The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • in this episode marissa, and eventually ryan get kicked out of school, kirsten refuses to go home, and the carnival ends with a twist.

    Tonights episode screams original OC. It sucks you back into the game and has you wanting more...lots more. the writing was amazing and the acting was amazing. everything flowed so well together and it was fabulous. i loved the side of marissa we were introduced to today. We see her with the dean and with ryan being independent and her own person! that is great to see that she is putting her foot down and standing up for herself. Im glad to see the marissa shooting trey issue coming out between the two of them because it is realistic. My guess is it isnt over for them yet, and that they have a long battle ahead of them.
    I loved seeing seth and summer as the loving support system for their friends, yet still showing how good they are doing. They are a happy solid couple and they deserve it thats for sure. they have been through enough pathetic drama, its nice to see them growing up a bit.
    i dont like seeing kirsten not wanting to go home, though her reasoning is noble so i can respect it. it is natural after a situation like rehab to be vulnerable and insecure and seeing charlotte playing on that is sickning but is making for a good storyline. People are constantly wondering what is up her sleeve! i cant wait until kirsten returns home and we see her rebuilding her life with her family.
    Tonight, this show proved that it can go back to season 1 style, that it can peak interest again and that the couples can be together and have issues without bringing in the over-used, especially on this show, love triangle. The OC is being restored to its former glory, i can only hope josh continues to work the magic. This episode deserves a solid 10 out of 10!
  • The perfect reason to watch The O.C. has to be this episode. The O.C. writers are back like they were in Season 1 and show why The O.C. is successfull.

    Coming off a decent episode last week, I personally wasn’t expecting much. In fact I was expecting the same thing like the season premier, a very fast paced episode with rushed storylines. But I was wrong. I was really impressed with tonight’s episode, it was by far one of best well written episode and most constant episode and not rushed either. The O.C writers took there sweet time which made the show perfectly entertaining. Of all episodes The O.C. has had, this has been by far one of the best. It really did stay true to its episode title “The Shape of Things to Come” has we saw different storylines being made, and characters being introduced. Let’s start this review with an introduction of the new characters.

    Now she didn’t make her debut on The O.C this week but she’s still a new character. When I first heard Jeri Ryan would be on The O.C. I was kind of pleased but still a bit nervous. I enjoyed her in Boston Public but she was a ‘good girl’ I was really nervous to see how she would be if she was on the other side of the field so to say. So far she’s impressed me. Her character is so mysterious, I’m wondering where they will lead with her character, is she a lesbian? Is she just jealous that Kirsten has the perfect family? Or is she even planning on killing Kirsten for some strange reason? I guess we will find out later in this season, but I must say from any storyline that involved Kirsten and Sandy, this one is very interesting. For those Days of Our Lives Soap Opera fans, doesn’t this remind you of the Marlena/John/Alex storyline? How Marlena has amnesia and Dr. Alex “helps” Marlena but John knows there is more to it then that and he also tries to help out Marlena to regain her memory. Personally The Charlotte and Kirsten storyline reminded me of the soap opera storyline. But back on topic, today on The O.C. Trailers shout box, someone mentioned something that stayed on my mind for a while. What if Charlotte is Oliver’s mother and is out to seek revenge on the newspies? Anything is possible in the O.C, especially something like this. We are going to have to wait and see how this develops. But so far, Charlotte has my approval of being a kick ass addition to the O.C.

    She made her debut on The O.C. tonight has the snobby blond and I fell in love with her character. This is the role that Summer was meant to play in the beginning of The O.C. I’m positive, and I’m glad to see Autumn Reeser being added to the cast, she plays the Taylor character oh so well. The character adds some realism to the show in a sense that a lot of high schools have these annoying perky blonds. Another huge positive of the new addition to the O.C. cast is the fact that The O.C. needs more ‘bad guys’. I’m really curious to see what Taylor will do. I sense that she might end up trying to split up Seth and Summer by seducing Seth, but Seth will only reject her proving that Seth is really involve with Summer. What could make Taylor’s character even more perfect? She finds a beau, they could both end some of the O.C.ers relationship together. We all know Taylor will try to split one of the couples up. I got my bets set on Seth and Summer. Once again, we are going to have to wait and see.

