The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 18

Bunny is Missing Down by the Lake

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 1971 on ABC
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Oscar and a lovesick Felix go for a weekend in the woods, which is interrupted by a lost girls' troop.

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  • this one is not exactly one of the best. Oscar and Felix go spend some days on a cabin, where they encounter a woman, and 3 little girls, one of whom has a crush on Felixmoreless

    although this has some laughs in it, like the lines posted above, this was not my favourite storyline. I mean the idea that some little girl, would take an interest on Felix, just because they share some common interests, that the other girls of her age don't, making them both outcasts in the group, it's not a very good reason for the little girl to feel jealous of Felix's attention to the woman they share the cabin with.

    some might say it's a sweet story, but I didn't feel it had the necessary appeal to it to make it interesting. perhaps if they had made it a 2 parter, which this episodes away from "home" usually are.. but the OC is probably the only sitcom I know that didn't do 2 parters.


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    • Felix: You lost the compass?
      Oscar: Yeah, I lost the compass. Listen, I got scared when that wild animal ran by. I dropped it in the lake.
      Felix: That "wild animal" was a rabbit.
      Oscar: Yeah, well, I hear they're very poisonous!

    • Oscar: You like Davy Crockett better than Daniel Boone?
      Felix: Yeah. History has it that he was an excellent cook.
      Oscar: Davy Crockett? C'mon, will you, Felix?
      Felix: Yeah, and despite what happened at the Alamo, his specialty was Mexican food.

    • Oscar: Felix, where's your pioneer spirit? Didn't you ever fight the elements?
      Felix: Yeah, and they always beat me badly, too.

    • Felix: You call this clean?
      Oscar: So it's a little rustic.
      Felix: To you, a garbage scow is rustic.
      Oscar: Abraham Lincoln lived like this!
      Felix: That's why he wanted to be president so much. So he could move!

    • Felix: An ex-wife is not something you can neatly tuck away in the back of your mind.
      Oscar: If anybody can tuck it away neatly, Felix, it's you.

    • Bunny: "Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo?"

      Felix: "Deny thy father and refuse thy name..."

      Oscar: "Whatever happened to, help, I'm over here!"

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