted the way she did because she wants Julie to be her mum before jumping into one relationship after another.

    As for Taylor, it's her birthday and she really hope that Ryan will finally say 'I love you'. In the end where Ryan protects Taylor from that cupboard that is falling, it's really shows that Ryan do love Taylor. Finally,there's the sparks between them.

    A very good cliffhanger. I think this episode will makes people tune in for the final 2 episodes :)
  • As typical in THE OC. As season finale arrives, chaos in Newport to.

    Here is the moment where you realise that the oc never changed, and the different you believe that the show would be without mischa burton really doesnt exist.

    When the episode begins you feel tnhat they are going to be all happy again, that life would be perfect but allways chaos arrives.

    Really I need to know that happens, I'm getting crazyy.. y want to know if they are going to be ok or they are just going to continue killing people because they have to take the show from the prime time.

    I hope that anyone else dies, becuase i believ that johnny's and marissa's death could be avoided.
  • It's Taylor's birthday and something earth-shattering is about to happen

    A great episode, possibly the best of this series so far.

    It's Taylor's birthday and she hopes Ryan will tell her he loves her. She discusses this with Summer and Summer drops a few hints to Ryan. Taylor next attempt invovled trying to get Ryan drunk, but it's she who ends up drunk.

    The comedy bits in this episode were fantastic, Ben and Autumn really were great, as was Willa.

    It was also great to see Sandy and Kirsten together but the scariest and most exciting bits, of course, were the bits at the end. The earthquake and what will happen afterwards make next week's episode unmissable !!
  • Birthdays, I love you, interested, women in newport, shake it.

    I'm getting sick of the whole Ryan and Taylor thing. They have been together and theyjust seem to find problems with everything they go into. It's just so sickining to see them have a problem and solve it before no time. Their problem in this episode wasn't even satisfying. Although I hope it ends all their arguement and stuff. Now, the good part. I liked the fact that Kirsten and Sandy are making plans. And Caitlin's plans for a family is being shown and that is good. Seth and Summer's problem was cool and quite hilarious aswell. The cliffhanger gave this episode a 9.3.
  • The Best Episode of Season 4!

    This episode was so upsetting it had some of the best scenes in the OC history! I really thought that Ryan and Taylor had good chemistry in it and that made me enjoy watching them plus i thought it was so funny when Taylor got drunk but the hands down best performance in this episode would have to be given to Willa Holland who was hilarious and also sad at the same time. But the best scene of the whole episode was obvouisly the earthquake i really hope someone will die because that would be sad they wont kill anyone though because they just killed Marissa. But so far the best episode of season 4 i hope the next episode is even better and im sure The Ends Not Near, Its Here will be one of the best as well.
  • an earthquake rocks newport

    Oh my god!!! They can't leave the episode there. How am I supposed to wait a week. Is Kirsten's baby gonna make it? Is anyone going to die? I hope not. This episode was so great, it makes you wonder where the writers have been the rest of the season. If only the rest of this season could have been as well written as this episode maybe it wouldn't have been cancelled. It was so good to see the humour of the show back in this episode. Seth's movie "6 Hours in a Pool" was so funny. They haven't had great Seth humour in ages. I won't be surprised if Sandy and Kirsten leave Newport. Those women are idiots! Did you see how Jasons wife referred to her own child? And inducing labour at 8 mths so they won't get fat?
    It's all so exciting!!! I can't wait for next week!!!!
  • Oh my god

    So, this was the "I love you"-episode we've been waiting for. I gotta say, it was not as great as Ryan's last first "I love you" in "The Countdown", but who's comparing?! I love him and Taylor and the fact that he got her speechless by the end of the day is something, right? ;-)
    I'm really worried about Seth and Summer's relationship at this point. Will they last? They got to, but right now it's all so shaken up... the rest of the town. That was one heck of an earthquake, I'm really scared about Kirsten's baby and what might have happened to everyone. Can't wait for the next eppy. It seems there's some more coming until the series' finale.
  • Ryan throws Taylor a real birthday party. But something bigger interrupts the celebration . . .

    The episode opens with the Shake Up: an earthquake is shown causing a lot of damage. Wow, right into the drama! Um, no. The scene dissolves and the heading "72 Hours Earlier" is shown.

