The Odd Couple

Season 4 Episode 1

Gloria Moves In

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1973 on ABC



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    • Oscar: Whaddaya got?
      Felix: (drunk) Three queens.
      Oscar: Felix, you don't have three queens.
      Felix: Two queens.
      Oscar: You don't have any queens!
      Felix: Two effeminate nines?

    • Murray: Time for Roger to go home.
      Oscar: What happened?
      Murray: He's got early duty tomorrow and he's got to get his eight hours sleep. It says so in the police rookie manual.
      Oscar: You're gonna be here, you're not going to get eight hours sleep!
      Murray: Oh, I sleep in the patrol car.

    • Felix: I could have been here sooner, fellas, but I thought, "Why should I impose all this misery on my friends." Then I thought, "Why not?"

  • Notes

    • Debut of new opening and closing titles. The new opening titles feature clips from previous episodes while the new end titles show Felix and Oscar arguing over a cigar butt Oscar discards into a fountain.

    • This episode was reused, practicly word for word, as a script for 1982's short livedThe New Odd Couple. One change however WAS made - the title was changed to "Francis Moves In" since that show changed Felix's wife's name back to Francis as it was in the movie and play.

    • Show moves to Fridays at 8:30 P.M.

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