The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 21

Oscar's New Life

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 1971 on ABC

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  • this is another great example of OC comedy. after being fired from the New York Hareld (again) Oscar finds a job on a playboy type magazine, with all of it's perks and luxury. but his heart soon goes back to sports...

    After a little disagreement with his editor, Oscar's fired. of course he knows it's temporary, and they'll call him to come back very soon. well they would have if Felix didn't stick his nose in it and annoyed the editor with his usual funny ways.
    that really puts Oscar out of work, which leads him to find work for a Playboy/Hugh Hefner type of magazine, with a false bookshelf that opens into a bedroom, a 5 tv panel, a big office and beautiful girls. of course this episode is dated by the ancient technology, today it would have to be done with a different degree of technology around the office. nevertheless it has some nice moments, for instance the scenes in the editor's office (played by the chief of "Get Smart". the fact that he put his painter nephew writting on Oscar's column is very funny :D
    it's also nice to see Felix Enjoying the lavish party, and Oscar being miserable for a change, normally it's the other way around. funny episode
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