    Summer and Taylor are at the mall, discussing the "surprise" party for that Summer and Ryan are planning for Taylor. Summer presses Taylor, asking her what she wants for her birthday. All Taylor wants is for Ryan to ask her to go to Berkeley with him. We know that Ryan is not going to do this. And Summer knows as well. "You applied to Berkeley?" Summer is thinking what we are: Taylor applied to follow Ryan. But turns out Taylor got in before she and Ryan starting dating. Oh and she also got into Princeton. It's dubious as to when Taylor applied, but we'll believe her for now.

    Summer and Taylor see the day's newspaper on a table and comment on the headline (Mayor Warns of Earthquake Weather). Taylor: "Makes you almost wish one would happen." Be careful what you wish for Taylor!

    Cut to the Cohen's pool house. Ryan wakes up and Taylor is already there, breakfast prepared. Taylor is excited to see Ryan, but he doesn't seem to share her sentiment. Could he be tiring of her constant appearance at his home? This is exaggerated by the fact that he takes about two bites of the breakfast Taylor worked so hard to prepare. Before he takes off, he tells Taylor he wants to his way with her as payment for planning her birthday. Again, Ryan is lacking just a bit in the romantic department. But he might make up for it at her birthday party.

    Katelyn awakens to find Julie and Frank canoodling in Dr. Roberts' kitchen. Julie is on a love buzz, but Katelyn is still sore from losing the Bullit as a step-father. She is downright nasty with Frank. He leaves for a job interview, leaving behind what Katelyn refers to as his convict bag. She eyes it with suspicion. What could she be planning?

    Kirsten meanwhile has headed to the gym to sign up for pre-natal yoga. There she finds herself surrounded by 20 somethings who are more concerned with staying skinny during pregnancy. Some go so far as to say they would induce labor at eight months. Kirsten is shocked and not surprised at the same time. She knows this is how Newport is, but she is wondering how she can bring a new child into this kind of environment.

    Ryan is now at work and Summer comes to visit him. She questions him on his big gift. Ryan has done pretty well, it would seem: he has had some poems Taylor translated from French professionally bound. Summer is unimpressed however. She thinks a better gift would be for Ryan to say "I love you." This is not Ryan's style though. So how will he resolve this?

    Katelyn meets with Frank at the mall. Frank wants to know why she dislikes him so much. She says it's because he is boring. "The Bullit was awesome!" She continues to insult him, but Frank remains calm. Julie meanwhile is back at the house. She looks in Frank's bag and discovers . . . clown porn. Summer has taken Seth to an art film exhibition put on by GEORGE (Global Environmental Organization Regarding Greenhouse Emissions). While Summer is totally into her latest fad, Seth is unimpressed by the films from a directorial standpoint. Summer challenges him to create something better.

    We find Taylor and Ryan watching the old classic "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Taylor tries to use the movie as a metaphor, hinting that one should express how one feels when the moment is at hand. Ryan clues into this and turns to Taylor. "Taylor, I . . . " the music swells, this could be it! ". . . missed that last part, could you rewind it?" Taylor is totally miffed, but we are lead to believe that Ryan may have a trick up his sleeve yet.

    After the break, we find Summer and Taylor discussing Ryan's lack of enthusiasm. Taylor it seems has given up on him, again. She is going to decline the scholarship she won at Berkeley. Summer suggests Taylor use truth serum to find out what Ryan really thinks. Taylor does her one better and decides getting him drunk is an easier route.

    Back at the Cohen house, Ryan has just returned from a run. Sandy is in the kitchen, ready to hand down some sage wisdom. "Rather than tell Taylor you love her, tell her you enjoy spending time with her and that you care for her." Yeah, that's not exactly what she wants to hear.

    Seth is just outside at the pool, filming his environmental art film. He's calling it Six Hours in a Pool. He's obviously not taking Summer seriously. Later, he debuts the film to Summer, who tires after two minutes of watching pool toys floating in the water. Seth claims it is a satire, but Summer says he has to make a new film. Seth says, "What am I supposed to do? Follow Ryan around until he punches someone?" This is a nice little dig at the show.

