The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 18

The Undertow

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on FOX
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When an old friend returns to Newport, Ryan decides to help her, which causes problems for him and Sadie. When Summer and Seth run into another rough patch Taylor tries to help them out. Sandy has to deal with more problems with the Newport Group and Marissa must deal with being alone.moreless

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  • Marrisa feels alone.Jes returns and asks for ryans help.

    This episode once again was back to the oc's best. I like sadie as a character and its good that she gets along with summer and seth. Marrisa being alone i think was a good storyline for this episode and with volchock lurking around her i actually thought was good to. the taylor thing was very funny along with the seth and summer thing.

    Once again i hope that it stays this way but i have some doubts.moreless
  • O_o

    Other than the final two episodes of the second season, there isn't an episode that ended the way that this one did; three sex scenes? Too much testosterone for the load to carry. After three seasons you'd think that Marissa and Ryan would change, but nope this episode, along with this entire season, just shows that they're as immature as ever. Ryan doesn't get that people need to deal with their own problems and Marissa is still falling for the wrong guys. After three seasons of not learning from their mistakes you just think of these two as complete idiots who will never change. In the end it was a good episode though just because of the invigorating energy and humour that was brought on when Taylor Townsend tries saving Seth and Summer's sex life.moreless
  • the OC at its best

    this episode finally moves on the story and basically it's hilarious and it makes a quite nice episode.

    Volchok is still fallowing Marissa and he knows why. The end looks like that they even might have a future together, but the trouble is always around the corner. A thing both have in common. It will be interesting to see Julie's reaction on Volchok.

    Sandy is facing the trouble at his company. Well I don't know what his decision will be, but either way it will destroy him or the company. I'm also asking myself if Kirsten might be back in business sooner than thought. I mean when Matt leaves Sandy will need someone more reliable than him and Kirsten can't do her dating thing while Julie is gone and she seems to be married soon, so she won't work anymore…

    Taylor's work was so hilarious, embarrassing for Seth and Summer, very annoying for me, but she was successful! The last talk in this episode between Seth and Summer was so hilarious and sweet the same time. I really liked that! They are such a great couple and finally worked things out.

    Ryan faces the truth about him and tries to move on too, but the ghosts of the past are still hunting him. Sadie really could bet he girl for Ryan. Don't get me wrong, but she's uncomplicated and both try to make their lives better. They really match each other for now. Although Summer is right that she's the complete opposite of Marissa, that could be a problem for Ryan.

    I really enjoyed this episode all parts were nice and the Taylor, Seth and Summer storyline was so hilarious I almost fell of my couch laughing!moreless
  • The OC. Episode 18

    Even though it is as clear as daylight that Jess is back in town in order to make troubles, Ryan can't help rescuing her from the umpteenth bad boyfriend.

    Kirsten was great when she tried to explain Ryan that a girl "who is not tied to some train tracks" doesn't represent exactly the worst thing ever.

    By the way, in the end, - surprise! - it looks like Ryan got this point. Well, that's a shocker.

    Taylor helping Seth and Summer's sex issues was totally hilarious. Besides, Team "Sethummer" is always funny as well.

    Yep, tough time for Sandy. He has to choose between little hot shot Matt and his beloved hospital. Well, I think Matt is a good character, so I'm rooting for him.

    It turns out Marissa's whiny days seem done. After dealing with loneliness, she ended up hooking up with Volchok. No more moping at the pier, Marissa's dark side days might get officially started.

