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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • The note left for Ryan on the kitchen table in his empty house reads "Dear Ryan, Sorry! I just can not handle it anymore. Your stuff is in a bag in your room. Maybe with a little more time" The rest is too small to read.

  • Goof: When Luke arrives at Marissa`s house to pick her up and she`s with Ryan and Sandy you can hear Luke say "Who`s that kid" but his lips don`t move.

  • It is revealed that Sandy originally grew up poor in the bad part of the Bronx, his father wasn't around, his mother worked all the time.

  • Episode punch count: 6

  • Goof: When Holly and Summer leave Marissa laying down in her driveway, Marissa's left arm is placed across her body. However, in the next shot, both arms are down by her sides.

  • Goof: At Holly's party, Ryan grabs an empty cup as Marissa comes up to talk to him. In the next scene, she takes the cup from him and takes a sip of his drink. However, Ryan could not have possibly poured something in his cup that fast.

  • Goof: While Sandy is holding the door open after Ryan comes home at the end and sees a note from his mom, the shadows of some crewmembers can be seen on the ground outside the door.

  • After Summer invites Ryan and Seth to Holly's party and Seth and Ryan start to head towards the jeep you can see Seth limping. This is because he broke his foot a couple weeks before while surfing.

  • Goof: When Sandy and Ryan drive away you can see Marissa from Ryan's point of view, but the trunk is open because of his bike, so he shouldn't have been able to have that view as the trunk would have blocked most of his view.

  • Goof: When Kirsten goes outside to talk to Sandy after he came back from surfing, his hair goes from partially on his head to combed and neat. This happens a few times.

  • Goof: When Ryan and Marissa first meet outside, she asks to "bum a cigarette". When Ryan offers his cigarette to light hers, you can see that it's burnt all the way down in one frame and magically reappears in the next.

  • Goof: When Ryan and Sandy leave to take Ryan back home, it is supposedly the morning. But as they leave, the sun can be seen over Marissa's shoulder, which is the west (because her back is to the ocean). Since the sun sets in the west, it can't be morning.

  • Goof: Near the end when Seth is sitting on that green/white striped couch and kicking the air, the back of the couch is up in one shot and down in the next a few seconds later. It does this a few times throughout the scene.

  • Goof: When Holly and Summer leave Marissa laying on the driveway after the party, Ryan sees her from an "above" view. From that angle, the grass strip in the driveway is in the mid-point of Marissa's back. When Ryan goes down to check on her, her head is laying in the grass strip.

  • Goof: During the drive to Orange County, Ryan's bike is popping out of the trunk. If you notice, it's not there when the car is pulling up in the Cohen driveway.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Model Home

  • From this episode on, people say Rayn burned down the Model Home. But he was pushed by Luke. which actually makes it Luke's fault.

  • Goof: As Jimmy and Julie are watching the basketball game on ESPN Classics, when he refers to the particular game, there is a really bad voice over. His voice says "1986," yet his mouth says "1988."

  • Goof: There were a lot of set changes that appeared in this episode versus the Pilot. This is likely because the Pilot was shot on actual locations, while the rest of the episodes were shot in a closed studio. Some of the noticeable differences were:
    - Seth has totally different stuff on his walls. There is no way a person makes so many changes to his walls in a day while all those things were going on.
    - The decor of the pool house was completely changed. And the backyard didn't have steps in the pilot, but does starting with this episode.
    - The layout of the Cohens' house is different as well. The countertop on the kitchen island was black in the pilot and light colored later. The kitchen table chairs are different. - The mailboxes are different.

  • According to this episode, Summer's birthday is August 13th.

  • Episode punch count: 5

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