    Now he’s not really a new addition, I think he’s just there to develop Jimmy’s character and his need for money. I don’t really have any opinion for Don besides the fact that we’ve seen this kind of character already, so if he does become part of the cast than it will be useless. We’ve been there, seen that. Next.

    Dean Hess
    The character of my dreams. Okay that sounds wrong. But honestly, I’m so happy Dean Hess has entered The O.C. and I hope to god he becomes a full fledged cast member or at least stays for the season before he gets fired (We all know he will get fired before the end of the season) Now there are many reasons to why I like this character, reason 1 is the fact that he is a powerful male bad guy. We’ve seen a lot of males go up against Ryan, but any of them look as intimidating as Dean Hess? No I don’t think so. Another reason is that he’s a bad guy. Now from reading what I said earlier, you know I like bad guys because they make the show interesting. With out them, there really is no show. We need the bad guys. He’s just an awesome intimidating bad guy that we will love to hate. He is the next Oliver. I don’t mean he will be psychotic or anything, I just mean that he will be such a bad ass to a point where everyone will litterly hate him. Welcome to the O.C. Dean Hess, I’m glad to see you here.

    Now with that done, I would personally just hope that all these 3 characters (Charlotte, Dean and Taylor) remain guest stars till at least the end of the season. But I hope that Taylor stays for ever. Moving forward, like previously mentioned, this episode was perfectly done and well written, props to J.J Philban who wrote the show, she did a phenomenal job. But even more props go out to the cast who really was perfect with their top notch acting. I was impressed with Mischa Barton tonight, I personally have never been a fan of Marissa but tonight it all changed, Mischa has majoraly improved her acting. In the first few seasons, Mischa Barton sounded like she didn’t like being part of the O.C. I was never really impressed by her acting in the first few episodes but she has majorly improved but tonight really showed the new Mischa Barton and even the new Marissa Cooper. I can not stress it enough, Tonight’s episode had it all and a bag of chips.

    Now if you did not enjoy the scenes that Taylor and Summer had this week than you should just slap your self in the face. Rachel and Autumn have perfect chemistry together. I just loved the scene they had together, it was so witty and hilarious it really reminded me of my own high-school. I hope Summer becomes the new owner of Social Chair with Marissa being gone. But back on topic. I’m really looking forward to this feud Summer and Taylor will have. Tonight they really connected so well and it was probably one of the best scenes The O.C. has ever had. Can’t wait to see it continue. Than Summer decides how the carnival will be, I don’t know about you but that was fantastic. It showed that The O.C Foursome are REAL friends. What I mean by that is that it shows the writers are making them be real friends and not just write them as friends and have them do nothing for each other you know what I mean?

    Having Marissa being expelled from Harbor High was real. In any school, someone who shot someone else would be prohibited from coming to that school so like any other school, Marissa got expelled. I’m happy they didn’t just finish off the whole Trey storyline and make it seem like it never happen. I’m sure that through out the whole season, the Trey shooting will impact a lot of stories. But on topic, I was really glad to see Marissa put her foot down. Through out the whole O.C. it seemed like Marissa let people take advantage of her but oh did that all change in this episode. I loved the quote that Dean Hess and Marissa shared.

    Dean Hess: I don’t hear a bit of remorse.
    Marissa Cooper: Because I don’t have any, I’m proud of what I did, and I would do it again.

    That was just perfect in my opinion. Really showed a side of Marissa that we haven’t seen. Now she was the one protecting someone not being protected of. Than the last 10 minutes of the episode were also fantastic. Dean Hess obviously seeing Marissa come to the Carnival after being expelled, he decides to take her out of the carnival himself grabbing Marissa’s hand and than Ryan to save Marissa… punches Dean Hess in the face. Wham bam, thank you mam. That was great but god did he pay the consequences. Ryan gets expelled too. Now I don’t know what this will lead into, I’m guessing Marissa will go to public school but what about Ryan? Is he going to public school too? Only wait and see. (I say that too much don’t I?)

