The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 6

The Summer Bummer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • A really great episode, we always wanted taylor to get a man AND SHE GOT RYAN! omg.

    Why I watch THE O.C., A great episode, much like The Metamorphasis, in that everyone is exploring who they are, but a new installment. Ryan finally realises that he can love again, Taylor realises she doesn't need to trick people anymore, Summer realises to forgive and forget, Seth realises he's tougher than he thinks and Che realises that saving the world won't necessarily save him.
  • Wow, just flat out hilarious!

    Probably repeated this more times enough already, but The O.C. has really come out strong again and brings back exactly what has made the first season such a glory to watch! So much humour, the writing is fabulously fleshed out with witty writing, it's just everything that a great episode is and more! Th Taylor and Ryan situation is much more entertaining than Marissa and Ryan; Taylor's character is just so unique, but most of all, unique but fun! Kaitlin's situation is also really fun to watch as she slowly takes over Harbor. Everything that happened in her party was just hilarious, like how Ryan caught those two gay guys in bed, Summer and Che being handcufffed together, etc. Another brilliant episode delivered by The O.C!
  • Hilarious

    This episode was one of the most funniest episodes The OC has ever produced. The Taylor/Ryan romance is hilarious which never seems to bore me and is not full of too much drama like Marissa and Ryans relationship was. Seth and Summer seemed to work well together in this episode after all Summers problems in dealing with Marissas death it seems like everyones favourite character is back. Julie and kaitlan are working well together and Kirsten and Sandys romance is more alive then ever. This episode does not have many events occuring in it but it is classic OC which feels great.
  • Summer Bummer

    Ryan and Taylor got together. Wow, after all that seducing Taylor got Ryan. hah first Ryan was like Taylor and I definitely aren't going to be able to work out. And then he starts liking Taylor, and he starts having these fantasties about her in all of these places, like skating and washing a window with sudsy water. Ryan did the cutest things, like he yawned and then he put his arm around Taylor. It was adorable. I knew that they were going to end up together, you could practically just tell there was something there. Seth went to Brown to go visit Summer. Summer's room was bare, and she obviously had left. Summer had gone back to Newport for the rest of her year, and she was in Seth's room. She called Seth and asked where he was. They were both trying to visit each other even though they were across America. hah Che came to Summer's house and he apologized, but I wouldn't have let him in. If I were Summer I would've totally kicked Che. He came to her house, and then he put handcuffs on their arms so they'd be hooked together, and Summer would have to forgive him. I would be so mad at him I would like punch him and kick him because he got her expelled for the rest of the year! but at least she would get to come back the next year. I don't like Che at all and I never really did. He always seemed pretty weird, but that's just my opinion. Anyways, I thought that this episode was fantastic. It was so cute how Ryan and Taylor got together!
  • The OC

    so basically, Taylor and Ryan got together! it was really sweet leading up to it and it was pretty funny how ryan kept day dreaming about taylor in weird places. it was all really junior high how ryan went about it. it was really cute.
    it was also really funny episode for like everyone. but i hate chey, if i was summer i would have punched him and never talked to him again, but it worked out okay so whatever, but i hated him in the last episode. but if he had handcuffed himself to my wrist i would have threatened cutting his arm off to get him to take it off. i just really don't like him :)
    hah. but it was a really cool episode and i really liked it :)
  • This is classic OC.

    This episode is one of the most entertaining ones of the season so far. It was hilarious right from the beginning. Ryan lusting after Taylor was priceless... Seth threatening to beat up Che (right, like that could ever happen...) certainly got me laughing. The Kaitlin storyline seemed somewhat pointless in my opinion. It was great that she stood up for those girls but it didn't actually lead anywhere... There was no proper outcome. Also the Kirsten/Sandy/Julie story felt a bit irrelevant. This episode did have one major outcome: Ryan and Taylor got together. That means Ryan has finally moved on and accepted Marissa's death. So I guess there was some serious character development here. Overall, the negative stuff: Kaitlin's blunt storyline, the positive stuff: all the comedy.
  • A dash of old style OC.

    There were many throwbacks to old-stylde OC in this episode, particualrly with the party thrown by Kaitlin. It was a real throwback to the pilot episode, with all characters present for an evening of drunken debauchery. And great to see everyone together again. Taylor Townsend continues to shine - give the girl her own show.
  • Kaitlin throws a party...

    Ok firstly Kaitlin! She actually seems quite sweet... I mean with the whole party thing... it wasn't about conquering the school which made me surprised!