    Sandy and Kirsten go to meet Sandy's friend Jason Spitz and is wife Kerrie for dinner. Kerrie acts like a young Newport girl, talking about partying, belittling Sandy and Jason's work, and referring to her own child as a thing. Kirsten is disheartened by the fact that she can't find one decent woman in Newport. Ryan meets Taylor at Roberts's house for dinner for two. Taylor is very liberal with the wine, trying to get Ryan loosened up. Instead Taylor is the one who ends up drunk. Ryan shows a lot of care for her as he puts her into bed. He looks at her, realizes he really does love her and says those three magic words "I love you." Neither he nor Taylor can believe he was able to muster the strength to utter that. Taylor is well pleased and slurs "Now we can go to Berkeley together" and then passes out. Ryan is taken aback by this latest development and finds her acceptance letter on her desk. He loves her, but does he really want her around for four years? We the viewers have to question his level of commitment.

    The next day, we find Seth has decided to make a film about Ryan. As he films his subject he asks Ryan, "How does it feel to get the Dean of Discipline's sloppy seconds?" Another great dig at the show!

    Taylor tells Summer that Ryan said "I love you." Or so she thinks. She can't remember due to her drunken state.

    Frank shows up at the Cohen help, asking for Ryan's help with Katelyn. Frank says, "You have a experience with Cooper women." Kind of a low blow there, Frank.

    Later that night, the gang is all assembled for Taylor's birthday party. As Taylor opens her presents, she comes to Ryan's. We all know it's an incredibly romantic . . . dictionary? Ryan has substituted the dictionary for the poetry book. But why? Is he having second thoughts about their relationship? The two go off for a private moment. Taylor asks Ryan about what he said. She asks if he would have said it if he would have said he loved her had he known she got into Berkeley. Ryan makes the mistake of hesitating. Taylor walks away, crushed, only to be confronted by her birthday cake. As her friends urge her to make a wish, she looks into the candles. We know the wish that is on her mind. But she thinks better of making it and runs out of the party before blowing out the candle. Ryan is left looking like a jerk.

    During all this, Katelyn has been putting up posters of Frank's mugshot with the caption "This Guy Loves Clown Porn!" Julie catches her in the act and wants to know why she is doing such mean things. Katelyn tearfully replies that she only wants to be a family. Suddenly all her bad behavior since she was first introduced as a character makes sense. She desperately wanted her mother's attention. Julie decides to take it slower with Frank and focus more on her relationship with Katelyn. We find Taylor back in her room, doing her usual birthday ritual of watching 16 Candles and talking to a psychic on the phone. Ryan shows up and sheepishly gives her his real present. Taylor is blow away by the romantic aspects of his gift. Ryan says he does love her and he doesn't want to lose her. But before the couple can reaffirm their love, the room begins to shake. No it's not their passion; It's an earthquake. All across Newport, everyone tries to protect their loved ones from falling debris. Ryan throws himself protectively over Taylor, shielding her from a glass armoire that falls on him. Seth and Summer escape from their vehicle just before a light pole crushes it. Kirsten is laying on the ground, dazed as Sandy can only helplessly try to make sense of what is happening. All over the OC, the world is being thrown into chaos, just when everyone was at a good spot.
  • Newport gets shaken up…literally!

    Another awesome episode of The OC!

    One of the things I’m going to miss the most about The OC is laughing at Taylor every week. Her comedy is just so fabulous! Her speech to the mailman (and his reaction) were priceless. And a drunken Taylor is always good for some laughs!

    Ryan was romantic! And expressive! My, how he’s changed. He really has trouble saying “I love you!” (Well, at least he left out the “thank you” this time.)

    I was impressed at Kaitlin’s outburst. Willa did a good job at that scene. Also it was the first mention of Marissa in a while. Good to know the writers haven’t swept her under the rug, as so often happens to characters that are killed off.

    Holly was also hilarious, as per usual. Although I’m glad Kirsten decided not to join the Six Pack Pack :D.

    Seth and Summer…maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers are producing these plotlines where S&S are distancing, but get a bit closer in the end, because of Adam and Rachel’s breakup. We better get a good Sethummer kiss (of epic Spiderman proportions) before they’re gone forever!

    And finally, a mega earthquake hits Newport! (When it started, the “woosh” sound was exactly like the one they use on Lost for the flashbacks. I was a bit confused for a second there :P) Anyway, I’m going to miss the Cohen home! The pool house! So many memories. I hope nobody’s hurt.

