The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 20

The Telenovela

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2004 on FOX
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Ryan and Marissa begin their life together as "friends", but both discover that it might be harder to do than to say. Theresa drops into Newport for work, and another visit. Julie and Luke realize the meaning of "booty calls", and Seth and Summer make a declaration.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc marisas mom julie is still dating her friend luke so they have getting togeather more by booty calls. and terresa ryans old girlfriend has to do work in newport and it makes thinks even more compilicated for marisa but they decide to be friends her and ryan but it makes things hard to deal with becasue they were never just friends and so they must have to make work this was a good ep i thought and it had some good moments and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anything elesmoreless
  • Tsk tsk Ryan.

    Love is very complicated and it's something that probably could not be explained, but whatever it is, it's making a very great and entertaining TV show to watch. Although we all saw it coming, Ryan and Theresa hooking up at the end of the episode came as a bit of a surprise. It's good to have conflict but the whole inclusion of Theresa right after the Oliver Trask incident feels like it's forcing the conflict and even unnecessary to a fault. Though what was actually really interesting was Summer and Seth. The whole "embarrassed to be seen with you" scenario that is pretty common in teenage life was portrayed well. What wasn't so common to see was Seth actually doing something about it and doing the most ballsy thing in emo geek history. Speaking as a man, what he did at the end of the episode was incredibly romantic.moreless
  • Loves complicated, sometimes it makes no sense. But somethings in life are clearer then others.

    Ryan and Marissa talk about being friends, but sometimes things sound easier then they actually are. Sandy does a favour for Caleb, and finds out in the process that Caleb didn’t tell him the whole story about what he actually wanted. Seth stands up to Summer about hiding their relationship, and Caleb goes for a booty call with Julie, only to have a door slammed in his face. Ryan picks Marissa and Luke gets called by Julie for another booty call. Summer is scared of losing Seth because she thinks she isn’t good enough for him, and I feel sorry she feels that way about herself. Even though Ryan and Theresa love each other, they know that it’s not meant to be and Theresa goes back to Eddy while Ryan goes back to Marissa (well in a sense). Summer finally gives into Seth’s pleas and acknowledges him in public, but not before Seth insures her he wants to be with her.moreless
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Ryan and Marissa begins their lives as "just friends" in the aftermath of everything that has happened. But they soon find out that it is not as easy as it looks. Things take another turn when Ryan's former flame, Theresa Diaz, show up in Newport to work as a waitress for a special gathering and wants to try to reconcile with him. Meanwhile, Julie and Luke begin having a passionate affair behind everyones backs, while Seth and Summer decide to declare their love for each other.

    - Alexmoreless
  • I hadn't seen this episode in over a year & remembered it being sucky, but I just rewatched it on DVD & it was really entertaining!

    I hadn't seen this episode in over a year & remembered it being sucky, but I just rewatched it on DVD & it was really entertaining! Julie & Luke are having amusing affairs that are quite funny. Ryan, Theresa, Eddie & Marissa are all in a bit of a love square! Anna is back & she made me sad that Seth dumped her as I am just loving her more & more by the episode, she is sweet! Seth is angry at Summer for not loving him in public, so he makes a public affair by asking Summer to stand on a cart & make out with him in front of the whole school! Did anyone see Anna's expression when that happened, it broke my heart. She looked as if she was so happy for Seth, while so sad she lost him & she just looked lonely.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • In this episode, Summer (Rachel Bilson) works on the kissing booth with classmate Brad (Wilson Bethel). They would both later go on to star in The CW's Hart of Dixie.

    • How exactly did Theresa get Seth's number? She says that "Seth's mom gave me this number," but in a later scene, she and Kirsten are seen meeting for the first time.

    • Goof: When Ryan and Theresa are walking along the beach with ice creams, the amount of ice cream is different between shots!

    • Goof: The Galaga game in the student lounge changes position between shots. When you first see Summer playing it, the machine is placed in the middle. The next shot, as Seth comes up to Summer and also for the rest of the episode, the machine is on the left side, as can be seen while Anna and Summer are talking. In a later episode, Galaga is in the middle position again.

    • Goof: When Ryan and Eddie are talking at the autoshop near the end, Eddie says "And I wanna take care of her, do you?". Now the camera switches angle from Eddie to Ryan, but you can still see Eddie from the side and he says "I mean can you?", but you can clearly see there's no muscular movement in his face, he doesn't even open his mouth.

    • Goof: When Ryan and Theresa are talking at the end before he kisses her Theresa's hair is on her face from the wind then in the next shot it is perfectly tucked behind her ear then it is on her face again then goes back to behind her ear.

    • Goof: If you notice when Marissa has lunch at the Cohen's home, Kirsten's postion changes a lot. Sometimes she is closer to the table the other times she's right next to Marissa.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Summer: Well why can't you accept that I'm not comfortable with public displays of affection?
      Seth: You're offering yourself for ten dollars a pop at a kissing booth! How much more publicly can affection be displayed?

    • Ryan: If it's the right thing to do then why don't I want you to leave?
      Theresa: Why don't I wanna leave?

