The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shape of Things to Come

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • The O.C.'s second episode

    JIMMY COOPER, the man who is totally unable to understand that speculating on stock exchange isn't really his thing.
    I've got to admit it. In the first season I sympathized with Mr. Cooper. I thought he was such a good guy whose only faults were:
    - to be a little unlucky.
    - to be married to a witch named Julie.
    Actually I change my mind because I can't believe after one year we're all over again! Okay, I know it's all writers' fault but I can't stand this character anyway. :D

    Kirsten's friend, CHARLOTTE, the most plastic face in Newport Beach.
    I mean, she is always creepier! I'm not fond of this new character at all. I don't think Charlotte could split up Sandy and Kirsten's bond and I've not understood yet what she wants from Kirsten; but I guess that sometimes it's better not knowing. LOL. :D

    DEAN HESS, the worst Arnold Schwarzenegger's imitation ever. I don't think his hostility toward Ryan (and Marissa) is such a realistic storyline: he has been in the O.C. for like one minute and he definitely hates Ryan more than Julie Cooper? :D It's kind of weird!

    TAYLOR, the "wannabe Marissa". She seems a frantic and annoying brat, but maybe it's just a wrong impression.

    Well, I've to say that the last minutes of the episode were pretty sad; I liked a lot the song "California" (a cappella) when Marissa and Ryan had to get out of the school party.
    Definitely, without drama it wouldn't be the O.C. :D

    Last but not least... THE FABULOUS FOUR.
    Summer and Seth are still pure fun but I hope there are nice storylines in store for both of them.
    Marissa seems finally grown up. Will it last? :D
    By the way, I was surprised how she faced Dean Hess. I could bet that Ryan would have punched the new Dean. Well, I guess, the old good "Chino's guy" is back in town. And maybe he has never left. :D