The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 6

The Swells

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc marrisa thinks johnney has something that ryan does not have and so they start to spend more time togeather and that gets ryan to think something is happening and julie is out to lunch with her new friend charilot only thing when there eating julie discovers the fake ids all of them that charotlot has and learns that she has to throw a big charoty even and she is going to spit the mone with her and they need kirsten to do it this was a good ep i thought and it was very exciting
  • Taylor Townsend the misunderstood.

    The theme here? Brittle relationships. Taylor Townsend, like I've always thought, was a misunderstood character, and to see Seth stick up for her, it was pretty sweet. Definitely will be interesting to see how that storyline will stretch out into as Taylor is going to find for Seth as it seems. How Autumn Reeser acted in this episode was just beautiful; portrayed a thousand words in just a couple of bodily actions. The other storyline, Casey cheating on John, came as a pretty big shot despite all the allusions, but other than that surprise, it wasn't all that great. For once the storyline involving Ryan and Marissa isn't the great in an episode. Sandy's business case with the Newport Group and Charlotte's continuing manipulation were far more interesting. If the side plots were the best pars, speaks how great the episode is.
  • An extremely well-done episode that didn't bore me for 1 split second!

    An extremely well-done episode that didn't bore me for 1 split second! I LOVED most of all the Taylor / Seth / Summer storyline & really felt sorry for her & wasn't even angry at her when she tried to break up Summer & Seth because I understand her & I understand that she's never has friends before & she misunderstood his friendship. I also loved the whole Johnny / Casey / Volcheck / Ryan / Marissa / Chilli / Public School storyline development & really enjoyed watching it. The Kirsten / Julie / Charlotte storyline continued to impress me & I just loved this very fun & very exciting episode to bits! More, More, More please!
  • The OC. Episode 6

    Well, even a piece of wood would have realized that Johnny totally fell for Marissa. Anyway, it will take her just a couple of months to get it. If we’re lucky, of course. :D

    Sandy taking over Newport Group? It sounds really weird. As Seth loving Newport.

    From such a unbearable mother, Taylor was the only possible result. :D

    Ryan has never been much with words but, come on, his girlfriend is upset because of the whole shooting issue - yep, that’s a fresh news about Marissa, she’s upset :D - and he’s only able to tell her to go back to sleep?

    And it turns out that maybe Julie will follow Jimmy’s making-money systems.

    Summer’s “Oh my God, I’m Seth” was definitely a hilarious line. LOL

    Not the best episode ever but still quite good.
  • Very 1st Episode All Season Where I Havent Gotten Bored!! :-)

    Well, This Episode Just Aired In Australia N It's Tha 1st Time All Season I've Realli Enjoyed An Episode N Not Wlked Off Sumwhere N Missed Half Tha Show Cuz I Got Bored...I Think This Season Is Just Gunna Get Better N Better I've Alreadii Read Tha Summaries On Tha O.C. Website N I Cant Wait Til They Air Here!! It Should B Kool!!

    P.S. Seth N Summer 4eva

    P.P.S. John Cena Will Smash Triple H At WM22!!
  • So can I explain her in one word? And is Julie going to give in? What is going to happen with Seth and Summer?

    Ok the lock in! Was a very good episode but like Taylor!!! I did think she was sweet for a minute but how can she even try to split up Seth and Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a uber b****. Sorry but seth and summer are an unbeatable couple, how dare she try and split them up!! And what is up with Jonny? I bet he's in love with Marissa but I doubt she loves him! Casey is a complete cow! How low is it to cheat on your boyfriend with his enemy!!!

    OMG Julie better not give in to Charlotte! Julie's done way too much crap! She's just won back her daughter! No, she won't cos she aint that dumb!

    I also think Ryan was being a bit of a prick! I mean Marissa is like crying and he's all like "Ok well I'll talk in the morning but I'm tired!" What an absolute idiot! I mean I love him but still!

  • The OC is always exciting

    I loved this episode! Although it kinda bothers me every guy falls for Marissa, and I think Ryan is really patient with her... because she\\\'s too nice with her friends... but I was like really excited about the episode, I can\\\'t miss any of The O.C episodes...!! It always makes me laugh, scream and cry!!
  • The begining...............

    This episodw will be seen as the beginig of The OC's great comeback! Watchout! It had everything. The only thing I dislike was the Marissa centreed plot! But I do love marissa, I just wish Johnny was Ryan's new friend, and had nothing but friendship with out fav. GIRL! The OC is amazing!
  • Another great episode for what's turning out to be a great season.

    I loved this episode, it had great character moments for all our major characters. It was fun, funny, sexy and filled with great tunes. Taylor Townsend is the best new character since Anna. Volchok and Ryan are great new adversaries. This was a great episode. I especially loved all the Ryan Summer time.
  • Looks like The O.C. is returning to its season 1 stature.

