The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 5

The Sleeping Beauty

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Two in the morning. Actually Ryan is sitting on the couch: he can't sleep because of the insomnia. Seth comes over and claims: "If you're awake, I'm awake". Of course, he then falls asleep while Ryan is watching a bunch of DVDs.
The next morning, Seth is sleeping on the couch and Ryan, still awake, heads for his pool house. As soon as Kirsten wakes Seth up, Cohen jr is positive that "maybe you should invest in some less comfortable furniture". Sandy comes in the kitchen but he's not the only one: Taylor has arrived too, wearing a black dress, way too elegant since it's a bit early. She heads right to Ryan's pool house and she let him know she wants to thank him back, after Chino Kid helped her out with the whole husband issue. Ryan doesn't seem that thrilled but, after all, "he has slept only four hours in the last week". As soon as Taylor gets out of the pool house, she claims that Ryan is funny. Sandy, Kirsten and Seth can't help but feel stunned.
At Neil's, Julie wakes up and she's not alone: a young personal trainer is sleeping next to her. She is totally worried Kaitlin will finds out, so she tells the boy to get out of the house immediately. While he's looking for the exit, Kaitlin notices him. She doesn't seem shocked: the fact that Julie is focused on "25-year-old Bavarian beef cake" is only a benefit for little Coop.
At the comic book shop, Taylor is looking for Seth. She has huge news, but Seth has kind of figured what's on her mind: Ryan. In the end, Seth calls Ryan and it turns out Chino Kid does not know if he's ready to date again. Anyway, Taylor's hopes are still in the air: when Seth let her know about Ryan's insomnia she clearly comes up with an idea.
Meanwhile Kaitlin is playing tennis with a handsome young instructor, Spencer. She definitely likes him but unfortunately Mrs. Cooper Nichol comes over and she suddenly feels an undeniable urge to brush up on her tennis.
Night has arrived. Summer and Che are in the science laboratory, wearing janitor clothes. Yep, bunnies' liberty era can get started. And, by the way, after the whole thing is over, it turns out that Summer has got her own bunny: Pancakes!
Three in the morning. Ryan is still awake... big news... Taylor calls him and promises that she is able to help him out. Tomorrow at eight at the diner. "I won't take no as an answer".
The next morning, Taylor and a very tired Ryan meet. She thinks Ryan's insomnia is related to the whole Volchok thing. Before walking away, Ryan can't help but agree. Anyway, as soon as Seth finds out Taylor's mission, he claims it's not going to work because, firstly, Taylor isn't exactly a professional therapist. They start arguing and Taylor ends up saying that maybe the only problem is that she's not Marissa. Awkward silence.
In the mean time, the Cooper girls are having a tennis lesson. Julie is definitely flirting with the young instructor and Kaitlin doesn't seem that thrilled. In the end, Julie's racket suddenly disappears.
Kirsten's dating service is having some investments problems but Sandy could find help from Bullet, an old acquaintance of his. Actually Bullet doesn't have a date for the "delinquent" benefit that Sandy's organizing. Of course this is not a problem, in Sandy's opinion; he might manage to find a last minute date for him.
Rhode Island. Che and Summer get a call from the university board probably because of their last tree hugger operation. Well, Summer is a bit less confident than Che.
Back to Newport Beach. Kaitlin sees Julie and Spencer kissing and she is really upset.
Someone is in Ryan's pool house wearing PJs. Taylor. Yep, the second session of the "sleep" therapy has officially begun.
Another day in the Orange County. Seth comes over Ryan's pool house and finds Taylor. Unfortunately, as soon as Ryan comes back from his jogging run, it turns out Taylor slept all the way but Ryan didn't. Chino Kid appreciates what Taylor has done but he tells her he has to figure it out by himself. "Let's call it even, okay?"
In the mean time, Summer confesses to the Brown deans she helped to free the bunnies, but she doesn't want to reveal who helped her out because otherwise she'd "betray her new self". Unfortunately, later she understands Che hasn't her same ideas, and Summer gets mad at him.
Phone's ringing at Neil's. Kirsten informs Julie that Sandy set her up with Bullet for the party. Since Bullet "apparently owns Texas", Mrs. Cooper Nichol accepts. In the moment, Kaitlin comes over and she asks Julie if she can come to the party with a friend. Mrs. Cooper agrees, of course happy that little Coop is interested in charity.
Party time. Thanks to Julie's qualities, it turns out Bullet wants to help Kirsten and Julie's business. Unluckily, he might change his mind. Kaitlin and her friend (Spencer, of course) have arrived. Quite embarrassing moment between the Cooper girls. And, in the end... surprise... Spencer is Bullet's son and Bullet doesn't seem to happy to find out his date has been dating his 25-year-old son.
Meanwhile, Taylor has followed Kaitlin's fashion advice and Ryan seems impressed. They end up dancing but that moment is ruined as soon as Taylor overhears Ryan telling Seth he's not going to date his ex sleep therapist.
Finally a clarifying speech between Julie and Kaitlin. Mrs. Cooper promises she won't flirt with guys Kaitlin likes. On the other hand, Kaitlin's pep talk convinces Bullet that Julie Cooper Nichol will be his best investment ever: yep, Julie and Kirsten's business is back on. Kirsten can't help but claim Little Coop can be quite persuasive.
That's it; party is over, everything is fixed: it's definitely time for a Cooper girls ice-cream moment. Kaitlin reminds herself she did stop eating but her final decision is that "the guys and ice-cream are still so hot".
Final shots. Seth comes back home, Taylor is in his bedroom. She hands him some special tea for Ryan's insomnia because she's way too embarrassed to comes over the pool house. Seth claims he has never thought her like the "quitting" type. Well, she neither. That's why she decide to head right to Ryan's pool house.
While Summer is finally calling Seth, at Ryan's, Taylor tells Chino Kid that there might actually be something between them. She demands just one kiss to prove she's right. They kiss and as soon as Taylor gets out, Ryan has only a comment: "Whoa".
In the end, Seth comes in the pool house and Ryan is finally sleeping. Yep, the mission against insomnia was eventually won.