The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 11

Felix is Missing

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1970 on ABC

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  • Felix gets Snowbond while on a job, with Ruddy (Albert Brooks)and a beautiful model, while Oscar and the poker buddies look for him in NY, and Oscar becomes a suspect, when the poker buddies tell the cops of some of the times he threatened Felix's life.

    not much more to say about this one. the only things I liked about this episode were the Albert Brooks scenes, with some funny dialogue, and some side references to the odd couple movie (at the time the only one), when some of the buddies fear Felix has tried to comit suicide again. other than that, some of the dialogue in the police station was funny, and the fact that the police sargent has his own poker game is amusing, but this one is clearly not one of the series finnest. this season has many episodes that are way better than this
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