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The Odd Couple

Season 3 Episode 2

Big Mouth

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1972 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Oscar and TV sports legend Howard Cosell engage in a tongue-to-tongue showdown.

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  • Felix is taking pictures of Howard Cosell when Oscar starts a fight which results in Cosell leaving. Oscar apologizes but Felix then gets Cosell mad. Felix eventually apologizes, but in between is a column insulting Cosell, and Cosell humiliating Oscar.moreless

    The first really great guest star episode(the David Steinberg episode was good, not quite great). Cosell really seems to enjoy poking fun at his image. And its hilarious that both roommates get Howard mad in their own way. Howards "inane drone" reference to Felix is classic and pure Cosell. And the scene in the booth during the Dallas game with the Boy Scout is just hilarious. Oscars silence and Felixs over the top announcing are terrific. It shows that with certain guest stars, the 2 men can be just as funny with others as they are together. And the sports tie-in really works here, because Oscar as a sportswriter would certainly come in contact with TV announcers at some point. its when they try stretching credibilty that the guest star shows dont work(Felix doing an act with Dick Dawson? Are you kidding me?)moreless
Howard Cosell

Howard Cosell


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Ray Ballard

Ray Ballard

Mr. Crane

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Susan Moffat

Susan Moffat


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Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall

Myrna Turner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Felix's claim that he was voted most likely to succeed contradicts previous episode "Gloria, Hallelujah," where Felix said he would have won "cutest boy" but nobody was allowed to win more than once and he already had a home economics award.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Howard Cosell: (getting up to leave) And so another long day's journey into night for the gifted one, when he had to surmount the mediocrities around him. But at least on this occasion, the exposure to the whole American public of the utter paucity of talent of a given sportswriter and a given photographer. To paraphrase John Keats in his final letter to Fanny Braun, "Fare thee well, friends. I could never gracefully bow."

    • Felix: I have my pride!
      Oscar: I have my pride and I went down, humbled myself for you.
      Felix: Ah! That's different.
      Oscar: Why's that different?
      Felix: Because that was your pride. This is my pride!

    • Felix: Once, my voice was a nasal twang just like yours.
      Howard Cosell: That "nasal twang" is the single most identifiable voice in all broadcasting!

    • Oscar: How did you get in the press box?
      Felix: I said I was a friend of yours.
      Oscar: You shouldn't lie, Felix.

    • Felix: I already cooked dinner.
      Oscar: You did?
      Felix: Your favorite.
      Oscar: Lasagna and french fries?

    • Felix: (reading Oscar's column) "An open apology to Howard Cosell. Dear Howard. I admit writing in the past columns that fans have called you, among other things, a babbling baboon, Gentleman Jerk, the Mouth that Roared, Kid Nausea, etc., etc. I must apologize. That's not what the fans call you. That's what... that's what your friends call you! What the fans think of you cannot be printed..."

    • Felix: Oscar, my career is just getting ready to zoom! Did you know that in high school, I was voted most likely to succeed? Even the judge said that my divorce was the best one he ever presided over.

    • Howard Cosell: Don't be jealous of me, Madison. After all, someday, somebody will ask you to endorse something. Like illiteracy.

    • Howard Cosell: Did he ever tell you how we met? The press box is right next to the broadcast booth. One day, I went over to drop an empty cookie box in the garbage and it turned out to be his desk.
      Oscar: I remember where you got those cookies. You mugged a Girl Scout.

    • Oscar: What do you know about writing? Writing takes skill!
      Howard Cosell: And don't you wish you had some.

    • Felix: He called me an inane drone!
      Oscar: What's an inane drone?
      Felix: Well, it's a dull bee.
      Oscar: You are an inane drone!

    • (Cosell surprises Oscar by putting a live microphone in front of him. Oscar freezes.)
      Howard Cosell: There's nothing wrong with your sets, ladies and gentlemen. It's just Oscar Madison telling the fans all he knows about football.

    • Felix: "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins"

  • NOTES (1)

    • This is the first of two apperances by TV sports legend Howard Cosell. The second appearance was in episode #107, "Your Mother Wears Army Boots".