The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 18

The Undertow

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on FOX

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  • the OC at its best

    this episode finally moves on the story and basically it's hilarious and it makes a quite nice episode.
    Volchok is still fallowing Marissa and he knows why. The end looks like that they even might have a future together, but the trouble is always around the corner. A thing both have in common. It will be interesting to see Julie's reaction on Volchok.

    Sandy is facing the trouble at his company. Well I don't know what his decision will be, but either way it will destroy him or the company. I'm also asking myself if Kirsten might be back in business sooner than thought. I mean when Matt leaves Sandy will need someone more reliable than him and Kirsten can't do her dating thing while Julie is gone and she seems to be married soon, so she won't work anymore…

    Taylor's work was so hilarious, embarrassing for Seth and Summer, very annoying for me, but she was successful! The last talk in this episode between Seth and Summer was so hilarious and sweet the same time. I really liked that! They are such a great couple and finally worked things out.

    Ryan faces the truth about him and tries to move on too, but the ghosts of the past are still hunting him. Sadie really could bet he girl for Ryan. Don't get me wrong, but she's uncomplicated and both try to make their lives better. They really match each other for now. Although Summer is right that she's the complete opposite of Marissa, that could be a problem for Ryan.

    I really enjoyed this episode all parts were nice and the Taylor, Seth and Summer storyline was so hilarious I almost fell of my couch laughing!