The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 6

The Summer Bummer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ryan enters the kitchen, fantasizing about Taylor, dancing sexy upon their Kitchen perparation table.

Summer is kicked out from Brown, and hits back for Newport to surprise Seth. Meanwhile Seth's at Brown, to surprise his lovly Summer. When he finds her room empty he gives her a call and finds out everything. In his outburst of anger, and love for his girlfriend, he decides to confront Che, and do him "Ryan-style". All he finds is a CD-Rom signed "Seth" On it Che describes himself as being underground, for he understands that Seth is Mad and he therefore runs away, couwardly. Later Che ends up at the Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts-mansion begging for Summers apology, which is declined. Che attaches himself to Summers arm with a pair of handcuffs. Summer shows no appreciation.

Since Seth is away at the moment, Kirsten is applying for the substitution for Seth, in Ryans life. Ryan explains to Kirsten that this doesn't necessarily mean anything other than Seth constantly nagging about his own problems, and Ryan solves his, by himself. They end up talking about Taylor. Kisten tells Ryan, that after all this misery going on lately, Taylor is just what Ryan needs. Ryan and Taylor run into eachother, after several of Ryans re-occuring fantasy dancenumbers performed by Taylor. Taylor says she's sorry, for kissing Ryan. He asks her out on a date, Taylor suggest they watch the flatscreen in the comicbook store and eat some popcorn. Since she's also substituting for Seth, but at the comicbook store. During the movie Some tense gazes are switched. Ryan leans over, and tries to kiss Taylor. - I'm sorry. I can't do this. Taylor get's upset, and hires a guy named Roger, to pretend he's in love with Taylor (This over night).

Kirsten and Julie is getting several batchelors at their service, (surprisingly from "The Bullet"). who still acts obsessed with Julie, and appears at her office asking for a date. One of whom, is his son. Julie's excuse to escape this date, is that she's going away, with Sandy and Kirsten, celebrating the renewal of their marriage. This excuse ends up being trip at last, Julie, Sandy & Kirsten. When they set out for dinner, they find The Bullet, at their table, taking this made-up-excuse a bit real. At dinner The Bullet acts rudely. Which results with a tiny bit upset Sandy and Kirsten, going back home. Julie stays.

Kaitlyn gets a visit from her Tenniscoatch, and tries to get a date, since her mom isn't interested anymore. He encourage her to see friends from school, and date guys her own age. Later she goes to this weeks waterpolo-game. Where she meets these two girls, her age. They're hopefuly invited to the school's most popular girl's party. When they find out they're not. Kaitlyn invites her whole class, to a party she's throwing, the same evening Julie's going away with Kirsten and Sandy.

The party takes place, even after both Summer (still handcuffed to Che) and Taylor forbidds it, while they're left in charge as Julie's gone. Seth finds his target Che at this party, and shoves him in the pool, not knowing Summer and he, is attached to each other, both gets wet. Kaitlyn is throwing a Seven minutes in Heaven in the closet. Where she get's to go in with "The most popular girl at school"'s,(who also threw a party but no-one showed) boyfriend. It turnes out he's gay, and it is a fact that he plays in the waterpolo team. Che gets his will done - Summer forgives him, and tells herself that she probably would've been kicked out even if she just set loose the bunnies, and didn't do any of those other things Che so gladly accused Summer of doing to the dean. Ryan finds Robert naked in bed together with the gay-guy from the waterpolo team. Robert explaines that Taylor hired him. Ryan confronts Taylor, and they find time and place in the seven-minutes-in-heaven-closet. But make it more of a 8, 9, 10 minutes in heaven, making out.

Over at the cohen's the door-bell rings. "The Bullet" had hired a pro, to renew their vows. And they do.

Kaitlyns tenniscoach, and "The Bullet's" son, turnes out to be a giggolo, after a date he had at Julie's and Kirsten's service. Summer introduces Seth to Pancakes.