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The Odd Couple

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1972 on ABC
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Episode Summary

When Password host Allen Ludden invites Oscar to be a celebrity guest on his show, show super-fan Felix pesters Oscar to let him be his partner.

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  • Sitcom Meets Game Show

    Whether it's a real or fictional game show, this storyline works.

    And remember, Aristophanes is ridiculous!
  • Oscar and Felix play TV's hottest game show to disasterous results!

    Without question the best episode of the series and probably the 3rd greatest sitcom episode ever behind Seinfeld's masturbation episode and WKRP's Turkey Giveaway episode. Oscar and Felix are THE best duo on any TV show and that includes Lucy and Ethel. Period! ABC had no idea what it had in the Odd Couple and often moved it around instead of riding out its own time slot. Too often it was hard to find and suffered because of it. The best episodes often had guest stars but the real comedy was between 2 men that generally loved and cared for each other even though each one was the others exact opposite. You do not get TV like this anymore.moreless
Allen Ludden

Allen Ludden


Guest Star

Betty White

Betty White


Guest Star

Ronda Copland

Ronda Copland

Mitzi Ferguson

Guest Star

Al Molinaro

Al Molinaro

Murray Greshler

Recurring Role

Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall

Myrna Turner

Recurring Role

Elinor Donahue

Elinor Donahue

Miriam Welby

Recurring Role

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    • (Felix sets up a Password practice area)
      Felix: Now, you're going to be Allen Ludden.
      Miriam: Oh, what fun!
      Myrna: Could you be Monty Hall instead? I always wanted to dress like a chicken. Heheheh.

    • Allen Ludden: And so we have to say goodbye to Felix Unger. Thank you very much for coming to play our game.
      Felix: Why???
      Allen Ludden: Because you lost.
      Felix: No, sirree! My clue is good, I can prove it!
      Allen Ludden: Sorry, we've got to move along to a new player, but we'll give you a copy of our home game.
      Felix: I've got two copies of your home game. I've got one in my car! I don't understand this!
      Allen Ludden: Thank you very much, Felix Unger, now if you would just relinquish your chair.
      Felix: Chair! Seat! Aw, please! Oh, just give me one more chance! Please! Oh, what a gyp!
      Allen Ludden: And for all of you playing with us at home -- I'm terribly sorry.

    • Oscar: We're losing here! Now, come on, let's go to get together!
      Felix: Why do you think I'm giving you these great clues?
      Oscar: Great clues??? If Charlie Chan had these clues, he'd be running a laundry!

    • (Felix gives Aristophanes as a clue for "birds")
      Allen Ludden & Betty White: Aristophanes???
      Felix: It's a perfect clue! Everybody knows Aristophanes wrote a play called "The Birds"!

    • (Felix gives "Lincoln" in response to "sauce," "meat" and previous guess, "mayonnaise")
      Oscar: Lincoln???
      Felix: It's a known fact that Lincoln loved mayonnaise!

    • Felix: Did you know that she and Alan Ludden met on this show? They met on Password, yeah.
      Oscar: Really? She said, "I," he said, "do"?

    • Felix: How is Miss Magna cum Cute from charm school?
      Oscar: Alright, so she's not a genius. Who wants to date an encyclopedia anyway?
      Felix: Oscar, if her IQ were one point higher, she'd have the mentality of a handball!

    • (Asking Mitzi about her practice clue for "aquarium")
      Oscar: Astrology?
      Mitzi: Sure, it's from that song, "This is the dawning of the age of aquarium"!

    • Felix: So Mitzi's going to be your partner. Well. How about them apples?
      Oscar: Well, she loves game shows. She's very bright. She graduated charm school!

    • (in kitchen)
      Oscar: Coffee.
      Felix: Cup.
      Oscar: Empty.
      Felix: Full.
      Oscar: Hot.
      Felix: I don't get it.
      Oscar: I want a hot cup of coffee!

    • Felix: I remember when you had your own show -- years and years and years ago.
      Betty White: That many?
      Felix: It's amazing how youthful you look.
      Betty White: Thank you. I've even younger on the reruns.

    • Oscar: Felix, they want average Joes, people who look like they may not necessarily win, like cabdrivers, housewives. See, they don't want sophisticated photographers -- portraits a specialty -- and look how I got involved in a conversation when I wanna get out of here!
      Felix: Of course I'm not average. That's why I didn't get on. It's lonely having a high IQ.
      Oscar: Sure, you ever see Einstein on Beat the Clock?

    • Felix: He never gave me a second look! And I was trying SO HARD to be an average Joe!
      Oscar: And you were so good too...like Ozzie Nelson.

    • Felix: He's putting beer in his orange juice.....
      Oscar: I wanna kill the Vitamin C.

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