The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 5

The Sleeping Beauty

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on FOX

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  • This episode was about Taylor trying to win Ryans affections by trying to help him sleep.

    I thought this episode was very good. Taylor was so funny at times. i think she is a really good character in the show. i thought the rest of the show was good to, like the julie/kaitlin thing, that was funny, kaitlin seems so different to marrisa!
    I can't wait for the rest of the season, it's gonna be good!
  • "She said Ryan was funny."

    Kaitlin and Taylor have been absolutely awesome additions to this show. They just bring with them a breath of fresh air. The whole rivalry between Kaitlin and Julie has been a lot more entertaining than the hate fest between Marissa and Julie, and although they haven't exactly gotten together, Taylor and Ryan has been a lot more interesting than Ryan and Marissa. The wit, snappy jokes and comebacks that they bring has just been phenomenally awesome! Summer is also keeping her part in being the fun and graceful character she is also pitching in with her funny remarks, as well as Seth. It's good to know that Season four is already better than season three.

    I just love the OC and this episode is so perfect. I thought season 4 would produce no terrific episodes due to Mischa Barton leaving the series but so far it has produced some of the best episodes. Overall i think this episode is the 2nd best episode in the season after The ends not near, its here. Reasons why i love this episode is because Taylor is hilarious but also because i believe Taylor and Ryan have fantastic chemistry, last season I would never have guessed that Ryan and Taylor would be paired together but so far the make sense.
  • good episode

    I liked this espisode, but I absolutely hated Che. In the episode, Summer and Che try to free all of the animals in the science lab. The deans at Brown figure out that Summer and Che freed all of the bunnies, and they are called up to talk to them. Summer covers for Che, and doesn't tell them that Che did anything. Che tells the deans that Summer did everything, but Summer only helped free the bunnies. Summer obviously gets mad at Che, because she will probably be kicked out of Brown, and Che gets to stay. Taylor acts like Ryan's sleep therapist to try and seduce him, because she likes him. Seth tries to make Taylor stop doing the sleep therapy, because he knows that it's a bad idea. Kaitlin and Julie take tennis lessons from a guy named Spencer, and even though Kaitlin likes Spencer, Julie makes out with him. Julie goes to Sandy's delinquent chairity thing, and she goes with a guy named Bullet who owns Texas. Kaitlin brings Spencer. Julie and Kaitlin find out that Spencer is Bullet's son.
  • This episode is further proof of season four’s sheer brilliance.

    For some reason, I’d never gotten around to writing a review for “The Sleeping Beauty” when it first aired. But having now re-watched it on DVD, I can’t believe I let this one slip.

    If one thing’s clear in this episode, it’s that Taylor brings a much needed breath, nay, tornado, of fresh air to The OC. I can’t count the number of times her wittiness, along with her insecurities, made me laugh out loud. Taylor’s chasing of Ryan more or less beings in this episode (driven by a powerful kiss from the previous episode, of course). Everything from the sleep therapy to the herbal tea is wonderfully humorous, but not in such a way that it comes off as far-fetched.

    Also, this episode introduces a very important character to season four – The Bullit. Julie and Kaitlin’s fight over Spencer, and the eventually reveal at the party that he’s Bullit’s son, is priceless. (So are the looks on the faces of everyone involved).

    Seth and Summer have a happy ending, talking for hours on the phone. Seth constantly jabbering about the time differences was funny. Unfortunately, back at Brown, Che totally backstabbed Summer. While their janitor heist was funny, he should have definitely taken responsibility for what he did instead of blaming it all on her. Still, at least now there’s yet another new character – Pancakes!

    “The Sleeping Beauty” is worth more credit than it gets, that’s for sure.
  • Very, very cheesy which is what makes it a great episode!

