The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • Marissa and Ryan clad in black leather become the new expelled, outcasts of Newport society. A classic stereotype, but where's the complex and subversive O.C. heart to it all?

    Finally, the consequences to Marissa's shooting of Trey finally seem real. It seemed from the premiere that the emotional trauma and fracturing of relationships that would come from the shooting, were glossed over as "the summer sucked because of it." Ryan's stint in jail was all too brief. Marissa and Ryan's relationship seemed too rosy after such a shocking act. Finally, the Newport society's judgment seemed far removed from their worlds.

    Now with the threat of Marissa's expulsion, it seems the chickens are coming home to roost. It seemed more realistic that there would be consequences and complaints from the Newport society from the unprecedented shooting. It also seemed real that Ryan would be unable to "fix" the problem. I appreciated Sandy's insight into the guy mentality, its definitely true.

    But, I wish we could have seen more of Ryan's frustration and inability to fix the politically driven beauracracy of the school system. It also seems that Sandy would try to help Marissa, which he doesn't even attempt to do. Also, I wish we could have seen more of Marissa's interaction with the social chair group, and how her classmates think of her, and why they give her so much credit. (Her wealth perhaps? Does Marissa also have leadership qualities we haven't seen?) I would have loved to get more complexity and truth out of the character's interactions with Newport society. Instead, we get the regular artificial dramatic riffs, punctuated with Ryan hitting the new dean to get expelled as well.

    Marissa and Ryan, as the outcast couple, seemed to embody a stereotype I've seen often, where one person drags the other down with them. It's an interesting cliche to grapple with, as it's probably how a lot of Newport see their relationship, but I hope Josh Schwartz and co. will make it more complex and compelling than just that. The O.C. as a show has always thrived from seeming trashy and over-the-top on the surface, but with real complex heart and truth in its deeper moments. I've yet to see it happening with this storyline....
  • Well writen, nice acting, great characters ! And thank God... It was realistic !

    Well writen, nice acting, great characters ! And thank God... It was realistic ! I Actually liked Taylor and the new Dean is the new "bad guy" in the town. Great episode... that's all I have to say.
    Also I don't wanna see Seth and Summer apart and I hope Julie lose all her money...
  • The perfect reason to watch The O.C. has to be this episode. The O.C. writers are back like they were in Season 1 and show why The O.C. is successfull.

    Coming off a decent episode last week, I personally wasn’t expecting much. In fact I was expecting the same thing like the season premier, a very fast paced episode with rushed storylines. But I was wrong. I was really impressed with tonight’s episode, it was by far one of best well written episode and most constant episode and not rushed either. The O.C writers took there sweet time which made the show perfectly entertaining. Of all episodes The O.C. has had, this has been by far one of the best. It really did stay true to its episode title “The Shape of Things to Come” has we saw different storylines being made, and characters being introduced. Let’s start this review with an introduction of the new characters.

    Now she didn’t make her debut on The O.C this week but she’s still a new character. When I first heard Jeri Ryan would be on The O.C. I was kind of pleased but still a bit nervous. I enjoyed her in Boston Public but she was a ‘good girl’ I was really nervous to see how she would be if she was on the other side of the field so to say. So far she’s impressed me. Her character is so mysterious, I’m wondering where they will lead with her character, is she a lesbian? Is she just jealous that Kirsten has the perfect family? Or is she even planning on killing Kirsten for some strange reason? I guess we will find out later in this season, but I must say from any storyline that involved Kirsten and Sandy, this one is very interesting. For those Days of Our Lives Soap Opera fans, doesn’t this remind you of the Marlena/John/Alex storyline? How Marlena has amnesia and Dr. Alex “helps” Marlena but John knows there is more to it then that and he also tries to help out Marlena to regain her memory. Personally The Charlotte and Kirsten storyline reminded me of the soap opera storyline. But back on topic, today on The O.C. Trailers shout box, someone mentioned something that stayed on my mind for a while. What if Charlotte is Oliver’s mother and is out to seek revenge on the newspies? Anything is possible in the O.C, especially something like this. We are going to have to wait and see how this develops. But so far, Charlotte has my approval of being a kick ass addition to the O.C.

