The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 26

The Strip

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

It's Bachelor and Bachelorette party time for Caleb and Julie. Caleb and the boys head off to Las Vegas while Kirsten organizes an evening at the Cohen house for Julie, strippers included. Seth and Ryan get themselves into a tricky situation in Vegas while back home, Summer pines over lost love, and Marissa comforts Theresa. Jimmy and Sandy learn of Caleb's true motives. Julie and Hailey take a swim, while Theresa has some shocking news for Ryan and Marissa.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc its vegas time and they are invited to go with calob to vegas he is having a meeting and sand and seth and ryan go along with jimmy and they stay at the hard rock and so they go gambling and ryan and seth go to this unerground place and so they win but thing is they get involved with a hooker and the hookers pimp wants money for the night they spent with her and sandy and jimmy learn about the true plans with that and so they punch him in the face jimmy does and marrias and ryan learn the true plans of terrisa this was a good epmoreless
  • The Vegas, the drama, the conspiracies, couldn't have asked for more from an episode setting up for a memorable season ending.

    Strippers, prostitutes, cat fights, business fraud, gambling, pregnancy, how could an episode fit all of these things together and turn it into one of the best episodes in the entire show so far? I've never really liked Theresa's whole inclusion in the show so far, but wow, being pregnant with possibly Ryan's kid just changes everything so far! And for Marissa to find out, damn you just wanna know what happens next! And the situation with Caleb and Sandy and Jimmy didn't seem like it was gonna go anywhere, but instead it explodes onto a new level. Who would have thought that Jimmy would have been the one punching someone. Julie's cat fight with Hailey, and Seth's shenanigans are also highlights of the episode, the latter which is always a constant in this show, but man Theresa's pregnancy and Caleb's conspiracy were just mind blowing!moreless
  • Wgat a fun episode. "I love the vegas" I vist Vegas evey year and all I think about is the Hard Rock Hotel where they all stayed. I love the Vegas!!moreless

    Fun, Fun, Fun,....I love the Vegas as Sandy Cohen says. Once again Summer Roberts sweeps in to save the day for Ryan and Seth and Slapp Seth around a bit. Loved It!!!!! In the meantime, Good bonding going on in Newport with those left behind. What can I say, Seeing Ryan , Seth, and Summer near the water fountains in front of Ceasars Palace at the end was awesome. I have been in that same exact spot they were in, way cool. The O.C. and Vegas are a great combination, wish they would have done at least another episode there, thay tried to in season 4 but the preganancy scare never got them there.moreless
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

    Ryan and Seth talk to Theresa and after leaving, she pulls out a pregnancy test she purchased. To me this is a bit shocking, but then again, I should have expected something like this. The biggest question now is, who did she get pregnant with, Eddy or Ryan? My money is on Eddy, but knowing how this show likes to shock me, I wouldn’t rule out Ryan. If it was Ryan however things could get complicated quickly as Ryan finally got back together with Marissa, and news of him being a father would be pretty harsh news to take. The whole Seth and Summer situation is looking worse then I thought, it almost looks like she wants to break up with him. Teresa has a chance to go to Atlanta and live a new life with her cousin Kim, and takes up a job to pay for the trip there. Marissa finds out Teresa is pregnant while she is joking with her, then later Julie and Hailey get into a cat fight. Seth and Ryan have to pay off a 5000$ price tag when they invite over a girls friends only to find out they are hookers who just scammed them. When I heard this, I was so pissed, I can’t believe Ryan is going to loose the money he made for Teresa over some whores who cheated them. Jimmy finds out about Caleb’s blackmailing Marissa and punches him in the face. I loved that scene, Caleb so deserves it for being a sleazy cheat.moreless
  • Like Seth said "I defiteinely love the Vegas"

    When you take The OC to The Vegas, you really can't go wrong. Strippers with your entere!!! HA!!!! Who doesn't want that? The music in the show was great too. I love that song "Che Che Check It Out" by The Beastie Boys. They're really good. I paticularly liked the scene where Julie got in that catfight with Haley. And let's face it, if some golddigger married my dad for his money I think I would have thrown her in the pool too. That scene was classic. Goes back to the days of Dynasty!!!!! Even the wildest parties can still crash and burn.moreless
David Rountree

David Rountree

Trucker Hat

Guest Star

Chris Showerman

Chris Showerman

Impossibly Hot Fireman (aka Jeff)

Guest Star

Jerry Schumacher

Jerry Schumacher

Robert Campbell

Guest Star

Alan Dale

Alan Dale

Caleb Nichol

Recurring Role

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti

Hailey Nichol

Recurring Role

Navi Rawat

Navi Rawat

Theresa Diaz

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Kirsten asks Hailey if she could manage a stripper to be at Julie's bachelor party. She adds that Hailey should have good contacts because she was a stripper herself.

      In episode "22 The L.A.", however, Jimmy and the kids bring back Hailey from a strip club in L.A., saying that they just picked up Hailey from the airport, Kirsten not knowing about Hailey being a former stripper.

    • Goof: When Theresa is over at Marissa's, Marissa is pouring coffee into two cups. In a later scene, when they're sitting at the table, Marissa has a cup of tea in front of her. What happened to the coffee she poured just before?