    Ryan is having trouble sleeping as he feels he has nothing to wake up to in the morning, so Taylor takes it upon herself to help him get to sleep. She becomes his sleep therapist in order to get closer to Ryan. She believes that if he just kisses her then he will feel the same way. At the end of the episode he does just that and it turns out he does feel the same way. Taylor before this brought him some herbal tea to help him sleep and at the end of the episode Seth finds Ryan asleep and the tea has not been touched! Corny I know, Ryan now has a reason to get up in the morning; Taylor.
  • Che is a jackhole... Summer is adorable... Taylor is awesome... Kaitlin is a pain up the bum... Julie is a tart... oh and Ryan is just plain HOT!

    A really good episode! Ok let's start with.... Summer... well I cannot believe Che used her as a scape-goat!!! I felt really bad for Summer I mean she was so sweet about not grassing on Che and look at what he did! What a egotistical jerk!!! Although the reference to facebook was wicked!!! And I love Summer's rabbit... aww pancake!! How cute?!?

    Kaitlin... well she is... quite annoying to be honest! I mean she is 15... why is she so... annoying? It is really the only way to describe her! And Julie has become old Julie... the one I never liked... I liked her when she and Marissa used to talk and when she was with Jimmy again and then he left... she was really nice then... And the whole thing with the tennis coach being 'Bullets' son was funny but just so OC coincidental!!!

    Seth... he didn't really play much of a role in this episode... he was just kinda just... there...

    Taylor and Ryan are so cute together! I love how after the kiss Ryan was like 'wow'!!! They are such a perfect couple! Also he has gotten over his insomnia.... it reminds me of a Tyler Hilton... "I miss the girl and the cigarettes..." the song is called Insomnia and about a guy who missed this girl.... it is scarily similar.... oh well!

    Can't wait for next week...
  • This was a great episode i loved it!!! it was interesting and funny!!! I didn't imagine...

    The episode of Taylor taking the lead and trying to get ryan was pretty funny and interesting to watch! i didn't imagine something like that would happen!! It kept me waiting for the next episode every day... I just couldn't wait to see what would ryan do after the kiss at the end of the episode... The "wow" expresion of ryan was amazing! he even fell asleep, im guessing a pretty good kiss! Summer finally found out that she has to figure out who is her friend, after the situation with Che back fired... She finally has seen Seth as before...
  • Ryan and Taylor turning point!

    This is when i fell in love with the Ryan+Taylor relationship idea. I had been holding resentment against Taylor because of the Seth/Dean Hess situations of the past, but i believe now that she has just mad mistakes, like everyone does. i had been holding on to the thought of marissa/ryan and the fact that he had moved on so quickly for a little bit, even though i went on/off from liking to hating marissa, the show wasnt the same without her. im really glad they gave ryan the closure he needed to move on without making it just like he woke up one day totally fine. he deserves to be happy, and i think he and taylor might make it to Feb. 22.
  • BANG!

    And one of the best addictions of the fourth season enters the scene. Bullitt is my favorite to end up with Julie, although his manners aren\'t the best (way to trat a lady!), I think that they look cute together. Or maybe is just his texan accent, dunno...
    And finally Ryan falls for Taylor. Ok, he doesn\'t fall, but he was confused with that kiss (even I am at this moment). Gosh, for one moment, I wish I was Ben Mckenzie. The all Summer-Che thing really got up my nerves. All the time I wanted to jump to the episode and give Che a punch in the face. What a coward **** Kaitlyn did something great for his mother... I think that that\'s the point where she\'s different from Marissa, although her mother did her some nasty things in the past, she\'s ready to forgive and forget.
    But where\'s the Kandy moment... Not much seen :S
  • Man I Never Appreciated How Funny Ryan Was!

    Best Episode this season by far!

    This episode was all about the laughs! It should so win an emmy for best comedy!

    First off, I couldn't stop laughing when Taylor and Katlin started to talk about if Ryan was a Butt Guy and also when Taylor fist came into the Cohens house and entered Ryans pad, she took off her coat, revealing a really hot dress! (oh and Ryan was topless).I couldn't stop laughing when Taylor told the Cohens after that Ryan was funny. Sandys reaction was priceless! And throughout the episode Ryan seemed to be getting dumber and dumber as he had no idea that Taylor liked him! But in the end it turned out all good, at least I think it did! I really did like the whole sleep therapist thingy as an idea of Taylors to seduce Ryan and it was so funny when she admitted it!

