The Odd Couple

ABC (ended 1975)





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  • The Odd Couple had what I always thought was a brillant premise:teaming a slovenly sportswriter with a neat photographer,and use the differances to play them off each other.First a play then a movie,it finally hit TV with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall.

    The casting was perfect.No one could do fussy better than Tony Randall,and while Jack Klugman was pretty much unknown at the time,he made a likeable slob.One thing I like about the series was,through all the differances,there was always the friendship.These two guys really cared about each other,even if they had funny ways of showing it.Early on,the show tried to be too much like the play and the movie,with Klugman even coming on too much like Walter Matthau in the earliest episodes.But the decision to shoot the series in front of an audience the 2nd season helped to define the shows distinct personality.The Odd couple premiered in 1970,just as sit-coms were beginning to change,but this show pretty much stayed the same,which I think kept its appeal for me.Even as I discovered shows like All in the Family and MASH,I still loved The Odd Couple,because of its simplicity.Garry Marshall has gone on to do a lot of great shows and movies,but for me The Odd Couple will always be his masterpiece.Its a shame it never get the respect from the network that it deserved.They never kept it in one place,and that led to its cancellation.In a rare instance,a cancelled show was able to end the series by tying up loose ends.Imagine what hype there would have been if the show ended in this day and age.Now all is left is to put this great show on DVD!
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