The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 12

The Sister Act

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

It's winter break and Kaitlin Cooper has returned home from her Montecito boarding school.

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  • Kaitlin returns with trouble just behind her!

    This episode was ok. After the last episode being so good i was expecting more in this episode. Johnny once again was in it quite abit, and he was even more annoying. if him and Kaitlin get together it is very stupid. i found Kaitlin very boring and kina annoying. ryan annoyed me aswell.

    the only saving grace was Seth and summer dealing with taylor and her mom that was funny.

    Overall it was ok and a disapointment, i hope it picks up again.moreless
  • Rebounding sisters, thieves, and a whole lot of hilarity. Yep, definitely Orange County.

    Although Marissa's little ordeal is over and done with, the Coopers are looking in even more trouble with Caitlin. The re-introduction of a now more mature Caitlin Cooper was one of the better introductions in this series as he quickly shows off how much she has changed. This whole episode was almost like that movie Hero starring Jet Li; at first only lies are told, but the truth slowly unfolds and what we get is a strong message in the end. Not to mention Caitlin's acting was fabulous, along with Marissa's. In addition, what's even more rewarding is that there are so many parallels, almost easter eggs, scattered throughout the show, such as rebounding sisters, such as Jimmy Cooper dating Kirsten and then going after her sister Hailey, and now Johnny with Marissa and Caitlin. Gives this whole show pretty damn good re-watching value.moreless
  • The OC. Episode 12

    Matters of fact.

    1. Little Coop is back in town and it turns out that riding ponies isn’t her favorite hobby anymore. Anyway, she totally reminds me of Julie. Of course during her glorious b!tch days in the first season.

    2. Johnny appears always more suffering and paler. Besides his storyline is verging on the ridiculous. Probabily the only response is him emigrating to Antarctic.

    3. Mrs. Cooper Nichol is definitely softening: she doesn’t seem even interested in Neil’s money. Will she become Kirsten Two - The Revenge?

    4. Seth’s plans never fail. LOL

    5. Ryan’s line “I know what it’s like to fall for a Cooper girl.” was so sweet. Poor Chino Kid. Considering what he has been through since he arrived in Newport Beach, maybe he would have been better off if he had stayed in Chino. :D

    6. When Taylor was borderline delirious about becoming Summer’s sister, her squeals were almost creepy.

    7. Neil and Taylor’s mom would have been a weird couple. However, if they’re already done, at least I expect NO Mrs. Iceberg’s machiavellian actions for a long, long time.

    8. Bye-bye Chanel. Marissa is definitely getting used to thrift stores. When she told Kaitlin vintage was in, that was kind of hilarious.moreless
  • Kaitlin's back...

    So this was a very good episode. I mainly liked it because kaitlin returned. She really changed since we last saw her, i really liked her new attitude too. She was sort of like the Rachel Gatina of the west coast or as Marissa likes to call some of her family members...The wicked witch -- wait no The wicked b!tch of the west coast. She definitely caused a lot of drama while she was in newport, but i somehow blame her for what happened to Johnny. She didnt even try to stop Johnny when he went overboard on the drinking. So i do somehow blame her.moreless
  • Kaitlan cooper returns.

    Kaitlan Cooper returns and she is all grown up. This episode is very much about kaitlan as she trys to hide the fact that she stole money from her boy friends brother to get to newport. She lies and lies to cover her tracks but Marissa and her Ryan finally catch her out and confront her it turns out she just wanted to come home because she missed her family her and marissa make up. also in this episode Veronica and Neil go on a date after kirsten was black mailed into it Julie gets jealous and ends up getting a dinner date with Neil.moreless
Jackson Rathbone

Jackson Rathbone


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Scott Seymour

Scott Seymour


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Paula Trickey

Paula Trickey

Veronica Townsend

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Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis

Dennis "Chili" Childress

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Ryan Donowho

Ryan Donowho

Johnny Harper

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Kaitlin: (to Marissa about Johnny & Chili) So, which one's Johnny? Perfect bone structure or Carrot Top?