    Ryan and Taylor! Aww it was so cute! And Ryan had the cutest smile at one point!

    Seth and Summer was cool! I love how they both wanted to surprise each other but it kind of backfired on them!

    The Cohens are renewing their vows! Awww so sweet! And Julie was funny with bullit BANG! lol...

    excellent episode am so happy that ryan and taylor are happening and that kirsten is ryans go to girl! YAY can't wait for next weeks show!
  • The OC. Season 4, episode 6

    Well, I would have never thought I'd say this but I'm starting to adore Kaitlin. I like the way the writers turned her into such a funny and nice character. Besides her scenes with Julie are just priceless.

    And we finally found out who Che was. Even though he acted like a jerk since the whole Free bunnies Operation, I couldn't help but laugh as soon as he showed up at Coopers' (or Roberts'... who knows?) mansion. The highlight was when he handcuffed himself to Summer in order to get her forgiveness.
    It's a pity Summer got kicked out of Brown but it's also nice she's back in Newport. By the way, it was so hilarious to see how Julie and Seth reacted to Pancakes' arrival.
    Seth set on following Chino Kid's footsteps? Simply amazing. Undeniable point is that Seth's still the best.

    Finally Kirsten's character had more space than usual. I liked the scene where she applied for Seth's "job", and I think the recommittment ceremony was actually sweet. Of course I'm curious to see what she'll do as soon as she realizes Spencer's little surprise. :D
    What about Ryan's daydreaming (or better, Taydreaming)? Just LOL. Anyway, Ryan's turning into a hilarious character... Gee, I guess it's never too late.
  • Well written

    Well, after three episodes with almost no Sandy/Kirsten time, finally Josh gave me what I like in the OC. Both Seth replacements were really funny, specially the part where Sandy said goodbye to Ryan in a Seth form (hilarious). And finally Seth had the first rage reaction in four seasons, although he might wanted to throw just Che to the pool, not Summer too. 7 minutes in heaven (or eight, nine, or ten) gave me a shock in the spine. Geez, they don't play in making out. The dreams about Taylor were great too (and Sexy), as was her monologue about biting lips (Bite mine...). A good episode, S4 quality :)
  • Great episode!

    This is definitly the best episode by far this season! It was exciting and funny and all the reasons why I have watched the OC for 4 years! Ryan and Taylor... strange but it works and makes me smile! The Bullet and Julie Cooper... also a very strange couple but I think they might work out as well. I don\'t get to watch the OC on TV when it is on in primetime because of work but I do love to tape it or download it... I should start supporting it and leaving the TV on during the time of airing though! I don\'t think I could live without it!!!
  • Kaitlin takes down the school mean girl by throwing a rager at her house. Sandy and Kirsten find time to bond with Ryan while Seth is away visiting Summer at Brown but all he finds is an empty dorm room.

    Ryan enters the kitchen, fantasizing about Taylor, dancing sexy upon their Kitchen perparation table. He wants to talk to Seth about this, bt Seth is visiting Summer, and now Sandy and Kirsten know he needs to talk to somebody.

    Summer is kicked out from Brown, and hits back for Newport to surprise Seth. Meanwhile Seth's at Brown, to surprise his lovly Summer. When he finds her room empty he gives her a call and finds out everything.
    In his outburst of anger, and love for his girlfriend, he decides to confront Che, and do him "Chino/Ryan Atwood-style". All he finds is a CD-Rom signed "Seth" On it Che describes himself as being underground, for he understands that Seth is Mad and he therefore runs away, cowardly.
    Later Che ends up at the Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts-mansion begging for Summers apology, which is declined.
    Che attaches himself to Summers arm with a pair of handcuffs. Summer shows no appreciation.

    Since Seth is away at the moment, Kirsten is applying for the substitution for Seth, in Ryans life. Ryan explains to Kirsten that this doesn't necessarily mean anything other than Seth constantly nagging about his own problems, and Ryan solves his, by himself.
    They end up talking about Taylor. Kisten tells Ryan, that after all this misery going on lately, Taylor is just what Ryan needs.

    Ryan and Taylor run into each other, after several of Ryans re-occuring fantasy dancenumbers performed by Taylor. Taylor says she's sorry, for kissing Ryan. He asks her out on a date, Taylor suggest they watch the flatscreen in the comicbook store and eat some popcorn. Since she's also substituting for Seth, but at the comicbook store. During the movie Some tense gazes are switched. Ryan leans over, and tries to kiss Taylor.
    - I'm sorry. I can't do this.
    Taylor get's upset, and hires a guy named Roger, to pretend he's in love with Taylor (This over night).