    Sandy thought Kirsten was going to go home today, oh was he wrong. Kirsten decides that she doesn’t want to jeopardize hurting Sandy again and decides to stay with Charlotte to make sure she doesn’t relapse on drinking again. Sandy obviously against it, can’t do much about it. But it still begs to question, Why does Charlotte want her? This storyline really reminds me of Oliver’s storyline has well, he fakes a lot of things just to be close to Kirsten. Is Charlotte a lesbian? What’s the case? The storyline didn’t really progress far tonight but it did solve the question that we’ve been asking for a week, Charlotte isn’t a good girl after all. All I can say is we will have to wait and see.

    Jimmy borrowing more money from people? I don’t know about you but I’m starting to despise Jimmy. He’s hurting the Coopers more than he’s helping. I really see Jimmy escaping Newport once again after he owes Don way too much money. Jimmy is obviously thinking that Caleb’s will, will pay back for ever but I’m sure that isn’t the case. In fact I think the will won’t even benefit to Julie, he might not had anything on it besides maybe a car. Jimmy’s going to pay and it won’t be pretty.

    Jimmy and Julie are getting re-married again, I wonder how long that will last. Honestly I don’t think they will even go on to do the wedding ceremony. Something’s going to happen, I think we all know that… Wait and… You know the rest.

    Anyone notice that Seth gave Taylor the middle finger at the carnival? I couldn’t stop laughing. If anyone didn’t notice, Seth was acting like he was scratching his head but he was really giving Taylor the finger, can’t believe it got passed the fcc

    Speaking about Seth, Seth is still not going no where this season. Have the O.C. writers have NOTHING for Seth Cohen? They got to give something to him before I start thinking he’s only on The O.C for the sarcastic humor. Which we haven’t seen this season.

  • Felt like season 1

    If this is really the shape of things to come than i can\'t wait for the rest of the season!
    It was trully a great episode, the end was very sad and to have the acoustic version of california at the end was an excellent choice! I hope next week is even better
  • What's going on? This all seems strangley familiar. It's like everyone got amnesia over the summer.

    So the new season of The O.C. is just starting, and I have to say, I am not impressed. It's like the 2nd season never happened. All the wonderful character developments over the last two years with Ryan, Marissa, Julie, and Jimmy all seem to have vanished. Didn't Julie make her peace with Ryan last season? I really loved the arc that Jimmy went through in the first season. Now he’s been back in town for like a month, and he’s having money problems AGAIN? Didn’t he learn anything? Like "Don’t let Julie hog all your cash"? Didn't Julie become wiser last season? Now suddenly she's all nasty again? And can't Ryan and Marissa catch a break? Apparently we're supposed to believe that all the Harbor School parents would sign a petition because she shot a guy who almost raped her and almost killed Ryan, even though these same parents wouldn't have lifted a finger to help out Trey anyway. And now everything Ryan’s done is for nothing, since the new Dean is determined to get him and Marissa expelled. It's like somebody’s plotting against them. I hope that’s what’s really going on: Someone behind the scenes is plotting against our characters by sending a Dean who will get Ryan & Marissa expelled, stuck Kirsten with 7 of 9 so she'll relapse and leave the Cohens Momless, keeping Caleb's "79 Swiss bank accounts" in limbo, and spiking Julie's wine so she'll be all greedy while making Jimmy go bankrupt again. I mean, come on! We've been down these roads before. It's like the writers have no material. They're just recycling season 1. I'm going to swear off watching this show for a couple of weeks and give the writers a chance to watch the season 2 DVD again. Then maybe they’ll have something new for us.
  • The O.C. is back, baby!

    The O.C. has done it again, in classic fashion. This episode is just an example of why this show can be so damn good. All the naysayers out there who looked at the second season and the first episode of this season as a sign that this show was falling -- hard -- should be shaken awake by this episode.

    Just when everything seems to be going well in Orange County, both Julie and Jimmy Cooper are shown to be not quite as sympathetic as the second season would have us believe, and several interesting new foils are brought into the picture. The episode ends in a classic O.C. eruption. Well worth sitting through the second season.
  • Great ending!

    This episode had a great ending! I loved it! The haunting version of California, Ryan's punch, and Taylor's schemeing cattyness is just to die for! The Dean storyline seemed ok as it was new! I can't wait for Kirsten to discuss her Rehab with her boys! Love it all! Slowish start but otehrwise great!
  • Exactly what i have been waiting for.

