The Odd Couple

Season 2 Episode 19

Partner's Investment

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1972 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Guest star Pat Morita and series regular Al Molinaro would go on to roles as the owners of Arnold's Drive-In in Happy Days, with Morita as "Arnold" and Molinaro as his successor, "Big Al."

    • This episode contradicts "The Odd Couple Meet Their Host," where Oscar said Felix was a prisoner of war in a German camp. Here, Felix served in the Pacific theater rather than the European theater.

    • Felix was a second lieutenant at Guadalcanal.

  • Quotes

    • Yamata: I think I get real silent partner. Maybe Howard Hughes.

    • Felix: How'd you get lost?
      Yamata: I was kamikaze pilot. I got nervous and make safe landing.
      Felix: Why didn't you go back?
      Yamata: They only gave me one-way map.

    • Yamata: (at Guadalcanal) Don't believe everything you hear. They told me I'd be making love to Betty Grable on White House lawn by Christmas.

    • Yamata: I have a takeout tray that is dynamite with the college crowd. They think it is hip to eat Nip.

    • Yamata: Mr. Unger a very fine gentleman. In Japan, he would be considered most honorable man.
      Oscar: Over here, he's considered a pest.

    • Felix: This is the authentic Japanese cooking. They prepare the food at the table.
      Oscar: Can't they afford a kitchen?

    • Felix: I invested it.
      Oscar: In what?
      Felix: In something as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar and rooted in the basic needs of the American people.
      Oscar: What?
      Felix: A Japanese restaurant.

    • Murray: I wish Felix was my best friend.
      Oscar: How do you want him, dead or alive?

    • Murray: I never bet on the ponies. There's only one sport I bet on.
      Oscar: What's that?
      Murray: Professional wrestling.

    • Felix: How dare you?
      Oscar: How dare me?
      Felix: To accuse me of pilferage for personal aggrandizement.
      Oscar: Well, what did you do with the money, gave it to nasal research?

  • Notes

    • Although Pat Morita's character is called "Yamata-san" all through the episode, the end credits credit Morita as "Mr. Wing."

  • Allusions

    • Oscar calls Murray "Tokyo Nose," after the infamous World War II Japanese broadcast propagandist, Tokyo Rose.