    • Seth: Ryan, don't you see?
      Ryan: Not so much.
      Seth: Things are going way too well around here.
      Ryan: What?
      Seth: Marissa got back into Harbor, you guys seem to have resolved your surftastic love triangle, my girlfriend got a near perfect score on her SATs, but we've never been happier.
      Ryan: Seth it's senior year, it's, it's supposed to be the best year ever.
      Seth: No, you should know better, everytime things are going too well around here it's when doom comes knockin'
      Ryan: Doom?
      Seth: Aah knockin'(Doorbell Rings)... or aah ringin'. Right on time. Don't answer it, it's probably a flaming bag of crap.

    • Summer: Hey guys, good morning! (to Seth) Ready to go? It's the third day of the Pride and Prejudice mini series in English class!
      Seth: Summer, the show you're about to see has all the makings of a classic Jane Austen novel. You've got sisters, lies, and bosoms.

    • Kaitlin: So, I show up at my house to surprise my mom and this Persian dude answers the door.
      Ryan: I'm sorry?
      Kaitlin: I figured he was the new butler. But, then I saw his shoes – Prada. I thought, maybe he's my new stepdad? And I was about to like, hug him, and then his wife shows up. And no matter how rich the guy is, my mother would never join a harem.
      Ryan: Uh, I don't think….
      Kaitlin: So I was like, Persian dude, what are you doing at my house? And where is my mother? And he was all like, who's your mother? So I told him. And he tells me that my mother moved and that all the mail is being forwarded here.
      Ryan: Uh, I think that you may have…
      Kaitlin: Are you gonna invite me in or what? Jeeze Ryan. I see Newport hasn't improved your manners at all.
      Ryan: Oh my god…

    • Seth: Oh my God, Kaitlin Cooper?
      Kaitlin: Weird kid neighbour... hi.

    • Kaitlin: Gus, I'm sorry! My mom said I can't open the door for you again! Even if you actually have candy!

    • Summer: Late night last night?
      Neil: Actually, I wanted to tell you I went on a date.
      Summer: With Veronica Townsend?
      Neil: How'd you know?
      Summer: Word gets around when Orange County's Cruella nabs her next puppy.

    • Marissa: Hey, guys! Good morning.
      Seth: Hey, I love how people just come in now. No more of that useless back and forth through the front door.

    • Summer: Um, who let you in?
      Taylor: I speak fluent housekeeper.

    • Summer: I had three messages from Taylor this morning.
      Seth: I told you, she has abused puppy syndrome. If you show her the tiniest bit of affection, she's gonna follow you around for the rest of your life.

    • Sandy: You know Veronica Townsend?
      Neil: Do I know Veronica Townsend? Sandy, I know every former A-cup in this town.

    • Sandy: We can't give in to threats like that. We don't negotiate with the Newpsies.

    • Seth: Are you talking about Kaitlin's transformation from horsy-tweener to lanky-limb jailbait?

    • Sandy: Oh, Julie wants us to wait till she gets here before we tell Kaitlin --
      Seth: That her family's a prime candidate for Pimp My Double-wide?

    • Seth: Mini Coop ain't so mini anymore.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Willa Holland is the new actress that plays the role of Kaitlin. Shailene Woodley plays the part on season 1.

    • Originally titled "The Other Sister"

    • Music:
      "Shuffle Your Feet" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
      "Time Bomb" by Goldspot
      "A Boy Brushed Red ... Living In Black And White" by Underoath
      "Sail Into The Sun" by The Funky Lowlives
      "Back To Ours" by APM
      "Sour Milk" by Phontaine
      "Retreat" by The Rakes
      "All My Life" by DJ Harry
      "Winter" by Bebel Gilberto


    • Summer: Word gets around when Orange County's Cruella nabs her next puppy.
      She is, of course, referring to Cruella Deville from Disney's 101 Dalmatians.

    • Seth: That her family's a prime candidate for Pimp My Double-wide?

      Seth is, of course, referring to MTV's series Pimp My Ride where the West Coast Customs' garage takes worthless cars and tricks them out.