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  • Will keep watching for now...

    Thomas Lennon is keeping the show alive because he was so perfectly cast into this role and because of his commitment to it. They need to be very careful about developing a relationship for him too soon, but they already crossed that line. Matthew Perry almost seems to be lethargic at times in his character role. I think the writing is asking for him to seem rebelious, but it comes out lethargic and loses energy. I'm not believing him right now. Anyways, it shows promise if they can get better commitment from Matthew Perry, and maybe help him with timing. Right now, the timing on the jokes is off. I'm waiting to see that improve.
  • Hand twin

    just remembered that the Thomas Lennon was the joye's hand twin from firends
  • Funny

    Even Perry's acting is not world class, I think, the show is very funny!
  • Matthew perry

    Is okay. I have no problem with him. Felix is hysterical at times. Ill keep watching
  • Love it

    I have no idea what people who rate this 1 or 2 are watching. Typical missguided internet hate I guess. It's not edgy by any means but it's funny and entertaining and I highly recommend it to anyone. Also: Give shows time to get into a "groove". Just look how clumsy Friends started off.

    I'd rate the show a solid 8, but give it 10 to counter one of the silly 1.0 and 2.0 votes...
  • What is wrong with you people?

    I grew up with original series and loved it. Matthew Perry is the perfect choice and Thomas Lennon cracks me up. I usually record it so I can watch it twice to make sure I catch all the jokes. Love adding Lauren Graham to the mix. This show makes me smile and laugh.
  • Matthew Perry needs replacement

    Matthew Perry is not a good fit for Oscar, not good chemistry, too artificial . The chemistry is just not there for Matthew Perry.

    If they recast someone else for Oscar, I would go back to watching the show.
  • It upsets me that Matthew Perry is involved in this show

    I am still willing to give it a chance but after the Pilot which seemed little more than a script reading on the actual set. The second episode wasn't much better the only reason I am currently watching it is because I like Matthew Perry, Geoff Stults and Wendell Pierce but something really neess to improve dramatically or this is yet another show where Matthew Perry deserved better.
  • I take it back

    After watching the pilot, I told everyone how horrible I thought it not have anything to do tonight so watched episodes four and five and it seemed to have found myself actually laughing.
  • geting better!

    I live outside USA so not familiar with the original I think the duo has chemistry and it can deliver some hilarious moments! glad tha Perry is making his role to be slow, and not at all team....
  • Not bad


    After the 3rd episode, I gotta say, I find the supporting characters more fun than Perry's Oscar Madison. Pierce and Foley have funnier roles. I think the problem is that Perry's rendition of Oscar Madison is just too .. hyper. Lennon's Felix is better. But i'll give it a chance, it's not all that bad.


    Having watched the odd couple movies with Matthau and Lemmon. and TV shows with Klugman and Randall, I have to say I wasn't too thrilled to see a remake. But I'm giving it a chance, and the pilot wasn't too bad. I did have soem good laughs.

    Perry isn't as gruff as Klugman or Matthau, but he's convincing as a slob. As for Lennon, he's channeling some Randall and Lemmon for sure. He's certainly nerdy. Anyways it's not the same identical dynamic, but it is funny.
  • Felix Cancelled the show

    Its pretty typical sitcom stuff there's nothing wrong with it on the surface. They miss cast Felix that was the downfall, the original odd couple had a natural chemistry these two don't have. I think it would have succeeded had they cast a much older Felix, and made him less stereotypically ***\metro sexual. I think at this point the cliche is offensive to both the straight and gay community. Finally the pilots were missing two fundamental things that almost all successful TV shows have, a practically naked "next door" type girl appearing on screen perhaps for no apparent reason at all ; and secondly the use of a test audience to gauge how loud to make the laugh track... or a live audience, old school reboot after all.
  • canned laughter from hell

    terrible acting. terrible material. terrible laugh track.

    The only good thing was Yvette Nicole Brown (run girl, run away as fast as you can!).

    I managed about 3 minutes before my eyes started bleeding.

    Matthew Perry please get a job as a waiter
  • Strange and Not Good

    I don't know if this is a remake of the classic Odd Couple TV show or something else that inspired it. I was unimpressed by the original, but that's a different review. While I watched something different when I saw this, that doesn't mean that this was better. After watching the pilot episode, I'm not sure that I'll be tuning in again. Matthew Perry has always been over the top with his acting and Thomas Lennon wasn't a good fit for that. A main character only appeared in the first scene so I'm not sure if she'll be treated better in the future or not. While the sister neighbors could be interesting, it becomes obviously instantly what the writers would want out of them, so they are pretty much wasted in this show. I won't be sticking around and if you've never seen it, you won't miss anything by never tuning in.
  • not odd but a couple of other words come to mind

    .... such as unwatchable and drivel, stale and cardboard, flat and anyone else think the odd couple seemed like we were watching a filmed rehearsal run thru of the show, not the actual acting out of the show. Flat and stale. Just terrible.
  • Unwatchable!!

    One of the WORST remakes of all time. These Two Ken Dolls fall way,way, WAY short of being Watchable! Jack Klugman not only looked liked Walter Mathau but they both had a certain look. Same thing with Tony randell and Jack Lemon. If They had Brad Garret as Oscar and Tony Schaloob as Felix, It might have had a chance of being good!
  • Um, wow.

    It's possible that, at some point in the past, I've seen a worse show, but I honestly can't think of what it might have been right now. This was just painful. The ridiculously enthusiastic laugh track served only to highlight just how poor the "jokes" were and made the show come across more as a bad parody of the sit-com genre than a serious attempt to create something worth watching. I wanted to like it, but I've been to funnier funerals.
  • So far a big disappointment.

    First off I was a huge fan of the original. That being said I know it is going to be different but I was ready for that. I think I only chuckled not even laughed a few times. I really want to like this show and will give it another chance. Hopefully after a few episodes I can change my review and be a fan. Perry is good but he's just not a gritty as I want Oscar to be. Lennon does portray Felix more of the way I expected but I'm still not sure. I do like the two sisters that are the neighbors. If they are using the names of Felix and Oscar why are they changing the other characters?
  • Looks like ***

    and no one here will remember Jack Klugman or Tony Randall in the definitive Odd Couple.