The Odd Couple

Season 5 Episode 22

Felix Remarries

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 1975 on ABC

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  • Felix makes a last ditch effort to get Gloria to take him back. When he ends up sleeping in Oscars room, that convinces her to agree to remarry him. So they get remarried, bringing a close to the series.

    So one of the more underappreciated(at least during its run) sitcoms of all time reaches the end of its run and does it by tying up its biggest loose end
    Today, with series ending by saying goodbye a common practice, its easy to forget that in 1975, when The Odd Couple closed its doors with real closure, no one else had ever really done it. Most series would get cancelled before having a chance to say goodbye. Only 2 series before TOC ended their runs by saying goodbye(sort of) The Dick Van Dyke Show ended its run by having episodes showcasing each of the major characters, climaxing with an episode parodying Westerns with broad comedy it had pretty much avoided during the series run, with cameos by some of the writers(which included Garry Marshall and Jerry Belson, TOC creators). The Andy Griffith Show ended its run by handing off the baton to Ken Berrys Sam Jones character in the final episode, but in the first episode of the Griffith-less Mayberry RFD, it featured Andy finally marrying Helen Crump and even Barney Fife got to say goodbye, so it was sort of a goodbye. But, most sitcoms just ended with nothing special. Gilligans Island left the air with the castaways still there(though they would be rescued in a made for TV movie 10 years later), My Favorite Martian ended with Martin still trying to fix his space ship(for all I know, he might STILL be here!) But The Odd Couple changed that. When it became clear that ABC would not be renewing it, the producers decided to get Felix and Gloria back together.

    Its a funny episode with Oscars attempt to make dinner for himself(Goop melange!)And Felix's attempts to eat his dinner make for a great scene. When Oscar suggests his usuall solution(dumping ketsup all over it), Felix retorts, "Thats what was missing, RED!"
    Theres also a great running gag about dinner rolls in Oscars closet. And when the pipes start leaking during the wedding, Felix freaks even though it wont be his problem in a few hours. One of the things I like is the restraint Felix shows in this episode, which brings me to the subject fans of the shows have probaly mulled over since the shows the demise. Will Felix be back? I always thought it was fun to speculate. When they made the reunion movie in 1993, it suggests that maybe this time Felix did change.
    Heres what I think. In this episode Felix seems really sincere about changing. He gets mad at Oscar about the ice, but he is able to hold his tongue about his feelings about her taste in clothes(to Oscar: "Did you see that dress?" And he controls himself dealing with Gloria allowing Leonard to eat candy. And in the final scene where he dumps out the garbage container, although he does return after Oscar says, "Im not going to pick it up!", just the fact that he did it in the first place without being told shows hes made great progress. Compare this to a scene in the pilot when Felix tries dumping garbage on the carpet. He does, but it is very hard for him and again, he returns to pick it up, where Oscar is standing right there. But it shows he is making a sincere effort. Of course, it was doubtful he would become like Oscar, but I think he shows a willingness to be more tolerant and Gloria was going to be more tolerant of him too. Id like to think that although it wouldnt be easy, maybe this time it worked out in the end. I consider myself an optimist, so I think they stayed together, because of the time Felix spent with Oscar, he could appreciate how others see him and try to do better. I think ultimately, thats what The Odd Couple was about, 2 men, learning to deal with each others faults and trying to be more tolerant, not just of each other, but the world in general. As for Oscar, I think he lived sloppily ever after. And he was probaly a better person thanks to his relationship with Felix. Oh yes, another warning about a musical edit, though this one is minor compared to others Ive mentioned. In the scene when Oscar realizes that Felix is married and finally out of the apartment, he starts dancing under the leaking roof, starts a rendition of "Singin' in the Rain". Except on the DVD, it cuts off just before he starts dancing. Its not as abrupt as some of the other cuts, but I do kind of wished they couldve found a way to keep the dancing in here. Its a funny and, for Oscar, a triumphant moment. But thats a minor quibble. I am aware of the realities of releasing these DVDs to the public, so I can live with that. I can finally say I have every episode of this series. And I hope other people can see what a wonderful series this was. It doesnt have the topical or political humor of an All in the Family or the dark, serious humor of MASH, nor is it juvenile the way Gilligans Island or The Brady Bunch. But look at shows like Cheers, Taxi, Frasier, which were about the human condition. Personally, I think these shows owe just as much to The Odd Couple as they do to their antecedents like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Bob Newhart Show. Later Garry Marshall shows like Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy seemed to play a bit too broadly for my tastes, but The Odd Couple remains Marshalls masterpiece. The more I watch it, the more I appreciate how brillant it was.