The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 12

The Sister Act

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Kaitlin returns with trouble just behind her!

    This episode was ok. After the last episode being so good i was expecting more in this episode. Johnny once again was in it quite abit, and he was even more annoying. if him and Kaitlin get together it is very stupid. i found Kaitlin very boring and kina annoying. ryan annoyed me aswell.
    the only saving grace was Seth and summer dealing with taylor and her mom that was funny.
    Overall it was ok and a disapointment, i hope it picks up again.
  • Rebounding sisters, thieves, and a whole lot of hilarity. Yep, definitely Orange County.

    Although Marissa's little ordeal is over and done with, the Coopers are looking in even more trouble with Caitlin. The re-introduction of a now more mature Caitlin Cooper was one of the better introductions in this series as he quickly shows off how much she has changed. This whole episode was almost like that movie Hero starring Jet Li; at first only lies are told, but the truth slowly unfolds and what we get is a strong message in the end. Not to mention Caitlin's acting was fabulous, along with Marissa's. In addition, what's even more rewarding is that there are so many parallels, almost easter eggs, scattered throughout the show, such as rebounding sisters, such as Jimmy Cooper dating Kirsten and then going after her sister Hailey, and now Johnny with Marissa and Caitlin. Gives this whole show pretty damn good re-watching value.
  • The OC. Episode 12

    Matters of fact.
    1. Little Coop is back in town and it turns out that riding ponies isn’t her favorite hobby anymore. Anyway, she totally reminds me of Julie. Of course during her glorious b!tch days in the first season.
    2. Johnny appears always more suffering and paler. Besides his storyline is verging on the ridiculous. Probabily the only response is him emigrating to Antarctic.
    3. Mrs. Cooper Nichol is definitely softening: she doesn’t seem even interested in Neil’s money. Will she become Kirsten Two - The Revenge?
    4. Seth’s plans never fail. LOL
    5. Ryan’s line “I know what it’s like to fall for a Cooper girl.” was so sweet. Poor Chino Kid. Considering what he has been through since he arrived in Newport Beach, maybe he would have been better off if he had stayed in Chino. :D
    6. When Taylor was borderline delirious about becoming Summer’s sister, her squeals were almost creepy.
    7. Neil and Taylor’s mom would have been a weird couple. However, if they’re already done, at least I expect NO Mrs. Iceberg’s machiavellian actions for a long, long time.
    8. Bye-bye Chanel. Marissa is definitely getting used to thrift stores. When she told Kaitlin vintage was in, that was kind of hilarious.
  • Kaitlin's back...

    So this was a very good episode. I mainly liked it because kaitlin returned. She really changed since we last saw her, i really liked her new attitude too. She was sort of like the Rachel Gatina of the west coast or as Marissa likes to call some of her family members...The wicked witch -- wait no The wicked b!tch of the west coast. She definitely caused a lot of drama while she was in newport, but i somehow blame her for what happened to Johnny. She didnt even try to stop Johnny when he went overboard on the drinking. So i do somehow blame her.
  • Kaitlan cooper returns.

    Kaitlan Cooper returns and she is all grown up. This episode is very much about kaitlan as she trys to hide the fact that she stole money from her boy friends brother to get to newport. She lies and lies to cover her tracks but Marissa and her Ryan finally catch her out and confront her it turns out she just wanted to come home because she missed her family her and marissa make up. also in this episode Veronica and Neil go on a date after kirsten was black mailed into it Julie gets jealous and ends up getting a dinner date with Neil.
  • wow

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  • Kaitlin cooper returns to the oc new and improved and ready for some action...

    This episode was awesome i liked it because kaitlin was all bad and not goody goody like she was in season 1 but its kind of odd how a person can go from 11 to 14 in less than 2 years i guess thats all part of a good tv show kaitlin made her mark on newport this season and hopefull she will in season 4 too but i think she wont be as much as a bad girl since all the drama that happened in season 3 like what happened after johhny died so hopefully she will be more good in season 4
  • Someone from Marissa's and Julie's past returns and she brings with her a whole load of secrets and trouble. Meanwhile Julie finally admits her feelings for Dr Neil Roberts to Kirsten.

    I really like this episode especially the way that Kaitlin appeared talking about persian dude and Julie not joining a haram. lol that made me laugh.Also the way she went about meeting Marissa lol also Julie finally admiting her feelings fo Neil Roberts it's about time she had some happiness since Jimmy left and Caleb died. Seth and Ryan the look on their faces when they figured out it was Kaitlin and she reffered to Seth as " weired neighbour kid" This is exactly why i watch The OC because they introduced an old chracter but made her more mature it was very intresting to see another Cooper manipulate her way around Ryan so he could save her.
  • Great episode ;)!