    I can't wait to see Julie's reaction about her new son-in-law.moreless
  • hey i reallly love taylor townsend now.... she is very funny... and at last...... marissa made out with kevin volchek.... wow.... im waiting for this for a long time... because i think volchek is HOT and sexy...moreless


    i reallly love taylor townsend now.... she is very funny...

    and at last...... marissa made out with kevin volchek....

    wow.... im waiting for this for a long time...

    because i think volchek is HOT and sexy...


    anyway.... marissa is a boring character actually... i hope she dies... she didnt deserve for Ryan...

    summer and seth... got sexual problem.. so taylor helps them out using kamasutra books... very funny...

    and jessica... she wants Ryan... I dont know why...

    at last u can seen 3 sexual scenes.... summer n seth... ryan n sadie... and marissa and volchek.... im the fan of volchek........!!!

    vote for eyes!!!!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Seth's trying to come on to Summer).
      Summer: Press PLAY before I break your face.

    • Seth: Is that a no to the Wheelbarrow?
      Summer: I'll Wheelbarrow you.

    • Jess: Here I am. Down a boyfriend. Up a stalker.

    • Sadie: You're still into toy cars? You know I'm gonna choose to find that cute instead of creepy.
      Ryan: It's just something someone gave me.
      Sadie: This wouldn't by any chance have anything to do with that Hooters waitress that showed up at your door yesterday.

    • Taylor: Holy Kodak moment!
      Summer: I guess Seth just aced his Brown interview.
      Taylor: That's fantastic. We're so gonna party tonight. I'll make a flan.
      Summer: You know what, Taylor, Seth and I were thinking about hanging out alone. My dad's out of town, so...
      Taylor: Ah. Say no more. nudging Summer Hm. Hm.
      Summer: What's wrong with your eye?
      Taylor: It's a knowing wink, Summer.

    • Seth: Who knew my new PlayStation idol would be your new girlfr— new...
      Sadie: Friend.
      Seth: Friend... Girl friend.
      Summer: Nice save.
      Sadie: I think friend is the word.
      Ryan: I'm gonna get that.
      Sadie: Nice dodge.
      Ryan: Thanks.

    • Summer: No, I think we're just too embarrassed to face each other. Either that, or he's treading water until he gets to Brown and finds a big pair of pale New England boobs to replace me.

    • (Seth walks in on his parents kissing)
      Seth: Get a room!
      Sandy For your information, kids whose parents are more affectionate in front of them, turn out to be more well- adjusted adults, sexually.
      Seth: What I meant is get a room, my room, and do it in front of me!

    • (Kirsten walks in on Ryan punching a bag)
      Ryan (referring to the music): Too loud?
      Kirsten: No, it's the banging and excessive grunting that I was concerned about!

    • Marissa: The more emotionally unavailable you are, the more you end up wanting each other.

    • Kirsten: Just because a girl isn't tied to some train tracks doesn't mean she should be ignored.

    • Taylor: Don't you worry that Seth's eye will wander? All those young coeds ... You, the familiar old shoe.
      Summer: Um, I'll have you know, Taylor, that I am, like, five levels hotter than him.
      Taylor: Summer, the libido does not listen to logic. At this age, men are driven by a reptilian force ... Spread the seed ... Spread the seed ... Spread the seed ...

    • Taylor: Now, I am not a licensed sex therapist. But my father was, and before he ran away, he used to conduct these sessions with real couples in our basement.

    • Seth: Listen, as we speak, your new, uh, sometimes kinda girlfriend is probably sitting by, cradling a hunk of plaster waiting for you to make a move. So you can either dwell on the past, go see Jess or live for the now. Now go give Sadie a call.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "Argyle Socks" by Scissors 4 Lefty
      "Lover I Don't Have To Love" by Bettie Serveert
      "Inaction" by We Are Scientists
      "Girl And The Sea" by The Presets
      "Don't Pity Me" by Spiderbaby
      "It's Just Cruel" by The National Trust
      "What If's And Maybe's" by Bromheads Jacket


    • In this episode we learn why Trey stole a car in the pilot episode. In the scene when Ryan is talking to Saddie at her house after fighting with Jim, he tells her why Trey gave Ryan a toy car for his birthday. It was because he and Trey used to play with them when they were younger and had planned to save up and buy a car. Once Trey realized this would never happen he decided to steal one.