    Then came the whole bunny storyline! It was hilarious! Especially when Summer nicked a bunny and called it pancakes. Seths guesses of its name was also pretty funny as well! Che also showed a different side to him that I didn't really expect as he told on Summer but not himself. His excuse at the end was weak as well. Just shows that Greenies arent as good as they say they are!

    But then my favourite part of the episode, the bullit!! He should have his own standup Comedy show! Everything he said was completely unnecessary and rude but he kept saying it! I loved the competition between Julie and Kaltin over Spencer and then for Julie to find out that Bullit was Spencers dad! Pure Genius!

    In the end, I loved this episode, Rylor was flippin fantastic! Pancakes was cute! Oh and the Bullit rocked Julies top off!
  • amazing! Kaitlin is much mature for her age. Tayler is being her freakishly annoying self. we adore her!

    Kaitlin takes down the school mean girl by throwing a rager at her house. Sandy and Kirsten find time to bond with Ryan while Seth is away visiting Summer at Brown but all he finds is an empty dorm room. Meanwhile Julie continues work on the dating service and finds out a new surprise
  • The writers shoot and score!

    Love is in the air .. or perhaps is it romance? It may be nothing, but the ending of this episode leads us to believe a new chapter is about to begin in Ryan's love life.

    The writers approached this episode quite cleverly and at the right moment: "Episode 5, maybe it's time to have Ryan move on."

    Unquestionably an original episode when Taylor discovers that Ryan can not sleep, she decides to become his sleep therapist as a strategy to getting closer to him. Problems arise when her tactics don't seem to work on him or his insomnia.

    Summer struggles to stay at Brown after Che rats her out and Seth battles the urge to call Summer.
  • Finally, after a long wait, and after some sad episodes, comes this absolutely funny, romantic and worth the watch episode! I LUVED IT!

    This episode was very funny, sweet and so romantic!

    I loved the parts where Ryan is imagening Taylor all the time! It's cute; the way he likes her! I love the whole "Ryan/Taylor" action, I would've never expected it and I am a fan of them together.

    Seth and summer are doing alright and I never wanna see them apart. they're better together :D

    Kaitlin realizes who her real friends are, which is nice for her :)

    overall, great episode with great events
  • Taylor and Ryan Should hook up. The Scenes between them tonight were hilarious.

    It was a great episode. Taylor and Ryan should hook up. They have great chemistry. I'm glad Seth and Summer are still together. Breaking them up would be a huge mistake. Kaitlin is boring and needs to go! The show needs a couple of new actors...but good actors. Julie is starting to bore me too. The next few episodes need to be even better however. This show is in big ratings trouble! That's too bad considering how hot the show was in it's first two years. Julie and Kaitlin need to go ASAP! Check out Dallas on Soapnet. Greatest show of all time.

  • Taylor becomes ryan's sleep therepist, Summer is going to get kicked out of brown, Che' is an two faced liar and SUmmer and Seth are still very much in love

    Okay, so it wasn't the most amazing episode ever but it was better that nothing wasn't it. OK so what do you think is going to happen with Ryan and Taylor? Anything there do you think? Maybe. I DON'T want Summer kicked out of brown but i think it wouldn't be so bad cause at least summer and seth would be together.
  • Taylor is the best!

    I have to say that the o.c. is much much better than las year. especially taylor. Shes funny and adorable. she steals everyones scenes. Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!
    Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!
    Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!
    TaylorTaylor saves The O.c! Rock on! saves The O.c! Rock on!TaylorTaylor saves The O.c! Rock on! saves The O.c! Rock on!Taylor saves Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!The O.c! Rock on!Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!Taylor saves The O.c! Rock on!
    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • If last weeks episode didn\'t convince me this weeks certainly did; the O.C has returned to its roots.

