The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 10

It's All Over Now, Baby Bird

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1970 on ABC

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  • Felixs pet parrot Albert passes away,and he blames Oscar,so Oscar tries to help to find a proper resting place.They end up at a pet cemetary,where after haggling and going through a funeral,Albert turns out to be alive(He was only in a coma!)

    This darkly humorous episode remains one of the funnist in the series,from Oscar and Felixs attempts to bury Albert to the pet cemetary,which climaxes in the discovery that Albert is still alive.There is some great satirical looks at death and funerals.The scene at the funeral after Albert is found alive is priceless.In order to get his moneys worth,Oscar is forced to kill his "pet" fly,Sol!That scene still makes laugh so hard it hurts.Although the plot is somewhat a departure from the usual 'fight but still remember the friendship' episodes that are usually among the best episodes,and we never see Albert again(I prefer to think he really did go on to die,or Oscar killed him),I love the satire.