The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 5

The SnO.C.

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2004 on FOX

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  • Cool and awesome

    I liked it's sper cool
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the oc its the winter dance and ryan want to take his science partner and seth wants to take his boss but she has other plans inmind and marissa and djs realtionship is reavealed and people know about it and sandy finds out what calob has been hiding all these years and the truth comes out this was a huge ep and it caused alot of emotions to run and that is why is i thought it deserved to be 9 instead of anything lower and it was exciting and the story was well put togeather
  • "Mom, what are you doing here?" Just about sums up the episode.

    It is almost as if fate was trying to get Marissa and Ryan, and Summer and Seth back, but then outside factors forced them apart once again. It's funny how Seth is the one hooking up with the brute girl in Alex and Ryan with the geeky nerd with awkward social skills. You'd think if they crossed dates it would be perfect but as the previous episodes indicated, that really wasn't the case. Some interesting new developments, like Jimmy and Julie looking as if their spark has once again been revitalized, but none of them have reached the astronomical levels of Lindsay being the daughter of Caleb Nichol. Although he did make a HUGE mistake, it is hard to break the truth to his daughter, who has a half sister that is the same age as her own son. What will happen next I wonder?
  • Really really good, but doesn't live up to the hype. Great though!

    Really really good, but doesn't live up to the hype. Great though! I mean a lot about this episode was really cool, but most of it annoyed me. I thought I liked Alex but not after this episode & I was really enjoying Zach but not after this episode. OK, enough about the bad parts! The good parts: Seth was at his best & funniest, Ryan was actually enjoyable, Marissa wasn't completely all about herself & Summer, well Summer was typical Summer!
  • nice

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  • Winter is here and so is The SnO.C. ball- Summer/Seth chemistry, Ryan and Marissa and DJ and Caleb's secret revealed!

    The SnO.C.- clever name for a winter ball! I like it! They have such good names for dances on the show! Well I like Seth with Alex and I like Summer with Zach… they make good couples! It was funny when Zach punched Seth… all in the name of his love for Summer! I hate Marissa and DJ together- DJ doesn’t even add anything to the show. Julie and Jimmy were my favourites in the episode.. they’re going to start having an affair (as proved at the end of the episode)… it’s going to be funny and awesome when Caleb finds out- will he divorce Julie? I think so, that’s my prediction. Lindsay/Caleb storyline- wasn’t really shocking. I saw it coming but I understand- they need to turn the stories around on this show. A good above average episode with good writing and great directing.

    Episode Grade- B+.
  • Against the backdrop of Harbor’s “winter ball” Julie and Jimmy take tentative steps toward reuniting, Julie learns to her horror that Marissa is with DJ Lindsay turns down Ryan’s invitation, Alex refuses Seth and Summer winds up with Seth. Also Sandy delv

    "The SnO.C." is a transitional episode as last season’s couples have moved on to new partners. Summer is firmly with Zach and Seth seems happy with Alex. Marissa, given the chance to reunite with Ryan, chooses instead to stay with D.J. although it is unclear if his greatest attraction is Julie’s reaction or true feelings. Ryan seems intent on pursuing Lindsay who is beginning to return his affection.

    This episode contains the most cordial relationship between Julie and Jimmy since the series began. The grass is always greener. At Casa Cohen Sandy is occupied with Caleb’s legal difficulties caused by his alleged bribery of a public official, which could implicate Kirsten. Given Sandy’s feelings about his father-in-law (and his new bride) this latter possibility seems to be the driving motivation.

    This episode contains some of crispest writing and acting of this second season. Like all series the second season is crucial for its survival. After clearing up the cliffhangers from season one, “The OC” has concentrated on introducing hew characters and defining relationships for the second season. “The SnOC” reminds us that no party in Newport Beach is without it’s own dramatic twist as our favorites grope with the unreality of life on California’s gold coast.

    The surprise ending where Renee Wheeler accidentally reveals the identity of Caleb’s secret is so typically soap operatic yet a surprise to the casual viewer and sets the stage for drama to come.
  • Great Show

    Eine tolle Episode. Endlich hat sich die Beziehungssache aufgeklärt. Nur die Sache mit Lindsay steht dem Glück einiger im Weg. Besonders Ryan. Kirstin wird wohl die größten Probleme haben, das alles zu verkraften. Zuerst die Hochtzeit mit Julie und jetzt noch sowas. Und wie es mit Jimmy Cooper weiter geht, dürfte auch noch ganz interessant werden.
  • Sandy find out caleb dirty secret


    i was so angry at Alex, at the begaining of this episoide for way she played Seth then at the end she was in fact playing hard to get but still i really hate it when female's do that, why can't u women ever be honest?, what's worse i know she has no intrest in him. i mean i thought it was very sweet of her to come running for Seth after Zac punched her but i'm still angry, i have to admit she kinda of growing on me but still excuse what she did. Then we have Summer &Seth, now i kinda of knew there will always been friends but compare it to ross&racheal thing is a bit far. i think thing might work out for them in future episoide.

    Sandy finding out about Celeb dirty litle secret,well what can i say, it doesn't affect Ryan but definatly make Cohen family more complicated but i wasn't shock at the ending because i knew she was Celeb secret daugher, damn spoilers i mean i knew this before she was even introduced as a chacter in S2. i thought it was sweet seeing Marrisa and Ryan beening friendly, reminds me of old S1 episoides and jimmy&julie nice going, i really liked how Jimmy chased away Julie with them being friendly. it strange seeing her happy, Julie cooper, she actual smiled. i really must stop posting on oc fourmn. it didn't have desired effect on me.

    Ryan & Lindsey, i hope things do work out but since revelation it makes thing a little complicated but i hope they can get pass this. This episoide was slighly better then last week episoide.

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