    Previous to this episode everything from summer\'s (not character) past is seemed to be behind them, but within the first 5 minutes we find out that Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood is endangered of being kicked out of school. This episode was very realistic and something important to lots of people. Being kicked out of your school senior year does not look all that get on any application, especially along with shooting someone. This episode was exactly what I wanted happen, something really important. When Marissa is told she has been kicked out of school, while Ryan has not, it brings your emotions to a new level. We are worried what is going to happen to Marissa both academically and socially. All of the characters deal with this differently. Summer believes that she must make up for Marissa being gone and stand up to Taylor Townsend, a girl who is convinced she is going to take over Marissa place at Harbor. Summer causes drama, and wins of course, adding some happiness to this episode. Seth did not really have a reaction except for being strong for his girlfriend. Ryan feels guilty and he and Marissa finally fight over the Trey incident. They make up and decide to go to the kick off carnival, and that is where the new dean of discipline arrives and decided to throw Marissa out of the carnival, when Dean Hess grabs Marissa\'s arm aggressively, Ryan defends his girlfriend by punching Dean Hess, bringing some of the old school O.C back. As Ryan and Marissa leave the carnival, Marissa stops and looks into the carnival through a chain linked fence looking extremely sad and Ryan comes towards her and buts is arm around her shoulder and guides away, by doing that we see the affection and love between the two characters that I have personally yet to see since they made up in season two. This episode was full of emotion and it was exactly what I have been waiting for.
  • Now it feels like the writers are actually writing again instead of trying to fill up 40 minutes of airtime.

    Probably one of the better episodes of The O.C. but what is up with that Dean guy at Harbor? We are actually talking about a guy that hates Ryan more than Julie and that's saying a lot. A brilliant show and that scene were they leave the carnival is a great shot, would be a great promo picture.

    All in all, great to see everything working again, writers, director and actors actually producing a good tv drama. Keep it up.
  • Ryan and Marrisa face being kicked out of harbour. Jimmy is still having money problems. Charlotte takes Kirsten to her "holiday home" which upsets Sandy. Seth and Summer clash with Taylor.

    This episode was good. i liked the version of Califonia at the end, and i thought it was a good ending to the show though i thought it was wierd that Marrisa was kicked out of the carnaval but anyway .... I don't know why Jimmy just doesnt tell Julie about his money problems because it seems like she seems to actually love him this time. I think seth and summer taking down Taylor was brill and very funny. Good episode!
  • Getting Better!!

    Episode 1 was awfull but hopefully this is the transition episode and all the episodes from now on will be amazing. Personally I thought the best part of the episode was when Ryan punched the dean at the end apart from that it was a tad boring in places, and still had the same vibe of despair as the 1st episode did.
  • What the hell is wrong with you people?!?!?!?

    It seems like the writers didn't do anything new in the new season. It realy goes in the toilet. It starts to look like an soap opera, but it's not funy like the soaps it's sad, because it started good but now it's total SCUM. The Story is the same, the characters too realy did the crew do something this year or just write something to fill 23-24 episodes with CRAP??!?!?!??!
  • Ryan and Marissa face being expelled from school.Originally ryan gets away with it but in an attemp to stop the new dean from hurtin marissa gets caught up. Kirsten is living with a friend away from suriak now much to sandys disappointment!

    Personally, this episode has made me love the O.C. more than I already do. The way Ryan walks off at the end of the episode really hits home to any viewer and makes you realise how right marissa and ryan are. It was an original idea and something that definately kept me on the edge of my seat. It has really re-kindled the finesse of the first series and anyone who thinks that this series is thus far a farce should ask themselves whether they are true OC fans
  • This episode was fantastic and it makes me loooooove the OC even more!

    This was a great epsiode! The soryline was fantastic and the whole problems with the school keep me wanting more! The OC is the best thing that ever came onto our TV screens and I dont know what I would do without it! I love it and am totally obsessed. This episode was FANTASTIC, and I look forward to the rest of the what will be awesome season!
  • I loved this episode!

