The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 2

The Way We Were

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2004 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan and seth return to there house and kirsten and sandy are happey to see them and they think things are going to go back the way they were but thats not going to happen atleast for now summer and marris still having a thing with the pool guy and ryan does not know about it and there are legal prombelms with calob starting again and it could be big this time and that is why i gave this ep a 9 instead of anything lower it was pretty interesting.and it showed alot whats going to be happeing
  • "You like the chase and that's all. So you know what? You can have it." My God absolutely brilliant episode, definitely one of the best and it's a bit sad the other two reviews don't agree with its quality.

    Looks like the whole Seth and Ryan leaving Newport was more of a device to set up the effects of them being away for so long and how it affected their girlfriends. Although it didn't work out so well in the first episode of season two, it brilliantly bounced back in the second episode. It's always interesting how Ryan and Seth have parallel situations; Ryan has an obstacle in this guy named DJ and Seth with one of his very new friend in Zach. The difference here is that Marissa is the one at fault and Seth is the one at fault. Summer's acting when she finally let her feelings loose on Seth was just astonishingly well done. I couldn't keep my eyes off the TV even for a second, it was just so beautifully played out. She isn't as shallow of a character as she was portrayed in the first season.

    And although for the most part the adult side of The O.C. wasn't up to par to the teen bits, things are quickly heating up. Julie is once again eating up all of her husbands' money who is once again facing legal troubles. Although Caleb hasn't been the greatest guy, seeing him getting carried away by the police was actually pretty sad to see. It just shows that no one is perfect and no one is really a bad guy nor good guy; we're all humans who at least deserves some pity.
  • The O.C. improves it's 2nd season but it's still not enough and still not Season 1 quality.

    The episode begins with Ryan and Seth arriving at school to reunite with Marissa and Summer but they don’t. Seth sees that Summer has moved on with his Comic Book club partner Zach. Ryan and Marissa talk and look as if their relationship is back on track until Ryan sees Marissa and DJ kissing. This all leads to the Kick Off Carnival where Seth declares his love for Summer but nearly gets run over. Also Ryan isn’t talking to Marissa. In other news, Hailey tells Jimmy that she’s going to Japan and Caleb gets arrested. The episode was again, average… The O.C. is down in quality and excitement. It was sad to lose Hailey because she was a great character. It was sad to see the four teens apart. Caleb was actually an exciting plotline in this episode so I cant wait for the next one.

    Episode Grade- B.
  • still not happy

    Did anyone spot the obvious product-placement in this epsoide?, here a hint sliver BMW convertable, think about didn't that seem odd, a teenager driving BMW from school to marrisa place, that car would get jack if u leave it in high-school parking lot.

    There not much to say about this epsoide i agree with Summer,Seth only intrested in the chase so glad Summer didn't forgive him but Marrisa's reaction to Ryan returning was predictable but DJ, that's just wrong using that guy for replacement for Ryan, Summer maybe using Zack but i would love to see Seth punch him but he didn't but didn't Zac look like he could take Seth.

    Celeb getting arrested, really reminded of Julie evilness by saying to Sandy u better find a way or ur kids won't be only one without a parent refering Kirsten may be invloved ,Jimmy proposing to Haily,glad she walked away instead of saying yes, i would hated to see another wedding epsoide.

    all in all it was an alright epsoide, ryan becoming an acherict, that's a brillant idea