    This is one of the better 'The OC' episodes.
    It was great to see Kaitlin Cooper back, she's a great (and very secretive.. there's more to her than meets the eye =P) character.
    Again, the episode was well written, i always enjoy a few good jokes in amongst a good episode, and this episode is a good example =)!
    For those who missed the episode, find out when it will be repeated! lol.
    Will definitely stay tuned for the rest of the series, i see it going somewhere (which, for most shows, i don't).
    Also, i think Kaitlin Cooper will probably be returning quite regularly (once or twice a season) from now on.. don't you think?
  • Marissa's sister, Caitlin, comes back to Newport...and then come the storms and scandals!

    I absolutely love this episode! im an oc fanatic and i musst admit that the second season didnt serve well compred to the first one...but i continued to watch...and i must say now...he oc is BACK!! the conniving not-so-mini coop and the whole scandal with her and johnny...lovin\' it!! and seth and summer are just so hilarious together...opposites attract huh? they just make the show what it is...\'genital warts!\' haha!!

    Summer: im sorry cohen! i didnt *mean* to hit you.
    Seth: yea...i was just wondering how your hand collided with my face..

    and now neil and julie?...steam-y!!

    this ep is exatcly why i watch this series...
  • Taylor speaks fluent housekeeper, and Kaitlin Copper surfaces in The OC

    I'm gonna say it, Kaitlin Cooper rocks! Willa's acting only needs a bit improvement, but she works well with the cast, especially in her scenes with Ben.

    I actually wasn't annoyed to death of Johnny. He wasnt, for once, shoved down our throats, and he didn't act as dead and wood-like as he normally does.

    Sethummer + Kandy is totally the new Cohen+1, and it works so well. Genital Warts.. lol. That could've been a perfect time for Summer to use her long absent phrase, "ew".

    Taylor, always enjoyable.

    The Cooper reunion was sweet, but i'm glad it didnt completely suck up the whole episode. That's kind of what made this episode good, there was flow. The balance wasn't completely off, and I found myself very interested from the start.

    One negative comment, the ending sucked, it was just so out of the blue, and it was Johnny.. enough said.

    Next Week: oh Seth smokes! I can understand because it's Seth Cohen, but seriously, who makes a big deal out of pot anymore? Lame.
  • Mini coop is back and she's not so mini.

    Kaitlin returns with a short skirt and low top to prove that she has grown up.

    Kaitlin is definitely not the pony loving 11 year old she used to be. She has her eye on Jonny and by jumping into the sea when he stops the car she lets him know that she likes him.

    Progression in the Veronica/Julie/Neil love triangle. With the outcome being that Neil has supposed 'genital warts' and Veronica runs away in terror.
  • Another Great episode of The OC, and with a new character!

    Good to see mini coop back in Newport and Leads to some very interesting plots. another good example of entertaining OC, and getting away from a few poor episodes. Even after the weak start to the season they bring it back up and lead into classic OC from this episode on!!!
  • wow

    willa holland is HOT, wow, omg she does not look 14 at all, geez wow umm i forgot how the episode went damn, wooo, ummm let me think damn she hot, thats pretty much it was good episode summer is always gorgeous so theres not much to say ok rd
  • Great idea to bring Mini coop back.

    This was one of the best episodes in the whole season... possibly the best in the whole series... except for the season 2 finale, that blew me away. They changed the person playing Kaitlin, and I like the change, because this change is more... mature. Anyways, great episode and I hope to see more episodes like this one.
  • Mini-coop pulls in, takes her top down.

    After a long absence, mini-cooper, Marisa's lil sis returns to the O.C. Other than the fact that she looks nothing like the girl in the first season, she breathes some new life into the o.c. Ryan has chilled out too much now and taylor has become a softie, so we need a new crazy person to create some much needed DRAMA. speaking of drama, we have the formation of a new love triangle headed by Julie cooper who has produced some good drama in the past, though has been kinda lackluster herself recently and involving Taylor's mom, the megabitch. Also, taylor is mad amusing in this episode, hope she keeps up the friendly to the point of annoying thing.
  • Mini Cooper revs into The O.C. Veronica/Julie/Neil love triangle begins... Taylor begins to annoy Summer and secrets begin to pop out on Mini-Coop.

    The O.C.'s second half of Season 3 is shaping up to be great especially with the addition of Kaitlin Cooper. I loved her entrance when Seth said that she grew boobs. Her storylines are kinda interesting... cant wait when she offers Seth some pot.

    I really dont like Johnny- he is one of the reasons people are turning off from the show and I cant wait when he leaves. Julie was great as per usual and her look when she saw Veronica and Neil together was priceless.

    I also adored Taylor- how she thought of Summer as her sister! Overall a great episode to introduce Mini-Coop (lol "Mini Coop not so mini") and it's gonna be a great season!

    Episode Grade- B+.
  • The Bitch Is Back!!!