    Kirsten and Julie is getting several batchelors at their service, (surprisingly from "The Bullet").
    who still acts obsessed with Julie, and appears at her office asking for a date.
    One of whom, is his son. Julie's excuse to escape this date, is that she's going away, with Sandy and Kirsten, celebrating the renewal of their marriage. This excuse ends up being trip at last, Julie, Sandy & Kirsten. When they set out for dinner, they find The Bullet, at their table, taking this made-up-excuse a bit real.
    At dinner The Bullet acts rudely. Which results with a tiny bit upset Sandy and Kirsten, going back home. Julie stays.

    Kaitlyn gets a visit from her Tenniscoatch, and tries to get a date, since her mom isn't interested anymore.
    He encourage her to see friends from school, and date guys her own age.
    Later she goes to this weeks waterpolo-game. Where she meets these two girls, her age. They're hopefuly invited to the school's most popular girl's party. When they find out they're not. Kaitlyn invites her whole class, to a party she's throwing, the same evening Julie's going away with Kirsten and Sandy.

    The party takes place, even after both Summer (still handcuffed to Che) and Taylor forbidds it, while they're left in charge as Julie's gone.
    Seth finds his target Che at this party, and shoves him in the pool, not knowing Summer and he, is attached to each other, both gets wet.
    Kaitlyn is throwing a Seven minutes in Heaven in the closet. Where she get's to go in with "The most popular girl at school"'s,(who also threw a party but no-one showed) boyfriend. It turnes out he's gay, and it is a fact that he plays in the waterpolo team. Che gets his will done - Summer forgives him, and tells herself that she probably would've been kicked out even if she just set loose the bunnies, and didn't do any of those other things Che so gladly accused Summer of doing to the dean.
    Ryan finds Robert naked in bed together with the gay-guy from the waterpolo team. Robert explaines that Taylor hired him.
    Ryan confronts Taylor, and they find time and place in the seven-minutes-in-heaven-closet. But make it more of a 8, 9, 10 minutes in heaven, making out.

    Over at the cohen's the door-bell rings.
    "The Bullet" had hired a pro, to renew their vows. And they do.

    Kaitlyns tenniscoach, and "The Bullet's" son, turnes out to be a giggolo, after a date he had at Julie's and Kirsten's service. Summer introduces Seth to Pancakes.

    Really good episode. There's a REAL chemistry between Ryan and Taylor. Why ahven't I ever noticed that? Seth going on Ryan Atwood on Che was really funny! Go Seth :D
  • Amazing how opposites can really attract!<br /> Ryan and Taylor are an amusing couple! can't help but put on my foolish grin.

    Kaitlin takes down the school mean girl by throwing a rager at her house. Sandy and Kirsten find time to bond with Ryan while Seth is away visiting Summer at Brown but all he finds is an empty dorm room. Meanwhile Julie continues work on the dating service and finds out a new surprise
  • A hilarious installment from this great season!

    The Summer Bummer opens with Ryan fantasizing about Taylor in the kitchen until his fantasy is interrupted by Sandy saying: "Ryan? Ryan? I smeared it for you." This funny line sets the bar for this episode which follows with the humorous set up of Ryan and Taylor finally getting together, Seth and Summer trying to surprise each other but just ending up in opposite places and Kaitlain trying to fit in at school even though she feels she is too mature to be there. This episode is just another reason why season four is quite possibly the best season of The O.C. With Ryan's fantasies, Seth's macho side to protect Summer and the Bullet with the Cohens and Julie this episode makes you laugh every minute (and all for good reasons)! The writers have presented a fantastic episode that is entertaining and provides character development following the loss of Marissa Cooper. The death of Marissa has given The O.C new life!
  • Ryan and Taylor togeter at last.

    I saw this on comeing several episodes ago and think they will will make a good couple.

    What I am really interested to find out is about the last converstiaon between Julie and the tennis coach. This will bring a whole now wrench into the O.C. monkeywrench. Julie and Kirstin being maddams; this is almost to funny. When Sandy finds out you know it will hit the fan.

    Glad to see Summer and Seth work things outs finally. I think they will end up in RI togeter and going to the same school that Seth is to attend. That would be cool.

    I also thought it was a riot that the popular girls boyfriend turned out to be gay.

  • Continuing on the great storylines already shown this season. Now all we need to do is rig those Neilsens...

    I really really enjoyed this episode. To me it was the best of the season yet. To me the really important thing is that the episodes seem to get better and better and this was no difference.

