The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 11

Felix is Missing

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1970 on ABC



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    • Oscar: (after Felix scrubs his phone numbers off the wall) Felix, that was not a mess. Those were my hot numbers!
      Felix: This is no place to put 'em down.
      Oscar: Well, some people have little black books. But you could lose little black books. I never thought I could lose a wall!

    • Oscar: Besides, if Felix was going to end it all, he'd leave a note, neatly typed and in three volumes. He leaves a note when he goes to empty the trash!

    • Oscar: (pulling a suit from Felix's closet) Alright, that proves it. You satisfied? Felix didn't commit suicide.
      Roy: It's a black suit. What does that prove?
      Oscar: Well, Felix always wears his black suit for formal functions -- like funerals, weddings and suicides.

    • Rudy: Unger, this is a fast-paced, happening world. There are [sic] no time for formalities. Why do you think advertising has accepted me in such a big way?
      Felix: Because your father-in-law owns the agency.
      Rudy: Yeah, but he knows his daughter married a today guy!

    • Oscar: When my ex-wife used to have to have too much to drink, she'd put on her ballet shoes and do "Swan Lake." How I used to pray for a real lake so she would fall in! And a hungry crocodile would come along...

    • Roy: "Looks like Wall Street after a ticker tape parade."

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