    Wow. If last weeks episode didn\'t convince me this weeks certainly did; the O.C has returned to its roots. This episode was light, funny and packed with heart. While i have thoroughly enjoyed every episode this season I think this is my favorite so far. I love Ryan and Taylor's scenes together; they are adorable. I think she would be perfect for him. Ryan needs someone relatively issue free and Taylor (despite her divorce) fits this role perfectally; she is literally, the anti coop! I can’t believe Che blamed Summer for all the political activism at Browne. However, his actions and the likely consequences that it may have for Summer make for good T.V. On a broader level the writing this season is a vast improvement on season 3. It’s so much tighter and the show is better for it. It’s a shame given the high quality of season 4 that it’s not attracting more viewers in the U.S...It must be moved so that we can have another season of this fantastic show!!
  • good episode

    This was a really good episode with a lot of humor. I like it when Summer and Che pretended to be cleaners so that they could free the rabbits and the pancakes one was cute.
    But it looks like Summer may get kicked out of Browns after che narked on her. So stupid he is. But there is a good thing to that Summer coming back to newport maybe.And I also like the unlikely romance that just might happen between ryan and taylor. But like taylor said she is no marissa and I have a feeling ryan is still trying to get past it.

    Overall a excellent episode can wait till next week.
  • Easy, girl!

    I think this is my favorite episode yet this season. It was fun, light (for the OC, of course), and had tons of humor.

    The first five minutes I was ROFL, it was hilarious. The music just adds to it as well. I was giggling by the time that Taylor had taken off her coat, revealing her fancy dress, and the tune just set the mood.

    Then Taylor walks in and -EASY, girl, Ryan's SHIRTLESS! Definitely a high point :D Ryan's so blind sometimes, she was completely school-girl-crush-giddy the entire time, and she kept on glancing at his bod, but Ryan's unfazed.

    And then on her way back, everyone scampers from spying into an assumed position, and another highlight "I never appreciated how funny Ryan is!" Lol. The facial expressions of the Cohens were great.

    Before I go on, I should cover Sethummer and Che. Gosh oh gosh, Che, you have fallen from my favorite side character position. I loved Summer and Pancakes. I laughed at Seth's third guess, that happens to be my father's name. I fear that Summer will get kicked out and she and Seth shall remain in the long-distance relationship. And I think she chickened out and didn't tell Seth the news.

    I love Julie and Kaitlin's mother-daughter relationship. They are so like one another, and I like how they are able to work things out without throwing any furniture or screaming. The bullet guy bugged me. I guess it just figures that they have to make the one conservative guy annoying. Like, for example, that little giggle of his after Kaitlin convinces him to invest in the dating service.

    And now on to the major portion of the episode - Rylor! I loved them, they will be the cutest couple ever! But, that being said, I did not like the insomnia storyline. It was just made up and did not have any relevance to the rest of the season. Though Taylor said this was due to Volchok turning himself in, I could have sworn Ryan was shown sleeping, or just waking after Seth's phone call upon his arrival at Rhode Island. Plus, Ryan was denying that he wanted to hunt Volchok down in the first episode, so I don't really see how that makes sense. But it gave an excuse to make one of the best situations ever. I loved how Taylor was giddy all the time, e.g. clapping with delight after her "meeting" at the diner with Ryan...hmm, meeting at the diner, kind of spoils the fab four memories for those Taylor-haters, just thought of that. The ending was beautiful, though I felt sorry for Taylor. I'm sure everyone and their mother has gone over it in detail, I haven't bothered to read them, so I don't know. But I'll bet Ryan was having some pleasant dreams, now he won't be wanting to wake up...possible starting point for this Thursday's episode? I call it, that is, if no one has before me.

    All in all, I think I may have to lower some of the other episode's ratings to distinguish this from the others, except I can't find anything wrong with those either. Oh well, I'll just impatiently wait until I can see the next one on Friday.
  • The burning question: Wil Taylor win Ryan's heart after all?