    What else can i Say?? Taylor and Katlin made this episode. Taylor has had such an adverse effect on Ryan that she has completely changed him fron what he was at the start of the season. Katlin has also made the high school scene interesting again from what was dreary in season 3 with Marissa. It was also nice to see her show some depth from her mean girls attitude.

    But the one thing that I really really enjoyed in this episode was the Bullit. Everything he did I found hilarious. He is such an opposite to Julie as Taylor is to Tyan that makes watching them so compelling. With his texan accent and sharp wit (yeah really sharp), all his lines were priceless. Hopefully he will stay for more episodes. Hes so much better than the boring Dr Roberts last season.

    The Che and Summer storyline I also found hillarious and compelling. The sharp lines the two shared with eachothe kept me watching and watching. Even though I saw his revelation coming a mile away, it was still interesting and in my opinion a good choice by the writers.

    The only negative i can place on this episode was that i thought seth had lost all of his sarcastic wit that I loved in Season 1. Bring it Back!

    But Overall, I loved this episode and hope that it will continue!
  • Best episode of the season by far.

    Since watching season 4 I would have to say that this is the best episode of the season by far.I love how ryan keep day dreaming about taylor first it was in the kitchen, then the windows which was so hot and then the rollerskates. The 7 minutes of heaven was good to. Kaitlins character really suprised me and I am now starting to enjoy her more. I liked it when Seth found out Che got Summer kicked out of browns and he's like im gonna go so old school atwood on him. Overall it was a real good episode cant wait for next week.
  • Never been better

    I L O V E this eppy, it's just great to see how The OC is growing stronger with every episode again.

    I really like Summer this season, she's developing in a great way and I can't wait to see how she'll take the whole college drama. Also, it was kinda nice how Che really wanted to patch things up with Summer. He's strange, but he's helped Summer grow in college and I could forgive him for getting her kicked out. I'm just a little afraid of what the further separation will do to Seth and Summer. He's going to Providence soon and now she's back home... I just hope they'll get through it!

    I'm still not sure what to think about that Kaitlin kid. She claimed she wanted to "rule Harbour" at the end of season 3 and now she's all "I don't like high school kids". Does she wanna fit in and just pretend that she doesn't care? Or is she actually not interested in "ruling", because she's so mature for her age? I really don't get character, but I'll be patient to find out more.

    Last, but most importantly: I really adore Ryan and Taylor and the parts where he kept seeing her on rollerskates and stuff were just sooo hillarious.
    That's really great about the new season: It's finally fun again without the permanent Marissa drama. Don't get me wrong, I loved her and I miss her and it's totally different now that she's gone. But in a good way that I really didn't expect. The OC is growing on me more and more with every episode and I really think it hasn't been that good in a looong long time!
  • Ryan and Taylor, the beginning of something big.

    I have been watching the OC since the beginning. From the get go it was assumed that Marissa and Ryan were going to hook up. I personally felt like that was too boring, because it was predictable. I actually like the character Taylor more then I liked Marissa. Taylor doesn\'t carry around all that baggage and teenage angst. She is smart and witty and that is a lot more interesting to watch than poor rich Marissa\'s \"tough\" life. I think that the show is just getting better. At the beginning of the season in the aftermath of Marissa\'s death the show was a little slow and dark. That was understandable because Marissa had just died not too long ago, but now is the time to bring the OC back.
  • Summer and Seth in a college dilema. Kirsten and Sandy auditioning for the "Seth" part. Kaitlin throws a party and well... Ryan is daydreaming. 7 minutes in heaven, here we go.

    This episode is a classic. The OC found found its way back to its roots of witty one liner, two liners or heck a whole dialogue even!

    Kirsten and Sandy auditioning to be Seth makes you wanna wish they were your parents. Seth going Ryan Atwood on Che makes you wanna wish you were Summer.

    It\'s so nice to see Ryan actually blush and get butterflies around Taylor. He\'s got this face where he smiles like his stomach is flippine. Ya-know. And seeing Ryan like that melts your hearts. He\'s adorable. We\'re gonna see more 7minutes in heaven.

    Kaitlin is setting the standards. She\'s got more to her than just hotness and attitude. She\'s not your superficial highschool girl. If you think about it, she\'s an anti-social. But she choose to be that way because she\'s too mature for the students in her school (brought up by Julie Cooper plus boarding school, go figure). She\'s not one of your typical higschool popular girl because she thinks all that glits and glam is shallow... which is true if you think about it. She\'s actually a role model minus the joint.