    The title says it perfectly: this episode shapes up many things to come--both in the near future and all season.

    We have newpsie-in-training Taylor Townsend (waspy mcwasp) who is set on taking over Marissa's place as social chair, and has seemed to have made a new friend in the new dean of discipline Dean Hess, who also happens to have an inherent dislike for Marissa and Ryan. It all begs the question: "So is it good? know...the sex?"

    Creepy Kirsten-stalker Charlotte gets even creepier, influencing Kirsten to stay with her and not go home, making Sandy suspicious. And in a classic turn of events, Jimmy is trying to marry Julie for whaqt he hopes will be her money, but I have a strange feeling they're both about to be hugely disappointed. Just like I have a feeling that Charlotte is about to be disappointed when she can't get her grubby little paws on the newport group.

    But anyway, this was such a fun, exciting episode, and i TOTALLY did not see the ending coming....WOW. haha. the music this season has been incredible as well! I'm really enjoying that aspect of the show too.

    Finally, the music and cinematography said it all at the end of the episode, as a new slow version "california" is reprised and the camera frames Ryan and Marissa on the outside of the fence, as everyone watches. Classic.

    what are they thinking bringing that character \"Tylor\"?
    that a girl who played the smacked down by a teacher kiss-ass student from \"scary movie\" I would seem fit to be in this show?
    well she looks like thirty orsomething.
    not \"o.c like\". (terrible casting) hope its not too late for us and that we wont have to see her for the rest of the season.
    now, about the episode truly it was very non realistic since ryan and marissa are paralelling the storyline to introduce new characters in harbor union.
    its like in malibu beaches when there was an earthquake and both the schools were put together in the public school.
    however, \"|taylor\" is not the only poor casting choice for this season.
    the new dean...dont remember his name was on eyes last season and may i add not a great impression he left.
    all the other stuff that happned was usuall except gimmy who needs to either go away again, or stay and be a better actor.
    kirstin and whats her name... BAD dont like it dont want to wait a long time to see whoi the geri ryan character is.
    good ending.
    sad... I lOVE tO sEE tHE MArISSA cHARACTER cRY!!!

    HOpE fOR uS iT GeTS BETTeR... NoT DoWN tHE \"oNE TReE HIlL...\" (SUCKInG aS HeLL SHOw)a
  • this epiode was mostly about Ryan and Marissa getting kicked out from school

    i think this was one of the best O.C. epiode ever cos we she Summer in her dark side and we see Ryan hitting the school principle cos he was hurting Marissa. Kristen is living with a girl named Charlotte and they meet Sandy at her house but they have a fight.
  • Highlights all the Baddies of this season

    Can't wait to see what this Charlotte's agenda is.
    And TAylor is quite annoying and I hope Summer takes her DOWN big Style.
    Where did this Dean of Dicipline come out from?
    At least Ryan gave it to him good. Don't be touching my girl kinda thing. HAHAHA.

    The highlight was the Carnival, much to Taylor's dismay a success and Marissa turning up.
    Seth and Summer are hopeless as they get kicked out, but not before Ryan shows him where to go.
    They walk out and the theme song is played in some sort of acustic form.
    Don't mess with me and my girl. I was completely cracking up.

    The best: Ryan walking off and Marissa is still looking up and Seth and Summer.. and he comes back for her, taking her in his arms, you're with me.

    This show never fails.
  • Back to how things were

    Finally, the characters' pleas have been answered- things are back to how they were before! By that I mean we have a new Oliver in the devious Charlotte, who's clearly trying to Single White Female Kirsten's ass. Jimmy is also back and, surprise of all surprises, he's bankrupt and financially ruined again! This guy is clearly brain damaged because now he's in debt to the mob as well. And perhaps worse, he's tits deep in the clutches of Julie Cooper's soul sucking (and wallet draining) succubus wiles yet again. Have you learned NOTHING, Jimmy Cooper?

    Ryan and Marissa are on the rocks and facing social ostracization again, just like the good ol' times after Ryan burned down Caleb's mansion and Marissa OD'ed in Tiajuana. They're both expelled after Ryan punches the new dean square in his smug Chad face (and because Marissa shot Trey). Public schooling, here we coooome! The return to how things were will be complete if someone at the new school decks Ryan and says "Welcome to Newport Union, bitch". This better happen.