    This episode was another great episode. This time we see Taylor’s love for Ryan going head over heels. But at the same time, she let you think that maybe she just loves Ryan, because he helped her with her divorce (what she said to Seth first, and later to Ryan himself) I do think that she really loves him. Or at least ‘likes’. She just never realizes Ryan was there. That’s all. It wasn’t like Marissa and her were best buddies. (And taking Ryan over at that time would be a great idea, but that didn’t happened:P And it was just an idea :P) Anyways, that kiss did meant something to Ryan :D So maybe.. Maybe there is a chance between those 2, and I hope there is, because many people don’t see those 2 together, and you keep thinking: why not? They look cute together after all...

    Seth wants to give Summer some time off, so she can go back with her stuff at Brown, but at the same time feels himself stuck because he does misses her. But he can’t call her, because he promised to himself not to call Summer in a week. Summer at the same time misses Seth too, but she got to deal with things on Brown, because things happened there, which shouldn’t have happened. Summer prorect Che, so he doesn’t get in problem. But Che tells that everything is Summers idea, and just stabs her in the back. Maybe if she just went shopping, nothing happened.. Anyways, she does call Seth at the end, and that’s so sweet.

    Sometimes.. I feel ‘mini Coop’ should be the 2nd Marissa. Well, if that was the plan, it’s not really working. Her character annoyes me, and makes me want Marissa back ;( Don’t get me wrong, I loved/love Marissa’s character. And I want her to come back, but it can’t. Not at this point. I feel like Kaitlin is useless in this show.
  • Really loved this episode.

    Really loved this episode. Not that i didnt like the other once . This episode was pretty funny i think . :D

    I really like the Ryan and Taylor thing, to bad ryan isn\'t really over Marissa. would love to see it growe. It would be a nice combination. I was kinda afraid that the Summer / Che thing was going to happen but dont think that is gonna happen after this episode. And i hope to see some more Seth and summer time. Really love Kaitlin . She got a awnser for everything :P
    and its a great combination with Julie.

    The only thing i would love to see is some new characters.
    (not just some guest stars)
  • the o.c is drawing me back...

    ive got to resort to a quote from season 1 to get across how i feel about the oc:

    "i've tried to fight, and ive tried to deny, but i can't. i can't do it. you're undeniable."

    thankyou, seth.

    yes, this season i didnt want to watch it due to everyone being emo and broody over marissa's death. i did view the first ep but was bored and saddened. so i boycotted it. however, tonight the tv was on and i was tired, so i submitted to watching this episode. and was immediately hooked.

    the storylines are great, particularly taylor and ryan. the writing is still sharp, and funny. summer and seth are still together, which is excellent. there was a really cute rabbit. i like seeing the cohens as a happy family. and my favourite line of the episode, after taylor kisses ryan and leaves: "woah". so much conveyed in one word, and it left me grinning from ear to ear. yes, it looks like the o.c is back on track.

    i seriously cannot wait for next week.
  • The OC. Season 4, episode 6

    Cornerstones in Newport Beach.
    1. Julie's slut spiral is hard to die but she is such a funny character anyway. Her - renewed - interest in tennis was *so* unpredictable, by the way.
    2. The sensitive tree hugger soul turned into a bad traitor. Shame on Che!
    3. Summer has really changed lately but her ingenuousness is still there.
    4. Taylor might have found her talent. Sleep therapist all the way.
    5. Summer's new bunny, Pancakes, is too sweet!
    6. Kaitlin is very persuasive. Well, Jimmy can't be her father. :D

    By the way, the best moments were Ryan's "whoa" and Kaitlin asking "Are you my new daddy?" as soon as Julie's personal trainer showed up.

    All in all, definitely a lighthearted episode. And I just like it.
  • Nothing much happened in this episode but it\\\'s still got that classic OC wit that i always love.