    It\'s funny to see Ryan, Seth, Summer coming in that party Kaitlin threw. Remember Holly\'s party at Season1, pilot episode? Yeah, now you see that they grew up, and we grew up with them.
  • Great episode with a lot of funny momments!

    This episode was funny, cute and sweet. Everything opposite for Season 3 which is a good thing. The OC needed some up lifting and this episode was perfect for the job. The momments between Ryan and Taylor were hilarious and sweet at the same time. I look forward to seeing Ryan and Taylor's relationship develop. This episode gave me a bubbly feeling inside, like I wanted to go back to high school. This episode showed that the OC isn't all about, drama, drunk teens and who's sleeping with who. My favorite line from the episode was Taylor saying to Ryan "Just because I want to use your body as a jungle gym ..." I hope everyone else enjoys this episode as much as I did. :)
  • this season looks to be inconsistent

    After what I thought was honestly a stretch of 3 really good episodes, they dropped another bomb on us and since Josh \"co-wrote\" this episode this isnt a good sign. The refreshing part about The OC was that it was surprisingly funny, and jokes werent rammed down our throats. Now we have a show TRYING, and way too hard, to be funny. Next week\'s episode doesn\'t look much better, having a very \"Baywatch Nights\" feel to it. I understand Josh is trying to save this show, but desperation isnt going to help. Get back into storylines that go somewhere, give the parents something to work with besides serving as cheap gags.
  • Quality Television at it's best. The O.C. does it again!!!!!!!

    From Ryan's 80's inspired visions of Taylor washing windows with soap and water to the incredibly funny/inspired witty writing and repartee between Ryan and Seth(Ryan: I keep imagining her on roller skates and washing windows with a big bucket of soapy water. Seth: Dude, you're fantasies are so pedestrian. A sudsy girl...that is so average. Ryan: Doesn't mean it is not hot) to the Ryan and Taylor moments (Well what if I did rent a homosexual for the evening and pay him w/rare collectables from Asian cinema? What difference does it make to u?) which were handled beautifully...i love the "friends with benefits" thing that should and probably will lead to a full blown relationship. But what i most liked about this episode, aside the introduction of the Julie Cooper-Madame-in-the-making story arc, was Kaitlin Cooper. Surprised as i was, Kaitlin made this episode. Riffing on Mean Girls and My Super Sweet Sixteen, the writers sure have a grasp on mainstream mindless pop culture and are using it to their utmost advantage. MiniCoop is quickly becoming a Cooper i can get on board with since the end of the Alex relationship during season two. That was truly the last time that i saw the Marissa COoper i fell in love with from the beginning, and MiniCoop is everything i wish her big sis was...

  • Episodes like this will not only revive the OC, but keep it running for a long, long time.

    Wow. Another great episode. If you quickly examine the "Top Episodes" category of this show, you will notice that the past 3 episodes are in the Top 10 for best overall quality. If you have not tuned in this season, that is an excellent reason to begin watching.

    Writers have carefully sculpted the Ryan/Taylor relationship to nicely play out, as this episode proves. Seth and Summer are looking as chummy as ever, too. For all you Kandy fans out there, this is one not to miss! The truth is that I could rant on and on about the excellent quality of this episode, but what is the point? I continue to say the same thing every week; the script is wonderful, the characters are fantastic, and the show is A+. Indeed, episodes like this will refuel this show.
  • Another great episode from this newly refreshing season.

    Welcome back to quality. It\'s been a while since I could say that since season 3. I was skeptical the first few episodes this season, but I can safely say \"The OC\" is now back on track quality-wise. The reason? Quite simply - Taylor and Caitlin. They are both a joy to watch, Taylor especially as she has this amazing mix of being adorably cute and drop-dead sexy. This episode proved that point too ;)

    It\'s also painfully clear that the once strongest point of the show is (and should) take a backseat to the new refreshing characters. Seth and Summer, while still great characters don\'t seem as fun as they used to be. They\'re still fun to watch, but I found myself wanting to see more Ryan and Taylor.

    The other weak point is with the \"Bullet\". He\'s a weak character that doesn\'t seem to be doing anything for anybody. At most, he\'s a way to further develop Julie, but the guy is just annoying. I hope he goes soon.

    Sandy and Kirsten still have their spark and chemistry carried over from past seasons. They are the show\'s anchor to keep it from going down, as they are always fun to watch.
  • I haven\\\'t been a loyal follower this season but I caught this episode and I just think the O.C. is getting better and better. This episode had all the quirks, and laughs of any old episode, maybe even more.

