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  • Season 2 Episode 23: The O.Sea

  • In this episode we learn that Ryan wrote Theresa letters which apparently she didn't answer, and that she gave birth to a baby boy who she is raising herself. Theresa still doesn't reveal if the father of her baby is Ryan or Eddie.

  • The Mermaid with which you are supposed to have your picture taken at the Under the Sea prom, is the same mermaid which prides the sign of the motel where Theresa stays, and Luke and Julie "meet" up in episode 20 "The Telenovela."

  • Goof: Marissa's plate moves when Ryan is talking to her.

  • Goof: When Ryan and Teresa are walking, Teresa clearly walks past the same car twice!

  • Goof: The same guy walks by Seth and Zach talking in the halls about five times. Unless he was pacing back and forth, that wouldn't work because they were standing still.

  • Goof: When Zach and Seth are sitting down (in that diner place) with Reed, the same people are seen walking back and forwards several times. A woman in a dark peach coloured dress, a larger woman in a white top and black shorts are amongst a few of these recurrings passersby.

  • Season 2 Episode 22: The Showdown

  • The movie playing on the TV when Sandy finds Kirsten passed out is the classic Hitchcock film Dial M For Murder.

  • Seth and Ryan were playing the game "Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" on their PS2 in this episode.

  • Goof: While Ryan and Marissa are making out on his bed, Marissa's bruise from Trey becomes visible, and it appears that Ryan notices it. It looks like he is about to say something before she covers it. Then, he completely ignores it.

  • Goof: When Kirsten is pouring Julie a drink, the fresh glass is on Kirsten's left hand side. When she is pouring the orange juice, it is then on her right hand side.

  • Goof: Marissa was buying a coffee in school. However, in the next scene when she comes out, there is no coffee in her hand. Did she chug it?

  • Goof: When Claire comes in to Kirsten's office with the gift Carter left for her, Kirsten appears to be typing something up on her computer. However, as Claire walks into the office, you can see that Kirsten's screen is blank. Was she faking? Or was that a filming oopsie?

  • Season 2 Episode 21: The Return of the Nana

  • Goof: When Ryan speaks to Marissa (the scene where the drunk teenager flashes in front on him), you can see Marissa's toilet paper padding.

  • Goof: So, when did punching bags start punching back? Or does Summer use mouth protection cause she fears someone will rush into her room and start boxing with her?

  • Goof: When Ryan jumps onto the stage, you can see that he was running and jumped on. After that, the security was probably ready and more alert for people leaving the audience area, which is why they stopped the other guys from rushing Seth.

  • Goof: During the whip cream competition, how come Ryan gets up on the stage so easily, but the guys after Seth are not allowed? It doesn't make sense that the security guards would let some people up but reject others when no one is allowed.

  • Goof: Why would Sandy, Seth, and Ryan take a cab to the airport (Orange County - SNA) when Kirsten could drive them? It's only 15 minutes away, at the most, from Newport, and it would take that long for a taxi to even get to their house!

  • Goof: When Marissa leaves Trey's house to 'get some air', she doesn't have a purse. Though, when they get to the beach, she's suddenly holding one.

  • Season 2 Episode 20: The O.C. Confidential

  • Goof: The charges against Ryan were dropped and that is also the reason he never went to court. Once the charges are dropped, or you come out as not guilty in court, it does not appear in a criminal record.

  • Goof: Why does Zach get to leave but Seth has to stay? You would think since they are partners, they would both have to stay and be wined and dined by the comic book people.

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