    • Episode Catfight Count: 1

    • Episode Punch Count: 1

    • Goof: When Ryan wins the all-in hand vs. "Angry Trucker Hat" he calls an all in bet of $2500. The pot would then be $5000 plus whatever was already in the pot. Later the pimp says that Ryan and Seth owe him $5000 dollars. They would have had the money to pay off the pimp.

    • Goof: When Ryan is at the poker game the first time, the hand that he has pocket aces, there are already 5 cards on the table when the trucker hat guy goes all-in. Ryan proceeds to call, and then the dealer deals another card. One of the cards has mysteriously disappeared.

    • Goof: When Sandy and Kirsten start talking on the phone, while Kirsten says "Oh thank goodness it's you," the background in Sandy's shot completely changes (a woman disappears, glasses disappear, people change). There is no way that everything could change that quickly.

    • Goof: When Caleb is playing craps at the hard rock, the puck is on the number 8, meaning that the shooter would need to roll an 8 to win. The dice land with a 5 and 2 showing, making 7, which would have lost, even though the dealer says "Pay the line!"

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (Summer is silently crying)
      Marissa: She broke up with Seth.
      Summer: Coop!
      Hailey: What? Why?
      Marissa: Her dad doesn't approve.
      Summer: Coop.
      Hailey: Please. You think my dad approves of Jimmy Cooper? The man's a felon. No offense.

    • Seth: I didn't know you love the Vegas, Dad.
      Sandy: Ho, ho, I love the Vegas. I love the Vegas. Ryan, how do you feel about the Vegas?
      Ryan: I never been to the Vegas. My mom was all about the Reno.
      Seth: Dad, we should go. You love Vegas, Ryan and I have never been. Oh, and he can use his, uh, mutant card-counting abilities to pay for the whole trip.
      Julie: Sounds like fun for the whole family.

    • Theresa: No, I can't impose on Seth's parents forever.
      Seth: Sure you can. I intend to.

    • (Ryan knocks on pool house door.)
      Ryan: Theresa?
      Seth: Housekeeping.

    • Seth: Ryan. Ryan, hey. Hey, man, are you asleep?
      (Seth turns on light.)
      Seth: Ryan.
      (Holds Ryan's nose to wake him up. Ryan wakes up and rolls over.)
      Seth: Ryan. Are you asleep? Yeah, I can't sleep either.

    • Julie: Kirsten, please one little stripper, trying to make his way in the world. Naked.

    • Summer: Aww Cohen, be nice. He paid off your pimps and your hoes.

    • (Summer enters and sees Seth and the girl kissing)
      Summer: Get away from him, whore!
      Seth: Hey hey hey! She's not a whore. She goes to UNLV.
      Summer: Oh, I'm sorry. Skank.

    • Ryan: We'll find another casino.
      Seth: What, a youth casino?

    • (At the Hard Rock casino)
      Amy: We have the penthouse all ready for you. If you will follow me.
      Sandy: Penthouse?
      Seth: Yeah.
      Sandy: So whose card did you put that on?
      Seth: Oh, please, the old man's.
      Sandy: Oh, I love you, son. I love you.
      Seth: I love you too, Dad, just not as much as I love Vegas.

    • Julie: Kirsten, it's Las Vegas, you get strippers as a side with your entree.

    • Julie: Everytime I've asked him to help me with the wedding, he says he's working with you. (refering to Kirsten)
      Sandy: Really? So CayCay, what have you been doing all this time?

    • (to Ryan)
      Seth: Good. Night. Go back to bed. Or the floor.

    • Seth: Dude, what do we do? I don't want to get thrown out of the hotel. I love the hotel. I want to marry the hotel and have little alcoholic, gambling-addicted kids with it. Is that wrong?

    • Kristen: If you don't get me a stripper Julie's going to make me go to a place called the Petting Zoo, and according to Tom in accounting... they pet.

    • Hailey: I knew you would never sleep with Jeff (the stripper), he doesn't make enough money.
      Julie: And what the hell is that supposed to mean?
      Hailey: Well, you married Jimmy for his money, and now my dad. You see, Jeffrey here might be a stripper, but honey, you're a whore. (Julie slaps her, and they start fighting, falling into the pool)

    • Marissa: Oh my God are you pregnant?!
      Theresa: The baby might not be Eddie's.

    • Seth: I love the Vegas!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music:
      "On Parade" by Electrelane
      "Ch-Checkit Out" by The Beastie Boys
      "So Sweet" by Jonathan Rice
      "Jacqueline" by Franz Ferdinand
      "How High" by Tricky
      "The Vanishing" by Stars
      "Fire" by The Ohio Players
      "Passing By" by Zero 7
      "Meet Your Demise" by The Willowz

    • A new single from the Beastie Boys, "Ch-Check It Out", premiered in this episode, well before the band's new album was to be released.


    • Seth: "C.B. Cebulski" and "Marty Navis"
      Seth's alias on his fake I.D. is a great in-joke. "C.B. Cebulski" is an editor at Marvel Comics; he has also translated manga into English for a few companies. Ryan's alias, "Marty Navis", is a screenwriter ("Planet Claire").