    And now, only two episodes left!! *sigh* And they had better be AMAZING!
  • awsome!!! Great**! one of the very very best of the season! only 2 episodes left

    This episode was WOW i can't belive it! so great!!!! first taylor expecting the "I love U" from Ryan , Summer trying to make seth passion for something ... then Kirsten with a lot insecurities of raising a child in a so mean environment. I almost killed Ryan when he changed the romantic present for WHATTT???!! a diccionary??? ... Then Kaitlin! was so mean with frank , Julie really loves him and i think kaitlin needs to accepted it!... OMG i almost cry when Taylor leaves before blowing the candels of his nice b-day cake ... But the very incredible was the ending i can't wait for the next episode!
  • It's Taylor's birthday and she hopes Ryan will tell her he loves her. Summer wants Seth to find something he enjoys and Kirsten has 2nd thought about having a baby in Newport.

    This episode was awesome! I loved it! One of the best in season 4 so far. I really like that part when Taylor is trying to get Ryan drunk so he will tell her he loves her but instead Taylor gets drunk. Ryan does tell Taylor he loves her but Taylor says that she got into Berkely. The Six Pack Pack! I love that idea and such a great idea but you will still show when the baby grows but you could do that after you had the baby so you would stay fit and not fat. I love at the end when the earthquake starts and I know next episode will be awesome.
  • An amazing episode! Sandy finally has some screen time!!!

    This episode was awesome! When Ryan said "I love you" I thought it was so cute and when he gave Taylor the dictionary I felt sooo bad for her. Anyways, I thought the plot with Kirsten was really good and definitely a change for her! The scene with her, Sandy, Spitz and his wife was one of the funniest I've ever seen on this show. I think that the fact that Summer was concerned about Seth shows that she really cares about him. I seriously can't stand Kaitlin but I felt bad for her in this episode and I thought it was so cute when Ryan told her that he would always be her brother! And I'm so happy that Julie is being a better mom to her than she was to Marissa. The cliffhanger at the end was amazing! I can't even wait for next week's episode!!!!
  • One of the very best...

    It's Taylor's birthday and all her friends want to throw her a party. But what happens when Taylor wants to know how Ryan feels about her? Is he going to say "I love you" or not? In this episode, feelings will be revealed, choices will be made and a natural disaster will occur. After Julie turned down Bullit and started dating Frank, Kaitlin starts to make her mother and Frank to break-up. Kirsten goes to pre-natal yoga classes and starts to think about raising her child outside of Newport. Summer tries to make Seth interested in something that he really cares about. After Ryan finally tells Taylor that he loves her, an earthquake rocks Newport and everyone that lives there...
  • A fantastic way to start to bing us on home!

    Okay so it's episode nine of this series. I have just seen The My Two Dads and like most of you, I was glowing with my love for this season. Yeah okay, The Earth Girls Are Easy wasn't amazing, BUT it was so much better than most of S3, and had a lot of heart considering, that I still enjoyed it a lot.

    Then The French Connection came along. I didn't love it. It put Taylor in this weird way. I didn't like that. And Che came back. I was eh about that as well.

    Then the Dream Lover came along. Needless to say Taylor was not a tall her awesome self. She went from being the coolest TV character in The My Two Dads, to being just plain old annoying! The entire episode felt off. It was a low for S4.

    Then The Groundhog Day aired... I really enjoyed it. It was certainly a step up from the last two episodes. It wasn't as good as the first nine, but say on par with a solid S1 episode like say The Proposal or The Good Bye Girl. I just recently saw it on TV, an apart from a few too many Che/Seth scenes, it was a great episode with a lot of heart. Taylor was starting to be redeemed again, and Kandy were getting REAL screen time.

    With The Case Of The Franks, I disliked the way Frank's past was swept under the rug, and wish they used The French Connection and The Dream Lover to bring Frank back, give us adequate information of Frank's redemption in prison, and how his changes will effect Ryan and how he use to think of his father. BUT Fox also didn't give our show the full season they really needed, so I think both parties are to blame there. Other than that, I LOVED this episode. Everything else had the makings goon enough OC to even rival The Hearbrake, but as he Franklie plot was off, it didn't reach those heights. This and The Groundhog Day had their nagging issues that brought them down, otherwise for me, the other plots were so good, had these issues not been around, my love for these two episodes would have been of that of early S4. I see these episodes as the A- variety. Still very enjoyable, but there was a plot in it that put a 'meh' taste in your mouth.

