The Odd Couple

Season 3 Episode 19

My Strife in Court

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1973 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Felix becomes lawyer to himself and Oscar after they get charged with ticket scalping.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Felix was voted "the boy most likely to interrupt" in his high school yearbook. This is the latest in a series of claims from previous episodes, including "most likely to succeed" and "most limber."

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Felix: Your Honor, you're a very understanding man and I just wanted you to know I appreciate it. You're very long-suffering and very forebearing. There's one thing. You have a tendency to mumble when you talk. You're the judge. Exert your authority. Speak louder.
        Judge: GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!!

      • Oscar: Mr. Unger, when you went to grammar school, what was your nickname?
        Felix: I don't see...
        Oscar: Answer the question, please.
        Felix: (softly) Felix the pest.
        Oscar: Huh? I didn't hear you. Louder.
        Felix: Felix the pest.
        Oscar: And what did your high school yearbook say about you?
        Felix: I was voted the "Boy Most Likely to Interrupt."
        Oscar: And when you went to a marriage counselor, what happened?
        Felix: He kicked me out of his office.
        Oscar: And?
        Felix: He wrote on my chart: "Lunatic."
        Oscar: And what were the specific grounds for your divorce that set a legal precedent in the state of New York?
        Felix: Pestiness. My wife swore under oath I was a pest.

      • Judge: Mr. Unger, we have two choices -- guilty or not guilty. Justice has a short menu.

      • Judge: I want to take a minute to decide this case. And then I want to take another minute to see if I still want to be a judge.

      • Felix: Mr. Madison, will you tell the court why there was an extra ticket?
        Oscar: Can I object?
        Judge: No. Only your lawyer can object.
        Felix: Answer the question, Mr. Madison.
        Oscar: I refuse to answer the question on the grounds that I don't wanna answer the question!
        Felix: You're ruining my defense!
        Oscar: I don't care! You're ruining my life!
        Judge: Answer, Mr. Madison. I have killers patiently waiting their turn.

      • Felix: Miss Olam, you should never assume! (scribbling on blackboard) Because, when you assume, you make an ASS of U and ME!

      • (witness recounts what she said at the theater)
        Felix: That's what she said!
        Judge: I believe it. Get on with it.
        Felix: You're hearing this?
        Judge: Can I help it?

      • Felix: Your Honor, it is the contention of the defense that in their trafficking with the witness, the co-defendants had not one iota of avarice, not one scintilla of cupidity for fiscal increment.
        Judge: Mr. Unger, could you talk faster or smaller?
        Felix: Objection sustained.

      • Felix: We don't need a lawyer. I'm handling this case. And we'll plead "not guilty."
        Oscar: Oh, boy. (heads for kitchen)
        Felix: Where're you going?
        Oscar: Get some butter.
        Felix: What for?
        Oscar: To go with the bread and water.

      • Oscar: (on phone) Listen, Rhoda, I got great tickets tonight for the hottest show on Broadway, "Kiss My Face," and you're the only one I'd consider taking. Yeah. Oh. Well, can't you postpone it? Can't you push it back one day? Oh, sure. Okay. And congratulations. I'm sure you'll make a pretty bride.

      • Oscar: (on phone) Hello, Phyllis? This is Oscar. Listen, I just got my hands on tickets to the hottest show on Broadway, "Kiss My Face." Yeah. Now the only one I considered taking was you. I mean, you got the style, you got the class, you got the dresses. Yeah. So you're the only one I would consider taking. Tonight. You can't make it? Well, don't worry. I'll get somebody else.

      • (Oscar plots to invite a girl to a very popular play)
        Felix: This is unbelievable. Unbelievable! The playwright struggles for two years with this script. Finally, when he's finished his masterpiece, he slumps over the typewriter exhausted and says, "Good. Now Oscar Madison can score."
        Oscar: So I can't let him down, huh?

    • NOTES (1)

      • This episode's script would be reused nearly verbatim (including the famous 'assume' bit) as an episode of 1982's short lived The New Odd Couple.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The two women Oscar calls on the phone are named Phyllis and Rhoda. This is a possible tip of the hat to contemporary CBS sitcom, Mary Tyler Moore, where Mary's closest female friends were Phyllis Lindstrom and Rhoda Morgenstern. Each supporting character was eventually spun-off into her own series.