The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 22

The Showdown

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 05, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc julie is handed dovorce papers from calob and kirsten gets into a car crash after drinking way to much and she gets sent to the hospital and they realize how bad the drinking has gotten and marrisa is still dealing with the almost being raped by trey on the beach and were she hit him in the head and seth and zack are battling for her affection this was a good ep i thougt and it was very interesting and why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower since it was that good
  • The O.C. seems to need to end every season with a car crash.

    Once again a plethora of things are happening; Kirsten finally comes out clean to Sandy, and gets in a huge car accident while Julie's little short lived romance with Lance has caught Caleb's eyes. Meanwhile Trey's little assault is starting to catch Ryan's suspicion, and Zach and Seth get in a huge geek brawl at the comic book store. Once again like last episode, this episode is just a bit too mellow. Too much drama being fired on all fronts and storylines, though it has a bit more comic relief this episode with the Seth situation in particular, like how he ordered the comic book club to spy on Summer and Zach. Still though, as great this episode is, it would have been better if there just wasn't so much sorrow in one episode.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Seth and Zach declare war when they compete against each other for Summer's affections. Meanwhile, Marissa is still reeling from being nearly raped by Trey, and refuses to confide in Ryan about the incident. Sandy confronts Kirsten when her drinking problem becomes very apparent. Also, Caleb hands divorce papers to Julie.

    - Alex
  • An episode of The O.C. that while uses recycled storylines, becomes an original classic!

    An episode of The O.C. that while uses recycled storylines, becomes an original classic! I really, really enjoyed the summerachereth love triangle & I loved Sandy's confontation about Kirsten's drinking. The end was powerfully done & I really enjoy that Kirsten has a big storyline. This episode in a way felt similar to The Blaze of Glory, I think it is because they both have a certain Season 1 feel with new spices added! Overall a great episode that's not the best of Season 2 & definately not the worst (cough* firt half!) of Season 2, definately something I could watch again & again & again. Did I mention how funny Seth was spying on Zach & Summer? Oh & Marrisa's reaction to her rape was well-written & really drew me in! The one annoying part of this episode was how quickly Zach & Summer got back together!
  • why Kirsten? why?

    so seth and Summer had another big fight and Zach tries again?. dam Zach.. Summer and Seth r like ment to be together.. hope they will give another shot.. Reed is like really B****.. i mean.. who cares her business.. she manipulates 2 like 17 year old guys.. what else?

    and Trey.. he even tried to apologize infront of Merissa?.. he really thought she's gonna forgive him?.. seems like Ryan got something.. and Merissa is going to tell Ryan everything.. and then brothers r going to have another fight.. good luck to them

    but the main story was Sandy and Kirsten.. so Sandy found about Kristens drinking problems.. at least he understood her and tried to forgive her.. acutally there was nothing to forgive.. except that Carter thing.. and like i'm so sad Kirsten crashed with her car.. it was like so sad moment.. hope she's fine..
  • WOW

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  • Great end. just hate the wait for the next episode.

    Some clever acting and a good storyline. For me the symbolism at the beggining of the episode when Kirsten has her glass of wine and we are used to seeing her drink from it. Instead here she puts the glass down. For a split second you wonder if this marks a change for her but it only leads up to the downwards spiral of her life under the company of Vodka. For me, I also enjoy the plotting scheming side of Caleb and his seeming enjoyment at playing the game of "divorce". Nice touch was telling her as well as all that she was fired. Great!
  • Marissa suffering from the trauma of Trey’s attack but conceals it from Ryan, Julie and Caleb break up and Kirsten continues her spiral into a vodka bottle Summer seeks revenge on Seth and Zach wants to quit the comic forcing Seth to conspire with Reed.

    At times an ensemble show like THE O.C. presents an episode which while unpleasant is necessary to advance the storyline of the series. "The Showdown" is one of these episodes. Last week Trey’s attempted rape Marissa was shocking but it lasted only a few moments. This week we see the aftereffect of Trey's actions on Marissa, Ryan and their relationship. Marissa suffering from “post traumatic stress” can't get the image of Trey out of her mind and Ryan, clueless, assumes that Marissa had again failed to be true to him. If this doesn't seem like Ryan CONSIDER THIS: Ryan spent the first season rescuing Marissa from various predicaments. When she OD in a Tijuana alley Ryan found her and carried her to safety. When Julie commits her to a mental institution Ryan breaks her out. Marissa befriends Oliver who turns out to be psychotic so Ryan faces down Oliver and a gun to rescue her. All these incidents required action and Ryan is well equipped to provide it. However, recovery from the trauma of a sexual attack requires understanding and patience two things, which Ryan is ill equipped to provide. His feelings of betrayal are understandable considering his past relations with Marissa but not what she needs in her condition.

    In contrast Seth and Summer provide comic relief with their latest antics. In her heart Summer rejects the idea of being with the nerdy geek that is Seth Cohen. Rich, pampered and totally self-involved, Summer is more a candidate for student office or the girl friend of a senior jock than Seth or even Zach. Seth cannot be anything but Seth and Summer must have some form of self hatred to allow herself to be seen with him let alone be his girl friend, As for Zach he finally reveals himself in this episode when he says to Seth, "Wake up I'm a water polo player. We're never nice guys.” The scene at the comic launch with Summer posing as "Little Miss Vixen
  • A good way of building suspense for the approaching season final...

    In this episode there is simply a lot going on. It is near the end of the season and story lines are about the climax. Kirsten has had her drinking problem shown on screen but never acknowledged within the program for sometime now and it feels rewarding that the wait is almost over for this plot to explode.
    Both the teenagers and parents alike suffer from disfunctional relationships. Marissa cannot cope with a relationship with Ryan as, "too much has happened", when she looks at Ryan she sees Trey. In the episode this was done very well and allowed the audience to sense the intensity of the situation. She still loves Ryan but at least for a further episode, they are tactfully prevented from being together.
    Meanwhile, Summer has Zach and Seth fighting over her. This provides needed comic relief alongside the dark story of the attempted rape. Seth was particularly amusing.
    In the adult world Julie is faced with a divorce and you cannot help feeling sympathy for her, even if in the past she slept with her daughter's boyfriend...sorry, "ex" boyfriend.
    I enjoyed this episode for the drama and the suspense it successfully managed to build up ready for next week.
  • What a clifhanger

    Jess: There's not many girl that wouldn't mind u ringing another girl but is always up for round 2
    Jess: Look like your not the only one that's into brothers

    These two lines were the best in the episoide, i really like how they introduced Jess into the OC, i think she's a great chacter and Trey, what wrong with u?, she offering no-string attached inter-course with you and u say no. Over last 2 episoide i couldn't get a good read of this chacter until i watch this episoide, i love the way she went after Ryan, that was so funny. Also she a hottie.

    Marrisa, i really actually feel bad for her, it must be difficult, i really liked the fact they made Trey and Ryan to look similar when Ryan and Marrisa were making out. Still seeing her cry is quite awful, i can't stand that. Trey should given her a few weeks.

    Julie, she never has much luck with men does she? , i really liked how Celab knew all of Julie's little secrets and i think she has no choice, in fact unless Jimmy comes back the writer will have to get rid of Julie which does seem unlikely.

    Kirsten's drinking problem, it was obvious she had one, she's been getting drunk quite a lot in the past episoide but i can't believe she would drink & drive, brillant clifhanger. i really feel bad for Sandy because he knew she had a drinking problem but didn't know how to solve it. guess re-hab next, i wonder how Seth will react.

    i wonder what Ryan was thinking at the end of this episoide.