The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 11

Felix is Missing

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1970 on ABC

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  • Felix has to go out on a late night photo shoot, and leaves a note which Oscar somehow misses, and Felix is thought to be dead. The cops think Oscar did him in, though there is no body. But Felix turns up and all is back to normal.

    Having the 1st season of this series on DVD affords me the opportunity to take another look at episodes I may not have thought strongly about the first time I saw and gives me the chance to re-evaluate. This was one. However seeing it again doesnt change my original belief that this was one of the weakest 1st season episodes. Just the assumption by the cops that Oscar could have been capable of murder takes this show down a path that is too dark to believe. Then add the fact that there was no body and so much conclusion jumping made this episode completely absurd. Now if there had been some build up first, perhaps an argument between Felix and Oscar, perhaps it might have worked, but this is one of the few episodes in the whole series where there is virtually no interaction at all between them through the entire episode.And possibly thats another reason it is so weak, because there is no tension between the room mates in this episodes. While this show could do dark humor as well as any show of the period, I dont think Im ready for it to be THAT dark!
  • After two weak episodes before this one, this one improved on it to bring a fine episode.

    Now this is what the Odd Couple is all about. Funny situations with funny people. Oscar leaves the apartment on a date and Felix is at home. Felix gets a call to fly to Canada for a very important magazine cover. He hops on a plane and leaves Oscar a note on his bed stand explaining where he is. Oscar comes back late and does not see what the note is so he smashes it up and throws it away. The next morning he realizes he isn\'t there. Then on the weekly poker game everyone is worried about him and they try to look for a note or anything. At first everyone but Oscar thinks he might have committed suicide but then Murray comes in saying they found his wallet on a dead man. Meanwhile Felix is snowed in with two beautiful girls having the time of his life. The dead body doesn\'t turn out to be Felix (of course) but now the police are involved so they think Oscar killed him. Speed and everyone else point out how at different points he said he could kill him. They go to the apartment to find Felix honking and alright. Very intense funny and well rounded. Has everything the makes the Odd Couple, odd. Highly recommended episode.
  • Felix goes on a last minute assignment. Leaves, Oscar a note but Oscar unknowingly throws it away. After not hearing from Felix Oscar fears that Felix is missing.

    I somewhat agree and say this is not one of the better episodes; it still orchestrates the humor of this show. There are some really funny scenes. When in the morgue and Oscar has to identify the body of felix. The Dialogue is pretty amusing. Especially when it turns out that person who was identified is not Felix just has Felix's wallet
  • Felix gets Snowbond while on a job, with Ruddy (Albert Brooks)and a beautiful model, while Oscar and the poker buddies look for him in NY, and Oscar becomes a suspect, when the poker buddies tell the cops of some of the times he threatened Felix's life.

    not much more to say about this one. the only things I liked about this episode were the Albert Brooks scenes, with some funny dialogue, and some side references to the odd couple movie (at the time the only one), when some of the buddies fear Felix has tried to comit suicide again. other than that, some of the dialogue in the police station was funny, and the fact that the police sargent has his own poker game is amusing, but this one is clearly not one of the series finnest. this season has many episodes that are way better than this