    And finally, some new villains! We meet Taylor Townsend, the annoying perky blonde Chihuahua who dominated your student government. She rats out Marissa to the smarmy new dean when Marissa shows at the school carnival. But for all her unbearable Tracy Flick ways, she's actually kinda likable. I smell a villain redemption arc this season! And of course, the smarmy new dean! God he's the worst. I can't wait for his certain downfall later in the season. I just hope we get some good confrontation between him and our favorite OC teenz in the process.

    So everyone is back to where they were at the beginning of Season 1. We even got a pretty good new version of the show's theme song, which is infinitely better with half the whine. Season 3 is off to a great start!
  • marissa gets kicked out of harbour high school and ryan doesn't want to leave it like that!Summer and seth want to kick taylor's ass,because she took over the social chair.Kirsten tells Sandy,that she is not planning on coming home and he is very sad.

    I found this episode good, it had emotional and a little boring moments( the whole Jimmy-money-problem)! The most exciting moment of the episode,was for me, when marissa is asked to leave the kick-off carnival and ryan punches mr. hess into the face. Marissa starts to cry and ryan is wondering how mr. hess will react and for my taste, he over-reacted! Ryan is so shocked and is still realising what he just done. After he's finished, ryan walks towards marissa and both walk "the walk of shame", while the whole school is watching. The acapella-version of "california" by Phantom Planet in the backround fits very well and underlines what just happened in the scene! It was very touching!!!
  • This Episode is exactly what i'm talking about!

    I omit the 1st episode of the 3rd season wasn't the best but this episode totally was what i was looking for especially at the end of the show when marissa goes to the social chair carnival then they get kicked out and Ryan brings his ols bad boy atitude back i hope season 3 brings these kinds of episodes to it after the baseball playoffs! And rather or not it comes back for a 4th season we will have to wait until next spring if it does it would go on syndication in the fall of 2007!
  • A really great episode of The O.C. that is given a better rating than what I should've given it because of the fantastic last 2 minutes.

    A really great episode of The O.C. that is given a better rating than what I should've given it because of the fantastic last 2 minutes. It wasn't that great actually, well I mean it was & it wasn't, some storylines in it were fantastic, others were weak. I REALLY loved the introduction of Taylor, I also was intrigued by the reunitation of Jimmy & Julie, the Kirsten / Charlotte storyline bored me & the Ryan / Marissa possibility of being expelled storyline could have been done better. I don't know why, but I LOVE Dean Hess & Taylor, they are so cool but mean, it's hard to explain!
  • The O.C.'s second episode

    JIMMY COOPER, the man who is totally unable to understand that speculating on stock exchange isn't really his thing.
    I've got to admit it. In the first season I sympathized with Mr. Cooper. I thought he was such a good guy whose only faults were:
    - to be a little unlucky.
    - to be married to a witch named Julie.
    Actually I change my mind because I can't believe after one year we're all over again! Okay, I know it's all writers' fault but I can't stand this character anyway. :D

    Kirsten's friend, CHARLOTTE, the most plastic face in Newport Beach.
    I mean, she is always creepier! I'm not fond of this new character at all. I don't think Charlotte could split up Sandy and Kirsten's bond and I've not understood yet what she wants from Kirsten; but I guess that sometimes it's better not knowing. LOL. :D

    DEAN HESS, the worst Arnold Schwarzenegger's imitation ever. I don't think his hostility toward Ryan (and Marissa) is such a realistic storyline: he has been in the O.C. for like one minute and he definitely hates Ryan more than Julie Cooper? :D It's kind of weird!

    TAYLOR, the "wannabe Marissa". She seems a frantic and annoying brat, but maybe it's just a wrong impression.

