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  • Season 2 Episode 16: The Blaze of Glory

  • Goof: The 33.36 point of the show shows Marrisa turning around from Ryan to go but at 33.37 point she is still looking at Ryan.

  • Goof: When Ryan, Marissa, and Summer are sitting at the table for lunch, the camera pans back and forth betwen the three of them. When Marissa says "You'll do it?" Ryan's back is off the chair, but then the camera pans over to Ryan, he is sitting with his back on the chair. Then the camera goes to show the whole group and he's off the chair again.

  • Goof: When we first see Ryan and Seth walking in school, Ryan's left sleeve is much lower than it is when they walk down the stairs and you don't see him adjust it

  • Goof: After Marissa asks Ryan to help with the bonfire, and he agrees, Marissa is about to put a piece of food in her mouth with her right hand. The camera cuts away to show Seth, and Marissa now has a bottle of water in her right hand.

  • Goof: When Ryan goes to Marissa's house to work on the bonfire, he has a bag with Captain Oats in it. When he leaves, he isn't carrying anything. But the next morning, he gives Captain Oats back to Seth.

  • Goof: When Summer is sitting on her bed braiding Marissa's hair, in one shot Summer is almost done braiding and then in the next shot she's in the middle of a next braid.

  • Goof: When Ryan and Seth are sitting on the couch in the family room, the orange pillow is between Ryan and Seth from some camera angles, and on the other side of Ryan from other camera angles.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: The Mallpisode

  • In this episode, we learn Julie starred in a porno when she was younger.

  • The difference between what Julie offers to keep her former porn work secret and what is being asked for is a multiple of ten. ($50,000 to $500,000)

  • Goof: When they realized they're locked in the store room and Summer says the thing about The Valley and "That's how April got pregnant" then Seth says "Oh, it's okay" and Summer looks down, you can tell that Rachel's trying not to laugh, even though it's apparent that Summer's not supposed to find this funny.

  • Goof: Ryan was at the bus station on Saturday morning, planning on taking a bus to Chicago to surprise Lindsay for the weekend. Which weekend? The next weekend? It is a long way from the LA area to Chicago. It has got to be at least 2 days on the bus. Ryan wouldn't get there this weekend.

  • Goof: When Kirsten and Carter are at the restaurant, Carter is pouring a glass of wine and his glass is almost full. But when the camera angle changes, it's only about halfway full.

  • Goof: It is ridiculous that Seth would be able to open the storeroom door from the outside. The entire purpose of locking it is to keep people out so they won't steal things, so there is no way it was unlocked from the outside when it was locked from the inside.

  • Goof: Between the 24 and 25 minute mark, Julie has the brown bag in her left hand and at another camera angle, it is in her right. At yet another camera angle after that, it's back in her left hand.

  • Goof: How did they set up the manikins in the tent so quickly? There wouldn't have been manicans close to the camping section, and Seth made it clear they had to leave right away. It just didn't seem like there would be enough time to do all of that.

  • Goof: Security walks around malls for hours after the mall is closed, perhaps even all night. The gang should have gotten caught when they started to play hockey. Surely that would have created enough noise for security to come running towards the store, or at least see on their camera monitors.

  • Goof: If anyone has ever seen or been inside an air duct, it's very very dusty. Yet these mall air ducts are spotless and clean.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: The Rainy Day Women

  • Episode Gay kiss count: 2

  • Lindsay's full name is "Lindsay Wheeler Gardner".

  • Julie implies that she also had a lesbian "phase" when she was Marissa's age.

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