    Not quite season 1 caliber, but The Swells went a long way to get the show back on track.

    The Ryan-Marissa-Johnny triangle deepened, and not just because Marissa and Johnny grew closer. Ryan and Johnny are starting to become good, platonic (just wanted to clarify considering last season) friends too. Sandy is taking over the Newport Group. There’s a lot of places this plot could go, plus it'll bring the adults back into the storyline. And it looks like Charlotte’s time is finally up (!!!). I have two theories here. Either Julie will expose Charlotte as the fraud she is, or, my personal preference, Julie will take all the money from their fake fundraiser for herself and return to her thrown as The O.C.’s bad girl. (Why did they even bring in Charlotte when they had Julie Copper all along?) A scene between Taylor and her mom went a long way to show us why Taylor is so neurotic. We also saw how low Taylor will sink to get what she wants, i.e., Seth. The tensions Taylor’s scheming will create between Seth and Summer could send Summer back to some of her old friends. This could be a good plot move as long as Summer remains loyal to Marissa.

    Yep, The O.C. is defiantly moving up. I can’t wait ‘till Caitlin returns.
  • Decent Episode but they are skipping over some great emotional moments for love triangle number 12,456

    Please watch the details writers they are so important in the long run. First off where were the Adults at this school sponsered event, when things started flying at Taylor we would definatly have seen them. And couldn't they have written the whole idea of a manditory lock-in better, like it was a graduation requirement they knew was coming up, not a last minute Taylor scheme. And they know about Taylor's affair, wouldn't she be steering clear of the fab four.
    Also why does Seth still reffer to Kirsten and Sandy as MY Dad and MY mom with Ryan after 2 and half years- is he Jealous, if so run with it would be interesting to see those to argue like brothers. I liked that Marissa is still thinking about the shooting and Ryan can't deal yet , (I hope this results in a big emotional scene for him, maybe mix it with the idea that his new mom is an alchoolic too, and have some interaction between him and Kirsten)
    Sandy said that his new partner looked only a few years older then his Son(singular) He even told the annoying Rebecca Bloom that he had 2 kids. -Although maybe he left Ryan out because he does look 26-
    I like Johnny and Marissa's new friends but as friends not love triangle makers.

    A good build up to the next episode. I hope all the emotional fodder with Kirsten and Ryan comes out soon, and his parents get him some help with his temper- Maybe if they try the cliched because were your parents, he'd feel more like a Cohen a start to deal with his issues.
  • The best episode so far this season.

    After watching this episode, it seems that season 3 is going to be really good. When they first introduced Johnny, I knew there was going to be some kind of feelings between him and Marissa. They would be a cute couple, but Marissa and Ryan are meant to be!

    I really liked Summer in this episode. We haven't really seen the side of her that was so concerned about Marissa and Ryan without Seth being there. As much as I love the "Eww!" Summer, the "Hey, Atwood!" one isn't that bad.
  • Liked this one a lot, beginning was awsome

    finally! they are addressing the whole trey issue in an emotional way. its probably just to cause some stuff between ryan and marrisa, but unlike the oliver thing it hasnt just blown over. i loved the opening part with it being fast forwarded and then slowed down, that was cool. i liked the talk with summer and marrisa. also, loved summers pjs. ryan being conflicted about calling her back was good, but i still wish he did. so, johny lost it with his dad. the start of his story was like ryans but ended like marrisas. another way to get marissa and johny closer. ryan punching someone is always good. you know what this episode made me realize? if seth and summer werent going out, summer and ryan would make such a cute couple. kinda random... next episode looks pretty good. nothing in here on the parents, honestly i cant remember much of what happened to them. also, did anyone notice that chille was wearing a shirt seth were in season one? it had the fish on it, he wore it in the beggining of \"The Strip\" i think.
  • This episode was definetely the best episode of this season thus far. It reminded me of the first season. Awesome episode, and i expected it to be once i saw J.J. Philbin's name under writting credits.

    Excelent episode, refreshingly exciting after last weeks borefest. An awesome addition to the series. It was extremely entertaining and cant wait for the next episode...even though they showed what could be the bait shop, which i hated! I knew something was going to happen between Taylor and Seth once they started talking and showing similarities. Not too far off from the similarities Marissa and Johnny were sharing...
  • Great Episode!

    This episode was much better so far in the 3rd season and its more reviling and shocking from Marrissa and johnny to Johnny's Girlfriend hooking up with his surfer buddy and then from Taylor Townsend hittinh on Seth and yes it did bring back some bitter sweet moments from season 1!

    Overall a reavling and great episode

    Can't wait until Next Weeks Episode!
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