    And now I just viewed The Shake-Up... WOW! The show is back to the early S4 quality. One thing S1 couldn't do was retain that early S1 form. And whilst the last half was S1 was awesome, in it's own way, the last half of S4, with the help from the driven focus of the series finale, has given us an episode that was just fantastic. I loved it all.

    Taylor bordered on annoying at times, but seeing her drunk and then seeing her tear up before the quake, really hit home for me as to why I love Taylor. She's neurotic again, and fun, but she has heart. She lacked any of that in The French Connection and The Dream Lover. My Taylor love has now been fully restored. I also loved Ryan in this episode. Seeing the boy think, seeing him play such a mental part in the episode was a joy. If this plot were all about Taylor, it would have sucked, but the fact they showed Ryan's insecurities, in a believable, honest way made there interaction all the more real. The end, where he gives her the gift, his beautiful gift, really showed us that he DOES love her. And he's now willing to par-take in a serious relationship with my crazy girl!

    On a small side note, I liked the interaction he had with his father... to me it still felt awkward. Had we had more time (SCREW YOU FOX!) I think we could have seen a gerat mental struggle from Ryan... this guy was abusive, not now he's reformed... this was what I was hoping to see in The Case Of The Franks. But I did like that Ryan wasn't talking to Frank as he would Sandy. There was a certain awkwardness there that made it believe able.

    I was enjoying the Summer/Seth plot, until I saw Summer speak to Kirsten... then I loved it. It showed us why Summer was wanting Seth to pursue something, and it explained her nagish tone.

    Kandy were again superb tonight. We've not gotten three superb Kandy episodes that deal with so much. Tonight was fantastic. It also has showed me Kirsten has changed, A LOT. She was willing to keep Seth in Newport, and make the best of it, but now, with her child, she knows she must keep away from the place. As she said, it is not nice at all. I loved seeing Holly back again and the scene with Spitz's wife was great, but good for Kirsten. The place is great to watch on TV, but these people in the TV world are not healthy for anyone. I love that Sandy was so supportive. Kandy are so close to their S1 awesomeness but in a different way. It;s like all the crap they went through has brought them to be so close. More now than ever before. And Sandy was superb. That guy needs to win an award.

    Julie and Kaitlin were great. 'Have you seen page fifty'. I laughed at that... then I almost cried. This is the kid of brilliant humor the show does so well, and Melinda delivered! But then we saw Kaitlin open up and really express herself to her mother. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just hope she doesn't love Frank anytime soon. The clown porn was HILARITY! One of the funniest things the show has EVER done! But by-golly Willa can now act. Putting her with Melinda really showed up their awesome chemistry and great acting skills. Willa has improved ten-fold. And anyone who can hate on Frank like that gets my love!

    Other bits of love.

    - Summer and Taylor's friendship. Drunk Taylor is LOVE!
    - Seeing more newpsie like people. Even the young ones are too cool. 'Don't you want to vomit?... All the time'.
    - I love episodes like this... I love seasons like this... and now I want to hate on Fox even more. Two meh episodes with the rest being great or above, for me is a gerat ratio, well comparing to past seasons.
    - And one more thing... this show excels when it's got a focus. Twiggie's snapping focused the show in an awesome way, as did Ryan's father issues, even if it was for one episode. Now t he quake has helped do that again. And as has the baby plot for Kiki. Kandy have been so awesome because of it. If Josh put more focus on Ryan and his father, those two 'meh' episodes would have been awesome. Franklie's reunion would not have been bad as Ryan would have CONFRONTED his issues with Pupa, and the earthquake would have come just in time to stir more crap up, before they all got too settled. But otherwise I have loved this season, though I have said it a few too many times now. Hee.

    Next week looks awesome. If it really brings on home the core relationships of the show, Kandy, Seth/Ryan, Cohens, Kaitlin/Julie, and Taylor and Summer, well, I think it could be one of the best episodes EVER! And with the finale promising so much awesomeness, the last three episodes could be every bit as good as the first nine. Which would give this season, one hell of an awesome ratio.

    Episode Grade: A
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