    No, not Heather Locklear from "Melrose Place" (although it wouldn't hurt to see her grace her presence in Orange County) but instead Kaitlin Cooper. She's all grown up and a femme fatale in training. She reminds me of how manipulative Julie Cooper-Nichol once was in the beginning of season one. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, huh? But the episode was indeed a better (and much needed) attempt to give the series the juice it badly needed.

    I wish they would just write off Johnny already. He is truly a boring character. He always somehow manages to cheat getting wrote off the show. 1) girlfriend dumps, 2) getting ran over, 3) Marissa shooting down his advances, 4) Marissa wanting to return to Harbor and now the writers are trying to pair him up with Kaitlin. Let him go out gracefully. Bring back Anna from season one!!!

    Also I agree with the couples (Sandy & Kirsten/Seth & Summer) are getting a little boring.

    Overall, I'm glad that the once ignored Kaitlin has returned.
  • Thank god we're seeing a real shift in plot this season, and defending kaitlin's honour..

    Well, the best thing about this sister addition is that maybe it will show a PERMANENT plot shift in the OC. do you hear me writers?? Let's think about this...the first season had anna and luke, two OTHER people BESIDES the fab 4 who actually had a purpose, especially anna. last year the writers fell into the trap of introducing new characters only as love interests to "mess up" the "real" couples. of course, these characters were shallowly made and of course we hated them. they were meant to be disposed with.

    taylor's cool but still not important enough to really care about what she does. maybe that's where katilin will come in?

    i just miss the days of anna...where it wasn't automatically like "seth and summer together forever!" some people actually rooted for her. now all the extra characters just suck. it's true.

    also, for the person complaining about kaitlin's age, look up actress willa holland. oh she's 14 alright!
  • i loved it!

    katlin "not so mini anymore" cooper was great, i really thought this actress wouldnt do so well, but she has brought a little more excitement to the next few episodes, she's gonna start fights and cause a ton of drama. i absolutly loved it, i cant wait until the summer when they show repeats so i can see it again before i get it on dvd.....

    Other than katlin i loved how julie was showing a little more emotion being jealous of taylors mom.

    One of my favorite scenes is when seth and summer are sitting in her house talking about her dad and taylor's mom going on a date. Taylor came in all excited and they are just like who let you in?? and she says i speak housekeeper, that is definately on of my absolute favorite lines in the movie. i also loved when seth and summer are trying to plan how to break up ms townsend and dr roberts, and when they first show them shes just like forget it cohen we are not telling her my dad has that.
  • Kaitlin Cooper is a really great mean girl!

    This episode was better than the previous one and actually because of Kaitlin Cooper, Marissa's young sister.

    Despite the fact she was there, nothing happened in "the sister act", Veronica Townsend (miss swan) is a good machiavellian mother but the story between her and doc Roberts was not so good. He liked Julie huh? so why does he hang out with "miss bistoury"??

    Summer and Seth are really annoying... nothing never happens between them, hey they are a couple! not just friends, I'd like to say: The oc is one of the show where there are the less sex scenes... and I am not a kind of perverse but come on ! they have 18 ok! we are not in 7th heaven. Fair enough... Marissa and Ryan, do they have a sex life?

    Anyway... where is the perfect couple? I mean Sandy and Kirsten? it's boring... I know I use to say that but "nothing happens....".

    There was just the perfect Kaitlin Cooper in that episode, I love herrrrrrrrrr, I hope that she soon will be credited on the show as a regular! ^^
  • It's winter break and Kaitlin Cooper has returned home from her Montecito boarding school. True to Cooper blood, she is not alone and also brings in trouble. Kirsten sets up Neil and Veronica on a date after Veronica threatens to jeopardise merissa's Extr

    Kaitlin Cooper is definitely cute, but they should have atleast some character that could get away with 14 years of age. Also Kaitlin Cooper seems to be the character they have added to add more libido into the show and get some negative character to get the Cooper's into trouble as they have managed to stay out of it for so long now. Also i feel really sorry for Taylor. She seems to be a nice girl but somehow manages to be be ridiculed by all especially Seth and Summer. Adam Brody's was as usual top notch comedy with his spot on one liners.
  • Marissa\'s younger sister comes home from bording school. But Kaitlin has a seceret past no one in The O.C. knows about.

    I thought this episode was awesome. For first time you finally get to know Kaitlin Cooper and we find out she has left some dark secerets behind her at bording school. The girl who played the part of Kaitlin was great! She really brought out the mysterious side of Kaitlin.
  • best yet in season 3.

    i'm a huge fan of the OC, and i'll admit, the 3rd season hasn't been as great as the past 2. but this episode was by far the best episode of the season. things are finally shaping up and it looks like from here on out the story line will be a lot more interesting. kaitlyn i was skeptical at first. but she as of now is my favorite new character. and johnny is getting more and more of an enjoyable character. marissa is still a dumb bitch and should just tell the truth instead of lying to ryan.
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