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  • Season 2 Episode 14: The Rainy Day Women

  • While stranded at a cheap motel Sandy asks Rebecca "ding dongs or cheese sticks". Ryan offered Marrissa the exact same choice in 'The Escape'. They were also stranded in a cheap motel.

  • Goof: In the first episode of season 2, Seth claims that he pawned his boat in Santa Barbara, it takes about 2 1/2 hour to drive there, so that means it takes about 5 hours to drive to Santa Barbara and home again. Well, if that's the case, Seth would never have made it in time, before Summer was leaving.

  • Goof: Before Sandy calls Kirsten to tell her he won't be making it home, she is lying in bed. Then the phone rings and from the top view you can see the frame is face down on the table. When she answers the phone it is standing up right and she also looks at it.

  • Goof: When they are discussing the mess of their lives over rum and cigars, Kirsten passes the comment "a fugitive, who USED TO BE his ex-girlfriend". You can't "used to be" someone's ex-girlfriend... you're either an "ex", or you're not.

  • Goof: Seth likens the rain to the opening scene of Day After Tomorrow. In fact, the opening scene of that movie takes place on an Antarctic Ice Shelf in perfectly clear weather. The abnormal storms (blizzards, hail, tornadoes, etc) do not occur until somewhat later in the film.

  • Goof: Sandy blames the rain on El Niño (a weather phenomenon that occurs every several years which causes heavy rain storms) but it is not an El Niño season, and anyone on the West Coast of North America knows when it is or isn't an El Niño season.

  • Goof: At the 7.54 mark of the episode look how Ryan tumbles into the room he falls face flat through the window unless he did a double flip there is no way that he landed face first into the floor.

  • Goof: When Summer is on the phone with Seth right after Zach takes her bags, the phone's earpiece switches from under her hair to ontop, and back and forth.

  • Goof: The 7 series Sandy crashed was an E38 model, the one before the E65, which he was driving when he was stopped by the cop.

  • Goof: Seth and Ryan should not be so surprised to see rain outside their windows in the morning. Thunder is heard several times just prior to their going to the windows.

  • Goof: Seth's phone number on Summer's cell phone has a 714 area code when the area code for Newport Beach is 949. Newport used to be 714, but it was changed to 949 in April of 1998.

  • Goof: Sandy drives a new BMW 7 Series. When they showed the front of the car after he crashed it, it wasn't a new 7 Series, but and older BMW. The headlight shape, and turn signal are different from the new 7 Series.

  • Goof: When Seth is hanging upside down from the roof, the rope is around his waist. He would not be hanging vertically. He would be hanging by the waist bent over.

  • Goof: When Kirsten is lying in the bed the picture on the bedside table is obviously from the night of last episodes party (they are wearing the sames clothes) however they are smiling happily for the camera (although they could be posing) but I doubt that they would have taken the photo, gotten it developed in the space of a few days with all their issues going on. Plus I doubt Kirsten would want to put it up given her state of mind.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: The Test (aka The Father ...

  • Caleb wants Lindsay to undergo a DNA test to prove that she is his daughter - in S02EP34 "The Family Ties" Caleb confesses in court (not shown) that Lindsay is his daughter and that is why he was paying money to Renee - wouldn't the judge have required him to take a paternity test then? =/

    --In regards to the comment posted about a judge would have required Caleb to undergo a paternity test: in many states, paternity would only need to be established if the case in question was related to that fact specifically, i.e. child support or custody. Caleb was justifying his reasons for paying Renee. It's quite possible that whatever judge was handling that case didn't even have jurisdiction over juveniles.

  • Goof: At the beginning of this season, Marissa drove a 2005 Mustang GT Hardtop. In this episode, she is in a 2005 Mustang Convertible, exposing a likely deal with Ford to plug their new cars.

  • Goof: Rebecca Bloom scatters her father's ashes in the sea, but as is mentioned many times earlier on in the series, the Blooms are Jewish. Jewish people aren't allowed to be cremated.

  • Goof: California's Health and Safety Code 7117 prohibits scattering of ashes from any bridge or pier. In addition, anyone scattering ashes must register the scattering with the state. Neither Sandy or Rebecca could have done this as the Feds would be waiting.

  • Goof: Julie comments that her new magazine will be "the first magazine to represent the people of Newport Beach". However, in Season One, Julie also said the same thing about 'Riviera Magazine' in the episode "The Perfect Couple."

  • Season 2 Episode 12: The Lonely Hearts Club

  • In this episode, Professor Max Bloom dies. This is the first death on 'The O.C.'

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