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The OCD Project

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The OCD Project is a reality show on VH1 that focuses on obsessive-compulsive disorder. Under the supervision of Dr. David Tolin, six OCD suffers move into a house together to face their fears and cure their disorder. The patients consists of Arine, who fears killing pedestrians and contracting HIV, Traci, who fears the the death of her son, Cody, who fears turning into someone he's not, Jerry, who fears that he is a killer, Kevin, who fears that he can kill someone with his thoughts, and Kristen, who fears contamination from everything around her. This unique group has found that OCD makes living a normal life almost impossible, and they are willing to go to extreme measures to get rid of their fears. Dr. Tolin treats the patients with exposures, where he forces them to confront fear head on. Exposures can range from allowing other people to touch your face, to not showering, to spending a day in jail, to eating food that has fallen into a toilet. Although the patients' initial anxiety rate is usually high, it goes down by the end of each exposure, proving to them that there is nothing to fear after all. Although Dr. Tolin's treatment can seem severe, he continually claims that these exposure methods have cured many obsessive-compulsive disorder suffers in the past.moreless

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AIRED ON 7/16/2010

Season 1 : Episode 8

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