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  • An absolutely fabulous and hilarious sequence of events displaying what folly can occur whenever two walk together where they are not agreed.

    On May 17, 2004, Tony Randall was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. That request came from his Creator. Deep down he knew He was a righteous Creator. And he also knew that some day he would appear face to face with Him. Within the twinkling of an eye, he appeared at his eternal home. Some time earlier, this place was reserved especially for Tony Randall. One day, we too will know where this eternal home is located.

  • The Odd Couple really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end.

    The Odd Couple really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end. It's unfortunate but that's a big problem with many shows on tv today. Great start to pull everyone in but botches it up at the end.
  • The Chemistry that Tony Randall and Jack Klugman have is simply amazing. Very few actors today work so well together. If you are a fan of the show then I strongly recommend Jack Klugman's book Tony and Me.

    The fact that I can still recite word for word some of the lines, makes this show a classic. I love it. I was so happy when Paramount decided to release them on DVD. I own them all. A couple of episodes are average at best. However there are many that hit a home run. Every season there are at least a dozen episodes that are laugh out loud funny. I grew up watching the reruns of this show. The show has left a life long list of memories. They just don't make shows like this anymore. Actors like Tony Randall and Jack Klugman are one in a million
  • The Odd Couple had what I always thought was a brillant premise:teaming a slovenly sportswriter with a neat photographer,and use the differances to play them off each other.First a play then a movie,it finally hit TV with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall.

    The casting was perfect.No one could do fussy better than Tony Randall,and while Jack Klugman was pretty much unknown at the time,he made a likeable slob.One thing I like about the series was,through all the differances,there was always the friendship.These two guys really cared about each other,even if they had funny ways of showing it.Early on,the show tried to be too much like the play and the movie,with Klugman even coming on too much like Walter Matthau in the earliest episodes.But the decision to shoot the series in front of an audience the 2nd season helped to define the shows distinct personality.The Odd couple premiered in 1970,just as sit-coms were beginning to change,but this show pretty much stayed the same,which I think kept its appeal for me.Even as I discovered shows like All in the Family and MASH,I still loved The Odd Couple,because of its simplicity.Garry Marshall has gone on to do a lot of great shows and movies,but for me The Odd Couple will always be his masterpiece.Its a shame it never get the respect from the network that it deserved.They never kept it in one place,and that led to its cancellation.In a rare instance,a cancelled show was able to end the series by tying up loose ends.Imagine what hype there would have been if the show ended in this day and age.Now all is left is to put this great show on DVD!
  • A wonderful old show that works just as much today as it did back then.

    THis is one of the all time great shows, comedy or other-wise. It had two great actors and an awesome supporting cast. I think the only thing that made it less then a 10 rating for me was that there are flaws as to how Oscar and Felix met. THe first season opening them says they are long time friends. One episode explains how they met in Jury duty. Another episode says they were friends in the army. I also believe there was a third explanation in another episode. But despite this the show was funny episode after episode and I don't think there was a signal bad episode in its run. I only wish that there were more shows like this today. I guess we did recently have shows like Friends and Seinfeld and everyone loves raymond, but non of these rank as high as the Odd Couple did, for me anyway.
  • Still holds up today.

    Many of the shows I've watched in my childhood don't entertain me as much. But when I watch an episode of The Odd Couple, I still laugh. This stuff is funny without being edgy (not that I have anything against edgy humor, I love it). Many shows today could learn a lot about characterization and how to make characters compliment each other by watching this show.

    This is comedy. This is how funny should be done.

    Everyone else is trying too hard.
  • Two divorced middle aged friends that are complete opposites move in a NYC apartment together.

    One of my favorite shows. This is a case of a tv show being as good as the movie.
    Even though Oscar and Felix have been friends for years they are complete opposites. And that lies the plot of the show. Simple but hilarious
    I wonder how two people could be friends and be such opposites. There is absolutely nothing that they agree with. But there is a friendship. They are never mean spirited to each other, but they do get on each others nerve. Felix is still in love with his ex, Oscar couldn't care. He just complains about his alimony he has to pay. It is Oscars apartment that is the backdrop of the show. This is a five bedroom apt on the upper east side of NYC. Obviously someone has either rent control or a lot of money. Even back In the 70's that neighborhood was very expensive.
    I never saw a bad episode of the show. All were either funny to hilarious. I think the weakest ones involved the ex or the girlfriends. Felix and Oscar and their buddies is all that was needed. There are some episodes such as the Password and the Parachute club ones that would make devil laugh.
    Oscar is the messy sports writer and Felix is the overly neat photographer. Oscar threatens to kick Felix out but never does. I have seen most of the episodes at least a thousand times each and they never get tired. There is something very comforting when I hear that great theme song knowing that that Oscar and Felix is going to be on for the next 30 minutes. Why this show is not out on DVD is a sin.
  • Talk about a classic. Even 40 years and its still good to watch.

    This show is great to watch. I love it. Thats how you know the show is just great, the fact it still gets viewers even if its almost 45 years old. The characters are great. and so are the stories. In an age of bad quality reality tv shows on the air, you should flip the channel and watch some good quality classics like the odd couple
  • What a show ahead of its time. As a child of the 1990's this show was very amusing and fun to watch with my dad and his fishing buddy's in our town Chi-ca-go! The city is where the odd-couple lived and I was a hot child in my city too.

    As a kid growing up watching the classic with my parents the Odd- Couple was one that I thought was rather witty and funny to watch. I'd fish with my father along Chicago's Lake Michigan with his pals and just love bonding with them and thinking of Felix and Oscar.
  • This is my favourite comedy of all time. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman make a great combination and in my opinion a better combination than Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon made in The Odd Couple movie. Hopefully this show will be on DVD in the not to dista

    This is my favourite comedy of all time. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman make a great combination and in my opinion a better combination than Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon made in The Odd Couple movie. You could see that they were having fun in their roles which made the whole show all the more enjoyable.

    My favourite episodes were the ones involving Speed, Vinnie, Murray and Roy playing poker.

    The show lost it's way when they had musicians guest appearing on the show but fortunately this did not last for too long and they made a very enjoyable final season.

    Hopefully this show will be officially on DVD in the not to distant future.