The Odd Couple

Season 5 Episode 11

The Big Broadcast

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1974 on ABC

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  • Oscar gets his own radio, but despite his best efforts, cant keep Felix from horning in on it and trying to remake it until it winds up turning into the Great moments in Sports which winds up being a fiasco

    How memories change....once upon a time I remember this being one of my favorite episodes, but having seen it again for the first time in a long time, its clear I may have overrated this episode. Unlike most of the episodes in the series, this one has not aged very well. Indeed, except for the hilarious 3rd act, this is just an average episode. Felix seems especially arrogant here, trying to horn in on Oscars moment in the spotlight. I accept Felix being annoying sometimes, but his egotism here seems especially out of place. And Oscar, for all his desire to have his moment, doesnt really seem to try very hard to discourage Felix, which makes me wonder how badly he wanted the show in the first place. I accept their quirks, but for the most part this episode doesnt really move me very much. Not one of the better scripts. The one saving grace of this episode is the dramatization of Babe Ruths alleged called shot, which makes The Babe Ruth Story look like a well researched documentary. It is probaly the funniest extended scene of the entire run of the series. When Felix gets to the discovery of Penicillin and Oscar says ".....the big P!" I feel like my sides will burst. Yet, except for this and a scene where Felix, Murray and Tina are doing Felix old radio play, this episode isnt as good as I remember. A couple of notes: Tina Andrews makes her debut as Tina, the secretary who replaces Myrna, who supposedly had gotten married to Sheldn a couple of months earlier. Yet, Felix asks where is Myrna and Tina says she is on vacation, which leads me to believe that this episode was filmed before "The Rain in Spain" where Myrna got married. Stanley Adams, the chainsmoking pool player from "The Hustler" has a wonderful cameo as a, what else, chainsmoking radio station employee and the radio station manager is played by Graham Jarvis, soon to find his biggest fame as Charlie Haggers, the husband of wanna be country singer Loretta Haggers on "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman".
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