The Odd Couple

Season 4 Episode 21

New York's Oddest

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1974 on ABC



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    • Felix: I was standing there, this woman said, "Please, help me, I'm having a baby!" Nobody paid any attention! People walked just -- they just went right by! I had to put a dime in the parking meter to keep somebody from parking on her!

    • Murray: (seeing Felix fainted on the floor) Oscar! Well, you finally did it, huh?

    • Oscar: (helping a fainted Felix) Loosen his tie!
      Murray: It's hard. It's a double Windsor knot!

    • Felix: Oh, Murray! What's wrong with people? They walk right by crime, accidents, pregnancy. The only thing they'll stop for is a suicide. People love to yell, "Jump!"

    • Oscar: I got robbed! Where's Murray?
      Felix: What?! What happened?! Where? Who? Why?
      Oscar: On the corner. I was trying to hail a cab to get to the hockey game.
      Felix: And a guy just came and stuck you up?
      Oscar: He even introduced himself. He said, "Hi, my name is Phil, hand over your wallet." Then two guys ran from across the street.
      Felix: Did they come and help you?
      Oscar: No! They took my cab!

    • Sergeant Chomsky: We are going to have a judo class. I am going to be the instructor. I do not want any volunteer. (pointing at Felix) I want you!

    • Felix: Let me see your hands. (Oscar shows them) Good. They're clean.
      Oscar: What difference does that make?
      Felix: Well, if you frisk a man, you don't want to soil his clothing, do you?

    • Felix: Cover me, Oscar.
      Oscar: With what? My hat?

    • Felix: (told about Civilian Reserves) I want to join those classes. You should, too. You'd be a better citizen.
      Oscar: I'm a good citizen. I vote. I cross at the green, not in between. I post no bills.

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