    She made her debut on The O.C. tonight has the snobby blond and I fell in love with her character. This is the role that Summer was meant to play in the beginning of The O.C. I’m positive, and I’m glad to see Autumn Reeser being added to the cast, she plays the Taylor character oh so well. The character adds some realism to the show in a sense that a lot of high schools have these annoying perky blonds. Another huge positive of the new addition to the O.C. cast is the fact that The O.C. needs more ‘bad guys’. I’m really curious to see what Taylor will do. I sense that she might end up trying to split up Seth and Summer by seducing Seth, but Seth will only reject her proving that Seth is really involve with Summer. What could make Taylor’s character even more perfect? She finds a beau, they could both end some of the O.C.ers relationship together. We all know Taylor will try to split one of the couples up. I got my bets set on Seth and Summer. Once again, we are going to have to wait and see.

    Now he’s not really a new addition, I think he’s just there to develop Jimmy’s character and his need for money. I don’t really have any opinion for Don besides the fact that we’ve seen this kind of character already, so if he does become part of the cast than it will be useless. We’ve been there, seen that. Next.

    Dean Hess
    The character of my dreams. Okay that sounds wrong. But honestly, I’m so happy Dean Hess has entered The O.C. and I hope to god he becomes a full fledged cast member or at least stays for the season before he gets fired (We all know he will get fired before the end of the season) Now there are many reasons to why I like this character, reason 1 is the fact that he is a powerful male bad guy. We’ve seen a lot of males go up against Ryan, but any of them look as intimidating as Dean Hess? No I don’t think so. Another reason is that he’s a bad guy. Now from reading what I said earlier, you know I like bad guys because they make the show interesting. With out them, there really is no show. We need the bad guys. He’s just an awesome intimidating bad guy that we will love to hate. He is the next Oliver. I don’t mean he will be psychotic or anything, I just mean that he will be such a bad ass to a point where everyone will litterly hate him. Welcome to the O.C. Dean Hess, I’m glad to see you here.

    Now with that done, I would personally just hope that all these 3 characters (Charlotte, Dean and Taylor) remain guest stars till at least the end of the season. But I hope that Taylor stays for ever. Moving forward, like previously mentioned, this episode was perfectly done and well written, props to J.J Philban who wrote the show, she did a phenomenal job. But even more props go out to the cast who really was perfect with their top notch acting. I was impressed with Mischa Barton tonight, I personally have never been a fan of Marissa but tonight it all changed, Mischa has majoraly improved her acting. In the first few seasons, Mischa Barton sounded like she didn’t like being part of the O.C. I was never really impressed by her acting in the first few episodes but she has majorly improved but tonight really showed the new Mischa Barton and even the new Marissa Cooper. I can not stress it enough, Tonight’s episode had it all and a bag of chips.

    Now if you did not enjoy the scenes that Taylor and Summer had this week than you should just slap your self in the face. Rachel and Autumn have perfect chemistry together. I just loved the scene they had together, it was so witty and hilarious it really reminded me of my own high-school. I hope Summer becomes the new owner of Social Chair with Marissa being gone. But back on topic. I’m really looking forward to this feud Summer and Taylor will have. Tonight they really connected so well and it was probably one of the best scenes The O.C. has ever had. Can’t wait to see it continue. Than Summer decides how the carnival will be, I don’t know about you but that was fantastic. It showed that The O.C Foursome are REAL friends. What I mean by that is that it shows the writers are making them be real friends and not just write them as friends and have them do nothing for each other you know what I mean?

    Having Marissa being expelled from Harbor High was real. In any school, someone who shot someone else would be prohibited from coming to that school so like any other school, Marissa got expelled. I’m happy they didn’t just finish off the whole Trey storyline and make it seem like it never happen. I’m sure that through out the whole season, the Trey shooting will impact a lot of stories. But on topic, I was really glad to see Marissa put her foot down. Through out the whole O.C. it seemed like Marissa let people take advantage of her but oh did that all change in this episode. I loved the quote that Dean Hess and Marissa shared.

    Dean Hess: I don’t hear a bit of remorse.
    Marissa Cooper: Because I don’t have any, I’m proud of what I did, and I would do it again.

