The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 13

The Test (aka The Father Knows Best)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • All fiction is autobiographical, but...

    All fiction is autobiographical, but... there are lines that must not be crossed, specifically the line over to flagrant narcissism.

    In this and other recent episodes, Josh Schwartz's character Seth Cohen has become as repulsively narcissistic as Kevin Williamson's character Dawson Leery.

    Schwartz is clearly a very talented writer. His dialogue is masterful. The series as a whole is outstanding. But come on, exercise a little restraint. No one wants to listen to Seth Cohen's endless egocentric whining about "Me, me, me!"
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc seth is continuing his downward spiral after the aftermath of ruining there valentines day night togeathe with zack and summer and marrisa is confronting her fear about her realationship with alex and sandy is still doing the cae with his first love and thing is it makes kirsten question her marriage to sandy and then clabo goes and says that linsay is apart of the family but not without a test this was a good ep i thought and it was very intense and that is why igave it 9 istead of anyting lower then that
  • As always The O.C. delivers.

    Some new interesting developments. Kirsten visiting Rebbecca was sort of a surprise but it really does question where Sandy's heart lies, if he really hasn't gotten over her despite not seeing her for twenty years. You're use to Sandy Cohen making logical decisions, not decisions engineered by his emotions. Though the other interesting story is Lindsay and her situation about getting adopted by Caleb. As weird as it was, Lindsay being Caleb's daughter was a bit intriguing. Surprisingly Ryan didn't have as much of an involvement other than trying to stop the adoption. And Seth still looks like he has the witty and humourous lines in him after a long drought as a result of not getting sleeping over the thought of Zach and Summer having sex. Sandy and Seth Cohen need to step their game up.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    As Sandy continues working on Rebecca's case, Kirsten questions how strong their feelings are for one another. Meanwhile, Seth continues his downward spiral in the aftermath of Zach and Summer's Valentine's night together, while Marissa tries to confront her fear about her relationship with Alex. Also, Caleb offers Lindsay a place in his family, but not without a paternity test.

    - Alex
  • Getting better, still not as good as it was though! :(

    Getting better, still not as good as it was though! :( I loved things about this episode, while hating things about while hating things about this episode, I now HATE Zach, love Seth (more!) & am angry at the Sandy / Kirsten / Rebecca storyline, I really liked the way the Alex / Marissa episode went in this episode though! So it was better than the last episode, but definately not one of my faves! Oh & my fave part of this episode was Lindsay's powerful emotions when Caleb asked for a test, I love her!
  • Caleb offers Lindsay a place in his family but she has to pass a paternity test!

    oh my gosh this episode is one of those that people like me LOVE to see on the O.C. !! its so cleverly plotted (as i said above) and truly brings out the drama the show has to offer! lol the reason i love this show is that everyone would THINK that Lindsay is Calebs daughter but the ending of this show (or the next i cant remember) it really turns that thinking around! its great coz you guess but proves that just because theres evidence in the show that proves something that youre guessing at doesnt mean that youre always gonna be right!!!!!! great episode a true writing of the O.C.
  • "The Test", refers to Caleb’s paternity of Lindsey. Caleb's offers to adopt Lindsay, However, thanks to Julie there is a catch. Also Kirsten acts on her suspicions about Rebecca and Sandy; Seth continues to wallow over Summer and Marissa faces her fear an

    Is THE O.C. a cliché or just trying to become a cliché? Again this week we were presented with a show where little was resolved. Caleb agrees to adopt Lindsay but the adoption is short circuited by Julie. Seth learns that Summer has not had sex with Zach and suddenly he fells better and yet Summer is still going to Italy with Zach. Kirsten continues her jealousy towards Rebecca. Ryan is caught in the middle of Lindsay's drama and Marissa while denying any lesbian tendencies continues her "special friendship" with Alex.

    This episode was an improvement over the recent efforts in that it is centered on one story line but the dialogue was sappy and I just can't get into Kirsten's jealousy. As I've said before Kirsten is competent successful woman whose identity doesn't depend on her identity as Mrs. Cohen.

    I question if the Marissa/Alex story line will continue past sweeps month. Next weeks preview tells us that Marissa will "come out" to her mother. Ah dah! Of course! The excuse for all her bad behavior this season is her anger with her Julie. Look at the history. Julie ran off her father, slept with her old boyfriend, Luke, interfered with her romance with Ryan and is just a general pain in the ass. Hooking up with another girl should get her mother's attention but that is not necessarily going to provide the vengeance she seeks.

    The storyline featuring Seth, Summer and Zach is so tiring. Can't Seth just get on with his life? I find myself rooting for Summer to go to Italy, sleep with Zach and just stay there.

    This episode left me with two images. At the end of the party, Julie stands on the balcony overlooking the party guests and raising her hands (like Evita at the palace singing, "Don't cry for me…") and announces that the reason for the party is to launch The Newport Group's new lifestyle magazine. She tells the guests that; "Newport Living will profile hot Orange County trends, events and fashions as determined by me and my staff of …well me." Vintage Julie. Boy did we miss her when she was in Europe.

    The second is the image of family, Cohen style. This episode ends in the Cohen living room. Sandy enters to find Seth and Ryan watching Hellboy. He asks how was their night. "Sucks! Summer hates me", Seth replies. "How's yours" he asks Ryan. "Lindsay hates me," says Ryan. "Well", he says, "how about some Chinese"?