    Wild parties, lots of drama, jealously, handcuffs, this is the stuff of the O.C. The O.C. never tried to be a hard hitting intellectual show or a mystery drama. The O.C. is a romantic comedy and it accomplished this better than ever with \\\"The Summer Bummer\\\" holding my attention from beggining to end. Ryan and Taylor\\\'s relationship was great for laughs and awwws, I think the show got very creative there. They are not alike in any way and it\\\'s reminisent of the early Seth/Summer opposites thing. Kaitlyn is really coming into her own as a character, she was last season\\\'s villian but now we actually see her as a character, someone to sympathize with. When Spencer tells her to hang out with people her own age, I agreed, and was glad when she did, as it showed who she really was, until now she\\\'s seemed like some kind of one sided flirty adult, much like her mother does sometimes. Seth and Summer had some typical nice moments what with Che and Seth knocking Summer into a pool (you have to watch it to understand that). And Pancakes cracked me up everytime I saw him. I like Che\\\'s actor (Chris someone) from Everwood where he played Bright Abbott, this is a very different character and I think he\\\'s played it well. Lastly the little quirky characters such as a gay water polo player and comic book geek and Spencer\\\'s conserative and not-so-smart father made the episode even better. I think that\\\'s what I\\\'ve missed this season on the O.C. the large supporting cast that aways made me laugh. Great eppy!
  • get on the save the OC Train before its too late.....

    Some how the O.C. keeps pulling tricks out of the bag every week...leading me to say that was the best episode of the season...week after keeps getting better and better...


    Just wanted to give my two cents on the season and yes...this was the best episode topping previous amazing episodes

    Ironically before I saw this episode I tried to create a mental list of the top 10 funny moments and at the time i'd have to say my top fav was when seth and summer are both listening Boyz II Men....that was classic

    But in this episode we might have a challenger....the three "daydream" scenes....are top notch comedy...ryan's facial expressions and acting is hilarious...not to mention the first one where i loved the camera work after it cut out of the daydream....

    ....also helps that taylor was blazzzzin...the butt on the window killed me

    oh and the rest of episode was top notch as yourself a favor if you havent and find a way to watch it

    series classic.....nuff said
  • This is such a feel good episode. Very easy to watch. Kaitlin and Taylor make this episode.

    I enjoyed this episode. Ryan admits his feelings for Taylor. Taylor pays a gay guy to make him jealous. Kaitlin throws a party and shows compassion for her peers. Sandy and Kirstin reaffirm there vows or something. Summer is suspended. Seth tries to get revenge on Che but then Che is all forgiven. Seth and Summer decide to remain in the OC until the next semester. It is a good fun episode without all the drama getting in the way.
  • Kaitlin is having the most amazing party, Ryan finally admits he liks Taylor, Summer is kicked out of Brown because of Che (who is now in Newport) and Seth goes "a la Ryan Atwood".


    I really love this episode. Since "The Cold Turkey" I have loved each moment of the O.C. just like in the first season.
    I think they are doing an amazing job with this seasons (everybody!!) and the story is getting better and better.
    Summer and Seth are kind of coming back of what they were before the Marissa incident, Che is a freak and I love him.
    I still miss old Seth (way more witty) but he is still Seth Cohen.
    I loooooooooooove Julie with the Bullet. She hates him (so much) and he still after her, LOL!
    Kiki and Sandy... love their last scene.
    I didn't like Kaitlin much but after last week and this week's episode she is starting to be really cool.
    And now, my personal favorite part, Ryan and Taylor. I just love all the crazy "fantasias" that Ryan has of Taylor... they are insane!! His reactions to her are amazing and so funny and she is a total freak! (which is sooo cool!!)-
    I think Kirsten is rigth, Taylor is exactly what Ryan needs. They are going to be an amazing couple and no more drama for him (I hope)... but with Taylor the drama always ends up being some kind of crazy and totally unexpected funny situation.
  • Taylor hires her gay friend to make Ryan jealous,Winchester a.k.a. Chaye cuffs himself to Summer and Kaitlin throws a party...

    This is by far the best episode on season 4, love the Ryan-Taylor thing, Ryan's Taylor fantasies were so funny and i've got to say this Autumn Reeser is so hot this season, last season i really hate her but now i love Taylor and i hate Che he's a liar, a coward and a hypocrite and also he got Summer kick-out and make room for Kaitlin Cooper she throws one hell of a party....
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