    That was just perfect in my opinion. Really showed a side of Marissa that we haven’t seen. Now she was the one protecting someone not being protected of. Than the last 10 minutes of the episode were also fantastic. Dean Hess obviously seeing Marissa come to the Carnival after being expelled, he decides to take her out of the carnival himself grabbing Marissa’s hand and than Ryan to save Marissa… punches Dean Hess in the face. Wham bam, thank you mam. That was great but god did he pay the consequences. Ryan gets expelled too. Now I don’t know what this will lead into, I’m guessing Marissa will go to public school but what about Ryan? Is he going to public school too? Only wait and see. (I say that too much don’t I?)

    Sandy thought Kirsten was going to go home today, oh was he wrong. Kirsten decides that she doesn’t want to jeopardize hurting Sandy again and decides to stay with Charlotte to make sure she doesn’t relapse on drinking again. Sandy obviously against it, can’t do much about it. But it still begs to question, Why does Charlotte want her? This storyline really reminds me of Oliver’s storyline has well, he fakes a lot of things just to be close to Kirsten. Is Charlotte a lesbian? What’s the case? The storyline didn’t really progress far tonight but it did solve the question that we’ve been asking for a week, Charlotte isn’t a good girl after all. All I can say is we will have to wait and see.

    Jimmy borrowing more money from people? I don’t know about you but I’m starting to despise Jimmy. He’s hurting the Coopers more than he’s helping. I really see Jimmy escaping Newport once again after he owes Don way too much money. Jimmy is obviously thinking that Caleb’s will, will pay back for ever but I’m sure that isn’t the case. In fact I think the will won’t even benefit to Julie, he might not had anything on it besides maybe a car. Jimmy’s going to pay and it won’t be pretty.

    Jimmy and Julie are getting re-married again, I wonder how long that will last. Honestly I don’t think they will even go on to do the wedding ceremony. Something’s going to happen, I think we all know that… Wait and… You know the rest.

    Anyone notice that Seth gave Taylor the middle finger at the carnival? I couldn’t stop laughing. If anyone didn’t notice, Seth was acting like he was scratching his head but he was really giving Taylor the finger, can’t believe it got passed the fcc

    Speaking about Seth, Seth is still not going no where this season. Have the O.C. writers have NOTHING for Seth Cohen? They got to give something to him before I start thinking he’s only on The O.C for the sarcastic humor. Which we haven’t seen this season.

  • The O.C. is back, baby!

    The O.C. has done it again, in classic fashion. This episode is just an example of why this show can be so damn good. All the naysayers out there who looked at the second season and the first episode of this season as a sign that this show was falling -- hard -- should be shaken awake by this episode.

    Just when everything seems to be going well in Orange County, both Julie and Jimmy Cooper are shown to be not quite as sympathetic as the second season would have us believe, and several interesting new foils are brought into the picture. The episode ends in a classic O.C. eruption. Well worth sitting through the second season.
  • in this episode marissa, and eventually ryan get kicked out of school, kirsten refuses to go home, and the carnival ends with a twist.

    Tonights episode screams original OC. It sucks you back into the game and has you wanting more...lots more. the writing was amazing and the acting was amazing. everything flowed so well together and it was fabulous. i loved the side of marissa we were introduced to today. We see her with the dean and with ryan being independent and her own person! that is great to see that she is putting her foot down and standing up for herself. Im glad to see the marissa shooting trey issue coming out between the two of them because it is realistic. My guess is it isnt over for them yet, and that they have a long battle ahead of them.
    I loved seeing seth and summer as the loving support system for their friends, yet still showing how good they are doing. They are a happy solid couple and they deserve it thats for sure. they have been through enough pathetic drama, its nice to see them growing up a bit.
    i dont like seeing kirsten not wanting to go home, though her reasoning is noble so i can respect it. it is natural after a situation like rehab to be vulnerable and insecure and seeing charlotte playing on that is sickning but is making for a good storyline. People are constantly wondering what is up her sleeve! i cant wait until kirsten returns home and we see her rebuilding her life with her family.
    Tonight, this show proved that it can go back to season 1 style, that it can peak interest again and that the couples can be together and have issues without bringing in the over-used, especially on this show, love triangle. The OC is being restored to its former glory, i can only hope josh continues to work the magic. This episode deserves a solid 10 out of 10!
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