    Well, I've to say that the last minutes of the episode were pretty sad; I liked a lot the song "California" (a cappella) when Marissa and Ryan had to get out of the school party.
    Definitely, without drama it wouldn't be the O.C. :D

    Last but not least... THE FABULOUS FOUR.
    Summer and Seth are still pure fun but I hope there are nice storylines in store for both of them.
    Marissa seems finally grown up. Will it last? :D
    By the way, I was surprised how she faced Dean Hess. I could bet that Ryan would have punched the new Dean. Well, I guess, the old good "Chino's guy" is back in town. And maybe he has never left. :D
  • Nothing new

    The O.C. is really going down hill and fast too. The only thing that makes me want to watch the next episode is what Ryan and Marissa going to do now that they are kicked out of school which isn\'t that exciting. I really doubt that I will be watching The O.C. after a couple of more episodes. Unless ofcourse they do something new and original.
  • Ending sets up what may happen this season.

    A good episode that sets the stage for the rest of the season. The introduction of two new characters, the annoying Taylor Townsend and the loathsome Dean Jack Hess, are clearly to be the villans of this season whom expect to cause a lot of trouble for Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer in the comming months. More about Charlotte Morgan's character is reveals, but still does not answer the question what she has in store for Kirsten. Jimmy is still in financial trouble and a shady businessman, named Don, could spell trouble. Can't wait for the next one to air.
  • A significant improvement on the first episode of the season!

    So, following the season's premiere, I really wasn't holding out for much, which was why I was pleasantly surprised by this episode.

    There were some great moments, and some brilliant lines. The twists were great too, with the subject of expulsion.

    It seems TPTB don't want us to know yet whether Jimmi really does love his familiy, or whether he's just in monetary debt and so back for the money alone. Well, this will certainly prove interesting (though they made the point about his debt a little too often - yeah, we all know he's in financial trouble already!)

    A great bit of humour involving the fair, and the bitchy organiser. Summer's intervention was pretty much obvious, and her new plans predictable, but still fun.

    Glad to see everyone is happy, though how much longer will it really last?

    And of course, the end, Ryan is the usual fool and get's himself expelled...Interesting to see the previews for next week focus on Marissa's expulsion not Ryan's though.
  • Well i guess they are just running out of ideas.

    Yeah, the script and the acting was pretty good with Sandy as always pulling everything together.. Definately felt that things leading towards an erruption but, i mean, haven't they done the "Stupid Ryan" thing just a little to much.. surely nobody could be that stupid!! And do they really think that we are going to fall for this little "girl girl action in the cabin" thing. Really starting to reach!! But hey, i guess it is still pretty entertaining. The music at the end was a pretty nice addition, kind of like the bummer re-mix in Team America. Looking forward to the next one! Have a nice day!
  • We learn that Marissa and Ryan are kicked out of school. Also the mother leaves rehab to be with the strange woman.

    Someone asked a very good question: Why do I still watch this show? Now Jimmy is even going back to his stupid money dwindling ways.... I mean... why do writers really have to make characters the same? And as for that guy who had Marissa and Ryan expelled... what's his problem? Was he a nerd in high school who got teased a lot by girls like Marissa or what? Whatever.... this show is really going to the toilet.
  • Better then the season premiere, but it's still pretty bad.

    The season premier was a major dissapointment, and this episode isn't much better. What happened to the great writing and acting of the previous OC seasons? This episode is based on (yet more) bad decisions by the characters, blatently obvious and badly done foreshadowing, and the characters' attempts to begin the downfall of other characters. The show's writers need to get their act together and bring the show back to it's old glory, and fast.
  • And now we're back in the game, just like season one.

    This episode reminded me of season 1, when Ryan was protecting Marissa at all costs and wasn't afraid of punching anyone. Gosh, I loved that punch!
    Seth and Summer are showing they're still solid and happy, well, at least someone has to be! Since not even Kirsten is going back home. And what's up with taht friend of hers? I didn't like her in the first episode and I hate her right now. I dunno why, but I think she's not gonna let Kirsten go back home. This woman is very very weird.
    As for Ryan and Marissa, tahe finally had their first fight, but I think there's more to this. And now they're probably attending the same school, new friends... I smell trouble coming.
    All I can say is that this season already seems better than the last one.
  • This episode has made me love this series again.

    A bit slow to pick up, but the ending was one of the best, and leaves you on a cliffhanger for next week. It has the same kind of feel as early season 1. I cant wait to see how this season unfolds, and does anyone know if there is going to be a forth season
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