    • Summer: Do you need to stretch so you won't pull a hammy? Or are you ready for your workout?
      Seth: I'm sorry, Summer. I need to take a stand. Okay, this whole seperation of the public and private spheres is not working for me. I can't do it.
      Summer: But I told you how-
      Seth: One day, you know, you might have some MTV-driven radio hits and a little moderately priced teen clothing line. I could get offered $20 million to portray a blind superhero in a red leather unitard. But until then, as long as we're complete faceless nobodies living in obscurity... I can't acknowledge you privately if you're not gonna acknowledge me publicly. So, let me know when you're ready to come to the bargaining table. But until then, you just consider me on strike.
      Summer: Well you'll be crossing your own picket line in no time.
      Seth: Fight the power.

    • Summer: Look, I know there's a strike, but technically... you wouldn't be considered a scab-
      Seth: Summer, don't say scab.
      Summer: If you didn't have to do anything.

    • Sandy: You did musicals? I did a musical myself when I was in college.
      Kirsten: Oh, please, someone stop him before he breaks into "Greased Lightning."
      Seth: Do it, Dad! Travolta's your bitch!

    • Kirsten: I sense sarcasm.
      Seth: Well, you're perceptive, mother.

    • Seth: How was Pittsburgh?
      Anna: Great. It was good to be home.
      Seth: Well it is also the home of Andy Warhol, Mr. Rogers, and ketchup. You can't compete with that.

    • Seth: Hey, I didn't recognize you out of a Speedo. (pause) Not that I would recognize you in a Speedo.

    • Summer: What are you guys gonna do together? Lift weights? Wear a wife beater?

    • Sandy: Considering he is your uncle Sean, don't you think it's a little weird that we have never met?
      Kirsten: He's not really my uncle. And he pretty much works all the time.
      Sandy: Doing what?
      Kirsten: He's a consultant.
      Sandy: Could you please be a little more vague?
      Kirsten: He knows people.
      Sandy: You did it. That was more vague!

    • (on phone)
      Julie: Oh, and Luke...
      Luke: Yeah?
      Julie: This is a booty-call!

    • Julie: Is this a booty call? Caleb: What's a boo-tee call? Julie: It's when you show up at night, unannounced. No apologies. No compliments. No commitments. Just some crappy mini-carns from Ralph's. And the very mistaken idea that I might just want to (door slams). Caleb (to himself): I guess it was a booty call.

    • Seth: First Marissa, then Theresa... who knew Ryan Atwood was so friendly?

    • Jimmy(to Julie): Who would have thought? You spent your whole life trying to be rich and married and the one thing that makes you happy is being single and poor.

    • Seth: ... But Eddie obviously still has feelings for Theresa, which makes this love triangle more of a love rhombus, and somebody's going to get hurt and from Eddie's phone voice, it's gonna be you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The discussion that Kirsten, Sandy, and Seth have about Sandy doing "Grease: the Musical" in college is an inside joke. Peter Gallagher performed in Grease on Broadway.

    • Music:
      "Caught In The Rain" by Preston School of Industry
      "Leaving Trains" by James William Hindle
      "Bluebird of Happiness" by Mojave 3
      "Des Moines" by Halloween, Alaska
      "Something Pretty" by Patrick Park

    • "Telenovela" is the word for "soap opera" in spanish.


    • Seth: ...or lose me forever

      When Seth is asking Summer to declare that they are a couple, this is a play on the line from Top Gun, when Kelly McGillis says to Tom Cruise, Take me to bed or lose me forever.

    • Seth: Someday you know you might have a series of MTV driven hits and a little moderately priced teen clothing line and I might get offered 20 million dollars to portray a blind superhero in a red leather unitard...
      This is another Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez reference. The blind superhero is a reference to the movie Daredevil in which Ben Affleck starred.

    • Kirsten + Seth: Kirsten: Someone stop him before he breaks into Greased Lightning. Seth: Do it, Dad! Travolta's your bitch!
      Grease was a musical based around the lives of Sandy and Danny- two students in a 50s highschool. It was released in the 80s, was recently re-released on DVD and has also been performed numerous times on Broadway.

    • Seth: Overexposer is real problem Ryan think about Summereth, Sethamer.
      Yet another referance to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and the name "Benifer" that was given to the couple by the Hollywood tabloids.

    • Seth: "Victor, the guy with the moustache"
      He is talking about Víctor Izaguirre played by Sergio Goyri in the mexican soup opera 'Niña Amada Mia'. He also makes a reference to Telemundo and Univision, both are latin networks that play this soap opera. Some people think he could be referring to the character Victor Newman, from 'The Young and the Restless', but this soap is not Latin, so it is unlikely.

    • Video Games:

      Summer is playing "Galaga" and Anna is playing "Ms. Pac-Man". Both are popular arcade games that first appeared in 1981. They were also re-released, together, twenty years later as "Class of '81".

    • Summer: Yeah, sure, we're this week's hottest couple, but then the world gets sick of it. The shopping sprees, the strip clubs. People turn against us. How many GC sweatsuits does she need? That goatee is so mid-90's. And pretty soon the movie bombs...
      This is referring to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The movie referred to is "Gigli".

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