The Odd Couple

ABC (ended 1975)





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  • A wonderful old show that works just as much today as it did back then.

    THis is one of the all time great shows, comedy or other-wise. It had two great actors and an awesome supporting cast. I think the only thing that made it less then a 10 rating for me was that there are flaws as to how Oscar and Felix met. THe first season opening them says they are long time friends. One episode explains how they met in Jury duty. Another episode says they were friends in the army. I also believe there was a third explanation in another episode. But despite this the show was funny episode after episode and I don't think there was a signal bad episode in its run. I only wish that there were more shows like this today. I guess we did recently have shows like Friends and Seinfeld and everyone loves raymond, but non of these rank as high as the Odd Couple did, for me anyway.