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The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 13

The Blackout

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1970 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Oscar's poker buddies believe that the eternally-strapped Oscar stole $50 during a building-wide blackout.

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  • Oscar is having trouble coming up with money for the weekly poker game, so when theres a blackout and $50 turns up missing, Oscar is the one who gets blamed. So Oscar plays detective, the money is found, and there is vindication(to some extent).moreless

    Another 1st season episode I felt needed re-evaluating. Interestingly this is the 3rd straight episode in which the poker players are key to the episodes success. And I think also shows what happens with over use of some characters. Again, Oscar is made out to look bad. Its a departure from the earliest episodes in which tension was highest between Felix and Oscar, though Felix's accusations of Oscar cause some hard feelings. Jack Klugman really dominates this episode, what with his efforts to clear himself and his frustration at not being able to come up with a stake for the poker game. I like the way he is sincere in his efforts. Its interesting how many episodes seem to be built around Oscar, considering that Tony Randall was a bigger star at this point in time. Anyway, this is a fair episode, with an appearance from the fetching Cynthia Lynn, who was best known for her appearances on Hogans Heroes as Klinks secretary, as well as having once been married to the late Bob Crane. It does have its moments though, but I get the feeling that this was one of the first batch of episodes written while the producers were still feeling their way.moreless
  • Oscar's having a particularly bad week regarding money problems, which leads for him to be the first suspect when some money disappears from the poker table during a blackout.

    this one is another good example from the first season batch of episodes. it has good comedy, but also a bit of mistery, which give it a different flavour from the usual "odd couple" episodes.

    one thing I thought was ironic in this one was the fact that Oscar tried to solve the mistery by reading some detective books he had in the apartment, and Jack Klugman himself would become one of TV's best loved detectives (although as a ME) some 5 years later.

    this marks also the first appearence of the doorman, which would appear a couple more times during the series, although played by different actors I believe.

    the other thing I liked about this episode was Felix's attitude towards the whole mistery, because when he thought Oscar was guilty, and although he was being his usual annoying self, he did put another bill in the pot, to save his friends skin, which says a lot about the kind of friendship they both share, despite all the fights and disagreements.

    the poker buddies were great as usual in this one, although I thought they put the blame on Oscar a bit harshly. I understand it was necessary for story porpuses, but it didn't seem totally believable to me, specially considering their long friendshipsmoreless
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