The Odd Couple

Season 3 Episode 22

Take My Furniture, Please

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1973 on ABC



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    • Felix: Look around you. I painted the whole room!
      Oscar: Oh, yeah.
      Felix: It's Flaming Peach.
      Oscar: What color was it before?
      Felix: Spanish Mildew.

    • Oscar: Okay, Bubba, what was your most embarrassing moment?
      Bubba Smith: When my parents named me "Bubba."

    • (Felix unveils chairs shaped like giant hands)
      Felix: Aren't they super?
      Oscar: No! I send you out for some chairs, you come back with a couple of hands!
      Felix: But they're just like ordinary chairs. Sit down!
      Oscar: But they're hands! I feel like an M&M.
      Felix: Aren't they comfortable?
      Oscar: No.
      Felix: Try this chair. I can sit anywhere. I'm ambidextrous.

    • Felix: Oscar, when you decorate an apartment, you're creating a new environment. You don't just throw everything in. You buy one piece at a time. We'll live with the chairs a couple of days, then we'll say to a chair, "What would you like around you?"
      Oscar: And it'll say, "Gloves."

    • (Myrna sits in a "hand" chair)
      Felix: How do you feel?
      Myrna: I sorta feel like I'm insured by Allstate.

    • Felix: You've tried many ways to get me out of here. Tried tricks, you've tried anger. You even tried physical expulsion. You finally succeeded with the old standby -- bad taste. Ratso Rizzo had a cuter apartment!

    • Felix: It's a conversation piece.
      Oscar: Tell it to shut up.

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