    I\\\'m still not so sure about the whole Ryan/Taylor thing. Okay, she\\\'s no Marissa, she gets it and we get it. But let\\\'s give it a try, shall we? Che\\\'s weird. I can\\\'t believe he did that to Summer. But he\\\'s too weird to be hated. At least we have Pancakes now.

    Seth/Summer is steady, but i love how the writers keep reminding us that they\\\'re still very much in love with each other. Let\\\'s keep it that way please.

    I am falling in love with Caitlin\\\'s character! the Julie-Caitlin chemistry is so bubbly i can\\\'t wait for more of it. Caitlin is the mean girl you hate to love, but yeah.. you do love her for her antics. She\\\'s an icon.

    Maybe i need some of that herbal tea too. Can\\\'t wait for more. more. more.
  • The best season 4 episode so far.

    The best season 4 episode so far. Yes, it is :) There are no silly fights between characters, people don't die. Summer is rolling again - She has to face deans who ask her "One final question: there is still one rabbit missing." Her line: "I don't know anything about that!" is soo funny.
    Mini cooper is getting more and more space, which is good because she is so evul and Taylor falls for Ryan...guess what-he is into her as well!!! So we finally have something interesting going on. The only odd thing which I don't like is music. Don't know who is in charge of picking songs, but FIRE HIM/HER!
  • Finally!!!!!!! I've waited so long for something like this to happen.

    It was worth it!!!
    All of it!!!
    Finally.. finally we got a break... I've waited so long for this show to give me that reason..
    The reason why I fell inlove (non the less) with this wonderful ComeDrama.
    To be honest, the reason I kept on watching it is beacause I felt obligated to.
    This show gave me so much, it took me to places in my heart no other screen entertainment ever deed.
    I was so depressed because I really started to think that The O.C. is dying, and more, a slow painful death.
    This episode, this script, this magnificent new line of events , I believe, has revived The O.C. and another thing with it, this episode gave this show the reason, that we all faithful viewers need, in order to never give up on it.
  • "Taylor thinks Ryan is Funny!"

    Can’t believe how the writers are pulling this off. Really, who thought that the show could get this good after seasons two and three??
    I think that one of the main reasons why the show was so great on season one was because the characters were deeply and extremely well developed. And that was possible because they were few, mainly Ryan, Marissa, Seth, Summer, Sandy, Kirsten and Julie. Seasons two and three added more characters that were not fully developed. Remembering season one, although nobody liked Oliver Trask, his personality was extremely well described in the show. That kind of death was lost over time.
    Now, on season four, although Taylor is a new character, they are going deep on her personality, and they are doing things just great. And the little things on the show, I just love those things,
    This show is the best you can watch right now, and consider that I’m a guy who thinks that the best show ever is probably Seinfeld.
  • EASY GIRL but it was still brilliant... paved the way for radical changes... i hope

    Taylor & Ryan sitting in a tree
    Drinking herbal tea
    And getting soapy...

    Kirsten: The Businesswoman! She even has an office!! and several investors... Julie: The Slut! "So sandy served me up like a piece of meat?... well how rich is he?.. 5 is fine"
    Ryan: The Topless! and the sleepless, interesting character insight's, and actual emotion from our usually clammy star!
    Taylor: The Luster! Tries anything to get Ryan to like her, and has a nice butt. Kaitlin: The Assistant! But she ain't fired! She closed three deals in one day! U go girl!
    Summer: The Framed! O god how i hate that Che! and so does Summer! No more political activism!!
  • The fun continues! Taylor/Ryan brings OC back to its roots.

    Taylor tries to seduce Ryan while pretending to be his sleep therapist.. Julie and Kaitlin fight like sisters about the same guy.. Summers college career is in danger because she freed rabbits.. all the plot of a well thought and enjoyable episode.

    I love taylor, her character, the actress, all of it. And this episode shows exactly why.. shes funny, beautiful and brings so much to the show. The OC is going back to the roots, with the humor and the satire and the light-hearted take on American life. Its what the show was always about!

    Keep watching everyone!
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